Wedding Reception Ideas

Usually after the wedding ceremony you move on to the wedding reception.   This is where people can celebrate your nuptials with food, drink and dancing.   Quite a few of the weddings I’ve been to recently have had the ceremony and reception in the same place so you do have that option as well.

Wedding reception ideas include the tablescapes and cake.   Whether you have a simple buffet and everyone sit where they like or whether you have a more formal occasion where you use table and place cards to sit people.

You may decide to use floral centerpieces on the tables or something completely different, there really is no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding reception.


wedding reception ideas - purple themed tablescape


The above image is an inspiration for a purple themed tablescape and it’s linked to a site called Beau-Coup which is filled with lots of inspiration for your wedding reception. I’ll be writing more and more on our blog about different wedding reception ideas so be sure to visit often.

Wedding Cakes

Of course one of the important ceremonies that takes place at the Wedding reception is the cutting of the cake.   The wedding cake in itself opens up a whole big section – should it be traditional or modern, what colors should it be and what about the wedding toppers – decisions, decisions!

Here’s a few pages that may help you with everything to do with your wedding cake decisions,

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