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Pearls and Lace Wedding Invitations

Vintage Style Pearls & Lace Wedding Invitations

When I think of a vintage wedding lots of things spring to mind, but the first two are usually lace and pearls which is probably why lace and pearls wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular. Vintage weddings have been a rising trend of late and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

With vintage weddings being such a really hot trend in the bridal world using a pearls and lace wedding invitation is a great way for you to stamp a vintage vibe to your wedding from the beginning. There are lots of gorgeous pearls and lace wedding invitations to choose from – some feature lots of pearls with lace while others feature just a pearl and lace.

Vintage Inspired Lace & Pearl Wedding Invitations

Country Lace Wedding Invitation Pearls & Lace Personalized Announcements Rustic Wood & Lace Floral Wedding Invitation

Pearls and Lace Wedding Invitation (Formal) White Wedding Personalized Invites Shabby Pearls Personalized Invite

Colorful Pearls & Lace Wedding Invitations

These invitations show that you can add a strong color to lace and pearls and still make it work – including gorgeous raspberry, earthy moss green, bright aquamarine and more – the beauty of lace and pearls is that they really do work well with any color.

Lace and Pearls Lavender Wedding Invitation Lace and Pearls Aquamarine Wedding Invitation
Lace and Pearls Moss Green Wedding Invitation Lace and Pearls Raspberry Wedding Invitation

Of course you don’t have to stick to this design there are other colorful designs that also incorporate your pearls and lace theme such as these beautiful swan wedding invitations –

Damask Swan Elegance Blue - Wedding Invitation Damask Swan Elegance Ivory - Wedding Invitation

Okay so I popped an ivory invitation in there, but it was beautiful don’t you think? My preference has to be the bold blue though as I think it’s a strong color that works really well. As a side note swans are a great idea to add to your wedding invitation as they symbolize grace and fidelity.

Of course you don’t have to use bold colors when it comes to weddings as pastels also work well with the pearls and lace theme as you can see with these wedding invitations –

White rose and blue lace wedding Invitation Calla Lilies Wedding Invitation Peach Vintage Lace and Pearls Glamour Wedding Custom Invites

Vintage Black & White Wedding Invitations

Lace & Pearl Wedding Invites

White Roses & Camo Invitation Elegant Lace and Pearl 5x7 Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation White Silk lace pearl jewel White rose and lace wedding Invitation

Vintage Wedding Hair Pieces

Add Some Style with these Vintage Hair Pieces

vintage wedding headbandThere are some absolutely gorgeous vintage hair pieces which are ideal for a vintage bride, but what exactly do we mean by vintage? A vintage hair piece can cover a lot of different things as you’ll see on this page so why not take a step back in time with me as we explore what we call vintage and look at some of the cool hair accessories that you can use to capture that particular period in time.

From the Victorian era to the roaring twenties and beyond we can capture some vintage fashion secrets and create the perfect bridal look.

From tiaras to headbands these are the final touches to the perfect vintage wedding style – crystals and flowers help to accessorize us as we tune into another romantic era for a special day.

What Do You Mean By Vintage?

A Vintage Wedding Can Be Many Things!

Vintage weddings really do cover a wide range of wedding ideas in people’s minds, for myself when someone says they’re after a vintage wedding dress, hair accessory etc I automatically think of the 1920s – feathers, crystals etc. Some people automatically think of Victorian or Edwardian style dresses and hairstyles whether it’s the Honiton lace inspired pieces, filligree details or even a touch of Art Nouveau.

It’s even been brought to my attention that some people consider vintage to go all the way up to the 50s which I’ve often thought of as retro! With all these eras in mind I’ve come up with quite a few ideas for vintage hair accessories which will hopefully help you if you’re planning a vintage wedding of your own.

The wedding industry really found it’s origins in the Victorian era as before that time your best dress was worn on your wedding day and continued to be worn afterwards – a dress that you just wore once was just not thought of! What made the Victorian era different was that we had a young Queen on the throne and after her wedding other people in society wanted to follow her lead – this was where the fairytale idea of a white wedding began.

Queen Victoria chose a white wedding dress and also used a floral headdress of orange blossoms. Orange blossoms were said to symbolize fertility and as she went on to have nine children I think they worked! If you’re planning a vintage wedding then a flower inspired hair accessory like these may be a great idea –

Gold Tone & Champagne Flower Accented Tiara

This gorgeous tiara may not contain orange blossoms, but it is full of floral notes from pink porcelain flowers to freshwater pearls emulating the center of golden flowers.

Add to this the addition of rhinestones and Swarovski crystals and you have a wedding tiara that will shine while also giving a nod to an era of an age long gone.


Gold Tone Tiara with Pink Flowers, Crystals & Pearls

I love the gold and pink combination of this bridal tiara. The tiara features ceramic pink roses which are ever so romantic, along with both Keshi and freshwater pearls and to add that sparkle a selection of hand cut Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.

If you’re looking for a romantic tiara fit for a vintage bride then this has to be considered.


Pearl, Crystal & Rhinestone Flower Tiara Headband

With Queen Victoria leading the way to brides wearing white it should come as no surprise that a white wedding tiara/headband should be looked at for a vintage bride.

This tiara/headband is absolutely exquisite with white flower details – as with the other bridal tiaras featured here this one also contains freshwater pearls, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.


During the Victorian and Edwardian eras big flowers and feathers were added to their hats – this was to become incorporated in hair accessories in years to come.

Some of the Victorian and Edwardian hairstyles also incorporated combs and towards the end of the Edwardian era strings of pearls were starting to be weaved into the hair.

All of these ideas have influenced the vintage hair accessories that I’ve selected here. One more thing was to happen during the Victorian era that was to effect hair styles and that was that a young man by the name of Daniel Swarskovski attended the World Trade Exhibition at Crystal Palace which was organized by Prince Albert to showcase the inventions of the Industrial Revolution. The outcome of this was of course Swarkovski Crystals and the use of the crystals in bridal hair accessories was also going to come to fruition.

Vintage Bridal Combs

When you think of some of the gorgeous updos of the Victorian and Edwardian eras you think of the use of combs which is why I think floral combs make a beautiful vintage bridal look.

Bridal Comb Swarovski Crystal & Rhinestones Silver-Tone Hair CombGiovanna Vintage Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Comb

1920s Inspired VIntage Hair Pieces

When you come to the 1920s the woman were being quite daring and cutting their hair into shorter bob styles – when you have such beautiful hair styles to show off the last thing you want to do is cover your hair as you want everyone to see your crowning glory which is where the headband came into fashion.

We also saw a lot of statement headpieces that incorporated the hugely popular crystals and pearls. Side tiaras also started to be worn especially when it came to weddings and special occasions.

Bridal veils were tighter to the head which also saw the use of lace headbands worn underneath – often with a larger floral design to one side of the head.

Vintage Bridal Headbands

Vintage Inspired Bridal Headband Silver WhiteSwarovski Crystal Bridal Headband with Ivory Ribbon

Champagne 1920’s Bridal Headband Veil with Tulle & Floral Beading

You can see the headband showing underneath this 1920s style wedding veil which is similar to the veil that Elizabeth, the Queen Mother wore when she was married.

Definitely a gorgeous and very much a vintage look that can be stunning with a vintage wedding gown.


Side Tiaras for a Vintage Bride

Vintage Side Bridal Headpiece HeadbandVintage Rhinestone Headpiece Side Headband

1940s Birdcage Veil

The next big change in bridal head pieces was as the long veils were shunned for the very sexy looking birdcage veils. For weddings these veils were incorporated with flowers and bridal combs etc.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that these veils first became fashionable during the early 1940s as with the second world war in progress there wasn’t a lot of lace and silk to be spared for wedding veils – heck a lot of ladies didn’t even have a wedding dress, but instead made do with their ‘Sunday best’ to get married in. In a way it was like going back to pre Victorian weddings.

There is something incredibly glamorous about the birdcage veil though so it’s hardly surprising to note that they are definitely becoming incorporated in more and more weddings.

Rhinestone Pearl Feather Fascinator and Bridal Birdcage VeilPearl Barrette & Crystal Bridal Birdcage Veil

Emerald Wedding Invitations

Gorgeous Emerald Wedding Invites

If you’re looking for some emerald wedding invitations then I’ve found a lovely selection for you right here. Emerald, aside from being a gorgeous shade of green, has been touted as one of the hot for 2013-2014 weddings according to industry color experts Pantone.

If you love this gorgeous shade of green then you’ll love the selection of emerald wedding invitations that I’ve compiled for you.

Emerald Green Peacock Wedding Invitations

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

A popular way of incorporating emerald green into your wedding is by using a peacock themed wedding as their feathers have a really gorgeous shade of emerald in them. There are lots of different styles of peacock wedding invitations that you can use so you need to think about how much peacock you want to use along with what complimentary colors you want to incorporate alongside the peacock feathers.

For example you can really embrace the peacock feathers like with these next two wedding invitations or you can just use more of a block color with the peacock feathers only being part of the design.

Emerald Green Gold Royal Indian Peacock Wedding Personalized Invites Peacock Green & Gold Wedding Invitation

These two wedding invitations have used gold and gold with black respectively as contrasting colors which work really well with the peacock theme and seems to hint at a very lavish affair.

Gold has also been incorporated in these next two wedding invitations which gives the emerald green more of a look in as a color block as opposed to just in the peacock feathers.

Emerald Green Peacock Wedding Announcement Emerald Green Peacock Reception card

We’ve already seen how black and gold work well with emerald green and peacock feathers and another color that looks great is brown or chocolate. This color is already visible on a peacocks feather so you know that it will compliment it well. Chocolate has been a popular wedding color to use for a while now so it shouldn’t be too hard to find wedding accessories that incorporate it. See how well it works with these next two emerald green and chocolate peacock wedding invitations.

Monogram Emerald Green Peacock Wedding Invitations Peacock feathers with faux emerarld Wedding Personalized Invitation

There are lots more peacock options when it comes to wedding invitations, but I just want to look at two more before looking at some other emerald wedding invites. These next two are both vintage designs which are incredibly popular, I personally love the first one as it almost seems as though the peacock is in a 1920s birdcage veil!

Vintage Feather & Peacock Wedding Invitations Elegant Green Vintage Peacock Wedding Invitations

Emerald Green Gothic Wedding Invitations

Emerald Medieval Celtic Cross Wedding Invitation

Gothic is often thought of as having a color palate like Henry Ford’s cars – black or black, but there’s actually a number of colors which Goths embrace and emerald green is one of those colors.

If you’re looking at holding a Gothic wedding then emerald green could make a nice color to add to your scheme and these wedding invitations would certainly be very nice.   You can check out more Gothic invites at – Gothic Wedding Invitations.

I love the invitation to the left of us with the Celtic cross as it keeps the dark tones that are associated with the Gothic culture while adding little bursts of emerald as well.

If you just want to add a little touch of Goth to the proceedings (don’t want to upset Grandma or the future in laws for example) then you can try emerald green with a black damask pattern – the invitations below could be incorporated as a little nod to that side of you while keeping the rest of the wedding more ‘traditional.

Elegant Green Damask Goth Wedding Invitation Emerald Green Damask Gothic Wedding Invitation

Emerald Tree Wedding Invitations

A Nature Vibe to Your Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations are a beautiful nod to the color green and incorporate a getting back to nature feel to them as well as a vintage vibe. Either of these invites would be perfect for a simple or outdoor wedding.

Heart Leaf Emerald Tree Vintage Doves Weddings Custom Announcement Musical Emerald Heart Leaf Tree Wedding Invites

Emerald & White Wedding Invitations

A Simple Wedding Color Scheme

If you’ve decided that you love emerald as a wedding color, but you don’t want to go with a peacock or Gothic theme then you may be wondering what colors will combine well with emerald and I have to say that one of the simplest color combos is simply emerald green and white as you can see with these gorgeous wedding invitations.

Elegant Hearts Wedding Invitation, Green
Celtic Love Knot in Emerald Green Invitation Elegant Wedding Monogram Dotted Hearts Green Custom Invites

Elegant Wedding Summer Sparkle Emerald Green Card Emerald Green Pearls Wedding Invitation

Emerald & Black Wedding Invitations

Black is another color that looks stunning when used with emerald. I, personally think that the black and emerald color combination may become the most popular emerald wedding color combination because it looks good with just a dash of black or with a lot of black and a dash of emerald.

Then there’s the designs, from vintage to chevron and more black and emerald seems to embrace all the different styles – check out the wedding invitations I’ve compiled for you here to see what I mean –

Emerald Green Damask Wedding Menu 5x7 Announcement Vintage Damask Emerald Green Black Wedding Personalized Announcement Emerald Rose Bridal Shower Invitation
BLACK & GREEN DAMASK GEM STONE MONOGRAM white ice Personalized Invitation Emerald Stars This Day Forward Wedding Invitet Emerald Green Damask Wedding Invitations Black
Contemporary Deco Lovebird Wedding Invitations Emerald Green Damask Wedding Invitation Customisable Chevron Emerald/Green (Wedding) Announcement

Emerald & Gold Wedding Invitataions

As we saw earlier with the peacock wedding invitations gold also compliments emerald really well giving it quite a luxurious feel to the occasion.

If you add a little black into the mix as well it turns into this style of opulent wedding invitation –

More Emerald Wedding Invitations

There are lots more emerald wedding invitations available from vintage styles to grunge designs and with different color combinations such as emerald and silver or emerald and emerald with a range of different beige tones.   If you haven’t found one of these designs to be one that appealed to you then check out the rest of the range at Zazzle –

Emerald Wedding Invitations

I love the wedding invitations at Zazzle because the quality is great and the costs are very reasonable.   Most designers on there have a full range of wedding stationery in the same design and if you want something that they don’t have most of them are more than happy for you to contact them to request it.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Planning a Spring Wedding? Here’s Some Spring Wedding Inspiration for You

Spring is a lovely season to get married in as there’s a feeling of renewal in nature, lots of bright colors and a great time to start on any new adventure – and marriage can be a wonderful adventure!

There are lots of themes that spring to mind when we think of a spring wedding and they include butterflies, daffodils, tulips, cherry blossom, tea parties and more. I’m hoping to give you some great spring wedding ideas on this page to help you plan your special day.

A Spring Inspiration Board

There’s something special about inspiration boards that help to give you lots of ideas for your wedding and help you to imagine how to pull things together so I’ll be using a few of them on this page for you. Let’s look at our first spring wedding inspiration board –

Spring Wedding Inspiration Board

Image Credits

Top left, moving clockwise – Spring Wedding Cake by equevedov, on Flickr | Vintage style wedding cake with bird cage stand by, on Flickr | First blooms of spring-woodland blue blossom bobby pin set by Bellafaye, on Flickr | Wedding Centerpieces / Wedding Table Centerpieces / Centerpieces by Grand Velas Riviera Maya, on Flickr | Wedding Flowers by Lori Photography, on Flickr | After The Wedding by Loco Steve, on Flickr | Wedding Cake by virtualphotographystudio, on Flickr | Wedding Cake by Out.of.Focus, on Flickr

Butterfly Wedding Theme

A Classic Spring Wedding Theme

Butterflies are in abundance during spring time which is why the idea of a butterfly themed wedding has become interwoven into the idea of a spring wedding. There are lots of ways you can incorporate butterflies in a wedding from releasing live butterflies to using butterfly accents on your wedding stationary, wedding cake and other wedding décor as you can see on this next inspiration board.

butterfly wedding inspiration ideas

Supplier List & Image Credits

From the top left, moving clockwise – Butterfly Wedding Cake by hindsightbride, on Flickr Butterfly Hair Clip by Bellafaye, on Flickr Butterfly Wedding Invitation Butterfly Hair Pin Butterfly Bookmark – Wedding Favor Butterfly Wedding Collection Butterfly Candle and Place Holder

Check out more ideas for a butterfly themed wedding by seeing a range of different colored and styled butterfly wedding invitations –

Vintage Spring Wedding Theme

A Vintage themed wedding is very in vogue for 2013 and looks to stay in fashion for a few more years and it’s easy to incorporate vintage styling with a spring occasion. The use of birdcages is one popular way of introducing a flourish of vintage charm into your spring wedding.

Vintage style glass bowls or vases brimming over with spring flowers are another way of incorporating the style into your special day. Adding pearls and lace to the wedding reception decor is also a great way of incorporating a little 1920s style.

Daisy Wedding Theme

A Simple Spring Wedding Theme

There’s just something simple about daisies that makes them touch a special chord in all of us which could be why they’re so appealing to some brides when planning their wedding. To me daisies are almost like a touch of innocence – I always think of making daisy chains as a child and it’s a lovely idea to capture the feeling you had when you managed to make your first daisy chain and incorporate that emotion into your special day.

Daisies are lovely incorporated into wedding fashions, but they can also dominate in other parts of the wedding. Check out these wedding invitations to see how well daisies go with a range of different colors and styles –

Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitations

Beautiful Lily of the Valley Wedding Invites

When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey the eyes of the world were upon her and her gorgeous wedding bouquet. Kate had decided on a simple yet elegant flower – the Lily of the Valley – and it’s brought the flower back into the minds of brides everywhere.

If you’d like to incorporate lily of the valley into your wedding then why not start off with a lily of the valley wedding invitations – there are some beautiful ones available.

These beautiful white flowers with their sweet fragrance are said to symbolize humility and purity.

Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitations for a Stylish Wedding

Sophisticated Floral Wedding Invites

These lily of the valley wedding invitations bring a dash of style to your wedding showing the beautiful flowers bending over and looking like the type of flowers fairies would use as hats!

Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitation (ivory) Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitation
Wedding invitation Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitation

Gorgeous Lily of the Valley Wedding Invites Suit Any Wedding Style

Being a white flower is just one of the reasons why lily of the valley suits so many different wedding styles. I must admit to being a little biased towards this flower because it was my late grandmothers favorite. I only have one picture of her on her wedding day and it doesn’t show her flowers, but despite not having a wedding dress she did have a posy of lily of the valley which was probably the only ‘extravagance’ seen at her wedding.

As you can see from these invitations you can use lily of the valley with just about any wedding color scheme and with the royal nod of approval it will also suit both vintage and contemporary styles really well.

Lily of the Valley Floral Wedding Invitations Lily Of The Valley Wedding Custom Announcement

Art Nouveau Lily of the Valley Invitation Card Lilly of the Valley WEDDING invitation

Lily of the Valley bouquet Custom Invites Wedding Lily Invite
Wedding Invitation Lily /Valley w Gold Bg Lily of the Valley Wedding Custom Announcements

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Themes for Your Special Day

winter wedding imageSpring, Summer and Fall weddings are all very well, but for a truly magical wedding how can you go past a winter wedding, especially if nature provides you with a majestic dusting of snow for your special day.

There are lots of different themes you can use for a winter wedding from the traditional winter wonderland theme to a festive Christmas affair and lots of alternatives in between. Let’s explore how your winter wedding can be one that everyone will remember.

Photo Credit

Winter Wedding Colors

Choosing a Wedding Color Palette for Your Winter Wedding

Now for some reason people seem to find it easier to choose a color scheme for a spring or summer wedding than for any other. When it comes to fall weddings they tend to go for traditional fall colors, but what about winter wedding color schemes? Well if you have a color that you really like then use it whatever season it is, there really is no hard and fast rules that say you can’t use certain colors in the winter.

Personally I love the color aqua, but it’s usually associated with summer weddings and beach weddings, however you could use just a hint of aqua with a predominanty white and silver wedding palette to create a modern twist on a classic Winter Wonderland wedding theme.

Here are a few color schemes which have been used to create beautiful winter weddings –

  • Barbie Pink & White
  • Black & White
  • Bold Pink & Red
  • Charcoal & Green
  • Cinnamon & Ivory
  • Cream & Champagne
  • Ivory & Deep Brown
  • Light Green, Black & White
  • Light Pink & White
  • Navy & White
  • Pale Green, Cream & Brown
  • Pink & White
  • Pink & Yellow
  • Red & Gold
  • Red & Green
  • Red & White
  • Red, Plum White
  • Reds, Purples & Dark Pink
  • Rich Burgandy, Green & Gold
  • Shades of Green
  • Silver, White & Purple
  • White & Green
  • White & Silver
  • White Silver & Pale Pink
  • White, Silver & Pale Blue

Winter Wedding Invitations

PixDezines Snow Birds|Winter Invitations/DIYcolors Burlap and Snowflakes Wedding 5 x 7 Custom Invite
Snowflake red white winter wedding invitation Winter Wedding Invitation Photo Cards Poinsettia Rustic Barn Wood Wedding Invitations

There are certainly a lot of different styles of bride which means that there’s lots of different wedding styles that you can choose. The selection of winter wedding invites I’ve included here I hope can give you a few ideas as to different color combinations you can try as well as different themes/styles. The overwhelming theme that stands out is snowflakes, but there are other ideas coming through as well like poinsettias, Christmas trees and snowmen.

Red Rose Petals in Snow, Winter Wedding Invitation Winter Wedding Snowflakes Invitation
Custom Winter Wedding Invitation Wintery Green Wedding Invitation Grey Modern Winter Wedding Invitations Trees

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

Creating A Special World For Your Wedding

If you can’t visualize these color schemes on color alone, then let’s look at some winter wedding themes where you can see them in action along with a few inspiration boards for you to enjoy.

    • Winter Wonderland Wedding
    • 1950s Hollywood Glamour Wedding
    • Festive Christmas Wedding
    • 1920s Vintage Winter Wedding
    • Cosy Shabby Chic Winter Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Creating Your Own Special Winter Wonderland Wedding

A winter wonderland is a classic wedding style for winter weddings and includes icy whites and silvers with a dash of pale blue. Snowflakes are the usual adornment along with the use of lots of crystal.

You can re-create different elements of it as well as adding your own special touches for instance add some pale dusty pink instead of blue to the white and silver for a little touch of warmth.

Winter Wonderland Winter Prom Invitations Round Stickers

If you love CS Lewis then you can take a leaf out of ‘The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and give your guests Turkish Delight as wedding favors like the White Witch (or self-proclaimed Queen of Narnia) did!

dd a little enchanted sticker like this one to pieces of Turkish Delight and you have a magical idea for a wedding favor that will have guests talking about it for a while to come.

You can also give them personalized packets of hot chocolate as well because when you’re riding a sleigh with a Snow Queen of any description a hot drink (especially hot chocolate) is always welcomed ….. and it really does taste good with Turkish Delight!

Learn more about creating a magical Winter Wonderland Wedding on this page –

1950s Hollywood Glamor Winter Wedding

A Vintage Hollywood Wedding Theme

Black and White are the classic colors for this type of wedding with a hint of a third color in places – that could be green (with floral arrangements), red (very glamorous), gold or even silver.

In the fifties the female stars of Hollywood thought nothing of wearing fur so add a faux fur stole or fur lined cloak to your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses (it’s also a great way to stay warm!)

Vintage Hollywood Winter Wedding Ideas

Vintage Hollywood Winter Wedding

Supplier List

Grace Kelly Picture | Martini Glass | Hollywood Movie Place Card Holder | Red Carpet’ Sidewalk Runner | Top Hat Ice Bucket | Hollywood Movie Centerpiece | Ivory Candelabra Wedding Centerpiece | Bird Cage Veil

Libbey Vina Martini Glass, Set of 6Epic Products Top Hat Ice BucketIvory Candelabra Wedding Centerpiece Candle Holder

Festive Christmas Wedding

Creating A Special Christmas Wedding Day

I must admit I love the idea of a Christmas wedding held in the winter, the only Christmas wedding I’ve actually attended was on Christmas Eve and was held in New Zealand where it was summertime – a totally different vibe than the usual Christmas Themed Wedding I can assure you!

Now you can go completely over the top with this theme or be a little more restrained it’s entirely up to you.

Christmas Wedding Inspiration board

Christmas Wedding Inspiration Board

Suppliers List

Red Wedding Dress | Our First Christmas Personalized Ornament | Mini Crystal Christmas Trees | Holiday Brownie Pop Favors | Christmas Wine Charms | Jeweled Christmas Ornament Place Card Holders

1920s Vintage Winter Wedding

Think of gold, crystal and dusky pink for the ultimate 20s wedding. Although champagne and cream with touches of gold also work well.

I always think of feathers and champagne cocktails when I think of the 1920s so you could use feathers and brooches in your wedding bouquet instead of flowers – brooch bouquets are rising in popularity and the addition of feathers as well will make it very 20s inspired

Cosy, Shabby Chic Winter Wedding

A DIY Winter Wedding Theme

If you’re after a DIY winter wedding then I recently saw wedding photos that just said cosy and shabby chic to me. If any of these words resonate with you then check out this page (I’m not even going to try and put my own twist on it!) –

‘Snowed In’ Winter Wedding Ideas

The couple use marshmallows, yarn, vintage lace and a color palette of white, peach and orange, it really is a cool winter wedding styling.

Hot Drinks Bar – The Perfect Idea for a Winter Wedding

Providing warm cocktails for a signature cocktail gives a novel twist to your winter wedding theme. Another idea is to have a hot drinks bar whether it serves just hot chocolate or tea and coffee doesn’t matter. The main thing is to have this with disposable coffee cups so that guests can grab a hot drink along with an edible favor when they leave your wedding reception to venture out into the cold winter air.

You can offer tea, coffee or hot chocolate at the hot drinks table or you could even have a selection of hot cocktails which would go down very well I’m sure, check out the recipes here –

  • Hot Chocolate Cocktails
    This delicious chocolate cocktails are perfect for warming you up in winter time.
  • Alcoholic Coffee Recipes
    Add a little ‘extra’ to your coffee for a very nice after dinner drink or a cocktail that will warm you up during winter.

Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

Mason Jar Wedding Invites for a Simple Wedding

If you’re after a simple style wedding with a rustic, diy or shabby chic air about it then why not send out Mason Jar Wedding Invitations? There’s a range of different color combinations available and you can also use mason jars as a theme by using them for centerpieces at the reception or even serving cocktails in them.

Mason Jar wedding invitations give a simple country feel to a wedding and is great when you want a comfy, down to earth occasion to celebrate with your closest friends and family. Simple wedding ceremonies seem to be gathering more and more support from people these days especially as people try to save money which is why these invites are so cool – they remind us of a simpler time that many are trying to re-capture.

Mason Jars & Flowers

A Great Wedding Theme

You can incorporate mason jars as vases to give your wedding reception tables a rustic feel for their centerpieces. They can be standing on their own or have ivy wrapped around them. If you like this idea then you can give people a little hint as to what to expect by incorporating the idea in your wedding invitations.

This is also where you can incorporate a wedding color theme with your invitation from purple to yellow, green to pink or a different color all together.

Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invite Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Custom Invites

As you can see there are some gorgeous color combinations available in this style of wedding invitation and they really are perfect for a country style wedding. If none of these appeal to you then I’ve found some more floral mason jar invites for you here –

Bridal Shower Mason Jar and Wildflowers Invite Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitation Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Personalized Invitations

You can even use gorgeous hydrangeas in mason jars on your invitations if you like. Hydrangeas are a beautiful wedding theme in their own right so combining them with country mason jars makes your occasion extra special.

Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Invitations Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Invitations Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

More Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

Perfect Invites for a Country Wedding

There are other styles of mason jar wedding invitations available as well. These include mason jars with fireflies in them, hanging mason jars and more. I’ve compiled a few more wedding invitations for you to choose from below –

Country Wooden Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Invitation Mason Jar and Fireflies Wedding Invitations

sunflower rustic mason jar wedding invites Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Reception Personalized Announcements rustic mason jar wedding invites

More Ways to Incorporate Mason Jars in Your Wedding

Romantic, Rustic & Full of Southern Charm!

There are lots of ways in which you can use mason jars for your wedding besides on your stationery and filled with flowers on your reception tables, here’s a few more ideas for you –

    • Place mason jars along the aisle with tea lights in them – light them up and you have a beautiful and romantic aisle to walk down.
    • As well as adding flowers to them for your table centerpieces you could also add flowers to them and hang them on the end of the pews to give a really cute look as you walk down the aisle.

If you’re not getting married in a church then add them to the chairs that are on the ‘aisle’ for the same effect.

  • They can also be hung from the ceiling or strung along on long pieces of rope between rafters/trees etc (depending on the venue), either filled with flowers or for a really cool look add some clear or white beads or water beads and pop an led flashing light bulb in each one.
  • You only have to look at a few Pinterest boards to realize that it’s quite a trendy move to add signature cocktails to your wedding program and serving them up in mason jars is very ‘hot’ in wedding circles right now.
  • Use mason jars as wedding favors – you can either fill them with some cool things such as a bag of cocoa and some mini marshmallows or you could add soil and succulents and use them as table decorations that double up as wedding favors.
  • Of course if you’re having a sit down meal you can also use them as part of the table settings – wrap up your cutlery in a napkin and stand it up in the mason jar. Add a little chalkboard paint or a label to the jar and you can also write names on them to act as a place card as well.
  • Candy buffets look great with a few mason jars! If you’re having a candy bar as part of your wedding then use a few mason jars along with bowls and other containers to keep all the different candy in – it just adds a little variety to the table.


Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations for Your Butterfly Themed Wedding

Butterfly themed weddings are absolutely gorgeous and are usually (although not always) spring weddings. A butterfly spring wedding is a great combination, but you can combine lots of different themes with butterflies such as a Parisian theme or a vintage theme.

The butterfly wedding theme can also incorporate a lot of different color combinations as well.

Let’s look at some of the beautiful butterfly themed wedding invitations that are available for you to choose from.

Vintage Butterfly Wedding Invitations

A Very Hot Spring Wedding Invitation Trend

An overlying theme for weddings which emerged in 2012 and has remained even hotter as we head into 2014 with no signs of slowing down is a vintage themed wedding. Vintage wedding themes (1920s inspired especially) also work well with spring weddings and as spring weddings often incorporate butterflies it’s no wonder that you could combine all three.

These vintage wedding invitations show off a butterfly design in style –

This first design is also available in a purple tone as well as blue and I think it looks great for a vintage theme – the shade of blue in this design also says spring to be as it’s quite a revitalizing shade. If it’s not to your taste that’s okay as we have some more vintage styled butterfly wedding invitations for you to look at.

These two vintage wedding invitations both incorporate butterflies, but also convey totally different emotions – I would use the first one for a more formal wedding and the second one for a slightly more casual affair. One thing it does show us is that you can use darker shades of purple and green for a spring wedding quite successfully.

A Parisian Butterfly Wedding Invitation

Paris in Springtime – A Gorgeous Wedding Theme

Another wedding theme which is often seen as romantic is a Paris themed wedding so when I saw this wedding invite I just knew it would be popular with a lot of people –

Paris and butterflies, how much more romantic can a wedding get? You’ll notice that the invites also have a bit of a vintage feel so you can play that up or down when you’re planning your ceremony and reception.

Orange & Grey Butterfly Wedding Invitation

Grey is becoming more and more popular as a wedding color and when combined with orange it really makes the colors pop. This butterfly wedding invite combines these two colors really well and shows just how stylish you can make a butterfly wedding –

I think the little ‘pops’ of black and white being incorporated into the design keeps it light which is in keeping for a springtime wedding.

Pastel Springtime Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Butterfly themed weddings are usually seen as a spring time theme which is why so many people also use pastel colors. Now you certainly do not need to use pastels if getting married in spring OR if having a butterfly themed wedding, but if you want to then here’s a couple of pretty wedding invitations that you might like to use.

More Butterfly Wedding Invites

Real or Whimsy?

Which of the next two butterfly wedding invitations do you prefer? There’s the real butterfly (a monarch to be precise) and then there’s the whimsical butterfly …..

I like both of these invitations and I think they really show how taking the same theme you can actually have a totally different wedding which could be why butterfly wedding themes never seem to go out of fashion.

Bright Butterfly Themed Wedding Invitations

It doesn’t matter what color scheme you want to have you can still incorporate it into a butterfly wedding from the bright purples and teals to muted pastels even black can be combined with butterflies to great effect. These next invitations show off the use of strong, bright colors with a butterfly twist and I think you’ll agree it looks just as good as any of the other invites we’ve looked at.

Black Butterfly Themed Wedding Invites

Yes, You Can Use Black in a Spring Wedding!

I have read countless threads on wedding forums where people have lamented about wanting to use black or other dark colors for their spring time wedding. Now they’re right in that it’s not colors that you traditionally think of when you think of spring, but on your special day you should be able to choose your own color scheme.

These next butterfly wedding invitations show how you can use black (seeing as you really can’t get any darker than black!) as a main color and still have a cool wedding theme that will work well in spring. The trick is to get a little ‘pop’ of light into the wedding this can be easily done with flowers. As you can see from these two invitations it really doesn’t need a lot of light color to really lift the black.

I particularly like how the pink really pops with the black and lightens the whole theme up with the second invitation.

Gothic Wedding Dresses

A Gothic Wedding Dress is a Unique Dress for Your Special Day

Black and White Gothic Wedding DressGothic wedding dresses aren’t just for Goths anymore, they’re being used more and more by people who want to wear a unique dress and stand out on their special day. Gone are the traditional white wedding dresses for many people as they embrace the ideas of using a silver wedding dress, red wedding dress or even one of these gorgeous Gothic wedding dresses.

Now not all Gothic wedding dresses have to be black and some of them are really romantic – like the one in the picture here – it’s floaty and very romantic looking and yet it would also be a perfect wedding dress for the Romantic/Traditional Goth. If this one isn’t the sort you’re looking for then that’s fine I have plenty more for you to choose from further down the page, so let’s go wedding dress shopping!

Black Wedding Dress

Now I wouldn’t really call this wedding dress Gothic in the true sense of the word, but a lot of people consider any black wedding dress to be Goth!

Black Strapless Chiffon Wedding Dress

This is a classic design which means that you could wear it with any type of ceremony – a traditional one or if you added the right accessories and hair style you could totally ‘Goth’ this up!

Made of chiffon it’s the rhinestone waist which really stands out on this strapless gown.

The A-line design is also a very flattering one which makes this a dress that will suit a number of different brides.


Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

For more of a Gothic inspired black wedding dress you may prefer this selection –

Gothic Medieval Wedding DressGothic Inspired Wedding Dress with SleevesBlack Gothic wedding dress with bateau neck

Black & White Wedding Dress

Romantic Gothic Wedding Dress

This dress is a lovely mixture of ‘frothy’ wedding gown and romantic Gothic influences and I must admit I absolutely love it!

Black & White Tulle Wedding Dress

This dress has the ‘frothy’ element with the tiered tulle skirt and Gothic undertones with the black embroidered bodice. The lace up at the back of the dress is just another element that I think is gorgeous and makes this a great choice for an unusual wedding gown that will have people talking about it for years to come!

More Black & White Gothic Wedding Dresses

One Shoulder Tulle Lace Bridal Wedding GownAppliques One Shoulder Wedding DressStrapless Black And White Bridal Gown

Black & Red Wedding Dresses

Two Gorgeous Gothic Colors

The combination of red and black is often seen in Gothic circles and these two dresses are both different spins on a long Gothic dress that would be ideal as a wedding dress.

Women Halter Gothic Victorian Dress

This style has a Victorian Gothic feel to it which is really due to the skirt, I think the red halter top of the dress adds a little ‘je n’ais se pas’ to the dress and I think it would look great with your hair in an updo walking down the aisle. The back of the dress shows that the top incorporates a lace up corset which is very in keeping with a Gothic dress.

I would love to add a parasol to this dress for wedding photos – I’d probably go with a black one, but red could work as well.


Vintage Plaid Gothic Long Sleeve Victorian Dress

This style is also considered to be Gothic Victorian, but it does look quite different to the previous one. The long sleeves make this ideal for a winter wedding and I think it would be awesome if worn with a black Edwardian ladies riding hat.

In my mind the use of red plaid makes me think of the late 70s early 80s punk movement so I think this dress would really suit anyone who loves the Romantic or 80s Goth look as it feels to me like it belongs in that style.


Gothic White Wedding Dress

Believe it or not some Goths do still want a white wedding dress and this dress fits the brief nicely…

Spaghetti Straps Chiffon Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

This dress has quite a Medieval feel with the long Gothic sleeves favored by some of the noble women of the Middle Ages.

There are lots of other great colors that look great in a Gothic wedding dress and they include purple, green and even blue.

Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

Of course not everyone wants to wear a long dress to get married in and there are a number of great short wedding dresses available including this purple satin lace up dress.

Gothic Purple Corset Lace-up Wedding Dress

This is a beautiful purple color and is also a very affordable price when it comes to wedding dresses (you could also consider using this as a bridesmaids dress if you’d prefer to wear black yourself).


Another very reasonably priced dress that I would love as a wedding dress, but you may prefer your bridesmaids to wear it is this red and black dress –

Vermillion & Lace Cocktail Dress

Isn’t this dress gorgeous?   I love the black lace overlay on it (it’s also available in a green with the black lace as well so if you didn’t want red this might still work), the lace really appeals to the romantic Goth side of me.   The actual design of this dress is more rockabilly and retro with the sweetheart neckline on the red dress and the keyhole cut out on the black lace part of it.

With the right accessories though you can certainly ‘Goth’ this dress up really well and I also think that there’s nothing wrong with a rockerbilly overlap if it’s the dress you can see yourself wearing!

More Gothic Wedding Dresses to Choose From

I have only selected a handful of Gothic wedding dresses here, but there are lots of different ones to choose from which is why I’ve included a couple of links for you to other Gothic wedding dress pages which are full of cool dress ideas.

  • Gothic Wedding Dresses

    If you’re not a Goth you can still wear a Gothic wedding dress as they really do offer a range of unique dresses from Medieval styles to Victorian styles, burlesque styles to Lolita punk styles.

  • Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

    There certainly are some great Gothic wedding dresses around including some short ones, because let’s face it you don’t always have to go with a traditional long dress to get married in.

Daisy Wedding Invitations

Gorgeous Daisy Themed Wedding Invitations

Looking for some great daisy wedding invitations? I have found a lovely selection of daisy invitations for you that will accentuate your special day really well.

There’s something really beautiful and simple about the daisy – it’s white petals (that we’ve all plucked off as young girls wondering if ‘he’ loves us or not) and it’s sunny yellow centers are just the epitome of innocence that is captured in the romantic white wedding fairy tale that we dream our wedding day is going to be.

Who wouldn’t want to incorporate daisies into their wedding theme? Daisies look great with a wide number of colors which is another reason why they are a great theme idea for any wedding, so let’s have a look at some of the great daisy wedding invites that I’ve compiled here for you.

Country Style Wedding Invitations with Daisies

Daisies add a lovely simplicity to a country themed wedding and are the perfect flower to use. Think of meadows sprinkled with daisies growing free and you’ve really captured a carefree, country childhood moment. I actually love to see the bridal party wearing daisies in their hair as there’s just something really gorgeous about the look.

Western Horseshoes and Daisies Wedding Invitation Daisies and Boots Country Wedding Invitation Old West Boot Daisy Bouquet Vintage Invitation

Daisy and Barn Wood Country Wedding Invitation Daisy Bouquet & Hay - Country Wedding Invitation Rustic Country Daisy Wedding Invitation

Black, White & Yellow Wedding Invitations

Sophisticated Daisy Wedding Invites

There’s something about the color black which can often add an aura of sophistication to something and when you combine the simplicity of the daisy with the sophistication of the color black you end up with a very elegant choice of wedding invitations.

The yellow helps to add brightness to the black giving it a more festive feel and white …… well white always looks good at weddings! The way you combine the colors create a totally different ‘look’ which is really well illustrated with the first two of these invites – the first would look great at a sophisticated affair while the second would be gorgeous in a more relaxed or garden style wedding.

White Black Gold Daisy Wedding Invitation Shasta Daisy Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation
Shasta Daisy with Yellow Ribbon Invitation Daisy Wedding Invitations

Add Some Grey…

When you add some grey into the mix you get another style of daisy wedding invitation and I must admit this is far from my favorite type of daisy invite, but we’re all different and I know there are a lot of people who would love to add grey into their daisy wedding color scheme especially as it’s a very hot bridal color this season.

Gray & White Daisy Wedding Invitation Announcement White Daisy Wedding Invitation

Cream Anyone?

Cream is another color that combines well with black and daisies and adds a whole new dimension in sophistication as you can see from this last daisy invitation.

Daisy Black Yellow, Ivory Wedding Invitation

the daisy's for simplicity and unaffected air.   Robert Burns

Simple Daisy Wedding Invitations

The ultimate in a simple daisy wedding invitation is simply to use the daisy and nothing else which is where these invitations are complete stand outs. Using just the white and yellow of the daisy makes this wedding invitation really shine, don’t you think?

If that invitation doesn’t quite do it for you then what about this next one which is simply a close up image of a daisy and simple black lettering on the invitation. An awesome daisy invitation that would be perfect for any spring or summer wedding.

Green Daisy Invitations

Perfect Spring Wedding Invitations

The freshness of green goes so well with daisies that it’s a good color combination to go with and the best thing about it is any shade of green seems to go well with the white and yellow of the daisy as you can see with these three daisy wedding invitations – they all use a different shade of green and pull of a gorgeous look really well.

White Daisy Wedding Invitation Announcement Emerald Shasta Daisy Wedding Invitation
Daisy Wedding Invitation Flower White lime green Hemlock Green Daisy Wedding Invitation


Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.   Drew Barrymore

Blue Daisy Invitations

Perfect Summertime Wedding Invites

Blue is a beautiful color to add to a daisy theme – in some cases it can evoke thoughts of a summer sky and remind you of summers making daisy chains and relaxing in meadows without any cares in the world. Daisies also look good with darker blues like navy for a more sophisticated look.

Whatever blue is your favorite if you want to incorporate daisies with it you just know it’s going to look sensational – here’s a few wedding invitations to illustrate my point.

Shasta Daisy with Blue Ribbon Wedding Invitation Garden Party Mason Jar & White Daisies Custom Invites Fresh Daisies Wedding Invitation

Dazzling Blue Daisy Wedding Invitation Cute Royal Blue and White Daisy Floral Square Custom Announcement Blue and Yellow Daisy Wedding Invitation

Vintage, Retro & Contemporary Daisy Wedding Invites

Daisy wedding themes are one of the themes that can cross over and be used in vintage weddings, retro weddings or even contemporary weddings which is no mean feat! Daisies have been written about and sung about for years and are still loved by many so it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Vintage Daisy Wedding Invitations

There are a number of different vintage designed daisy invites available, but here’s just three that I’ve selected to show you (personally I like the lace one best).

Daisy and Lace Country Burlap Wedding Invite Rustic Watercolor Daisies on Parchment Invitation Vintage Daisy Wedding Invitation

Retro Daisy Wedding Invitations

Daisies are such simply flowers that they are often given the ‘retro’ treatment in art and the same goes with wedding invitations so if you’re going for a retro feel wedding, a flower power ceremony or just want to have a little fun you’ll love these retro style invites.

Retro Daisies Wedding Invitations ~ mud Circular Retro Daisy Wedding Invitation Retro Daisies Wedding Invitations/diy color/cocoa

Contemporary Daisy Wedding Invitaions

Contemporary Daisy Wedding Invitation Modern Two Daisies Wedding Invitations Willowy Flowers Invitation

More Gorgeous Daisy Wedding Invites For You

Lots of Colors Look Good With Daisies!

Choose your favorite wedding color combination and you’ll find that the humble little daisy will be a great compliment to it as you can see with these gorgeous daisy wedding invitations. Whether you want a pink wedding, an orange wedding or any wedding inbetween you can be sure that the daisy can be incorporated into your wedding in some way.

Daisy Orange, Yellow, Ivory Wedding Invitation Pink and Yellow Daisy Wedding Invitation
Daisy Black and Ivory Polka Dot Wedding Invitation White Daisy Pink Black Damask Wedding Invitation

Pale Purple and White Daisy Floral Square Personalized Invitation Pink Polka Dot Daisy Wedding Invitation Mint Gingham Daisy Wedding Invitation