Gothic Wedding Dresses

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A Gothic Wedding Dress is a Unique Dress for Your Special Day

Black and White Gothic Wedding DressGothic wedding dresses aren’t just for Goths anymore, they’re being used more and more by people who want to wear a unique dress and stand out on their special day. Gone are the traditional white wedding dresses for many people as they embrace the ideas of using a silver wedding dress, red wedding dress or even one of these gorgeous Gothic wedding dresses.

Now not all Gothic wedding dresses have to be black and some of them are really romantic – like the one in the picture here – it’s floaty and very romantic looking and yet it would also be a perfect wedding dress for the Romantic/Traditional Goth. If this one isn’t the sort you’re looking for then that’s fine I have plenty more for you to choose from further down the page, so let’s go wedding dress shopping!

Black Wedding Dress

Now I wouldn’t really call this wedding dress Gothic in the true sense of the word, but a lot of people consider any black wedding dress to be Goth!

Black Strapless Chiffon Wedding Dress

This is a classic design which means that you could wear it with any type of ceremony – a traditional one or if you added the right accessories and hair style you could totally ‘Goth’ this up!

Made of chiffon it’s the rhinestone waist which really stands out on this strapless gown.

The A-line design is also a very flattering one which makes this a dress that will suit a number of different brides.


Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

For more of a Gothic inspired black wedding dress you may prefer this selection –

Gothic Medieval Wedding DressGothic Inspired Wedding Dress with SleevesBlack Gothic wedding dress with bateau neck

Black & White Wedding Dress

Romantic Gothic Wedding Dress

This dress is a lovely mixture of ‘frothy’ wedding gown and romantic Gothic influences and I must admit I absolutely love it!

Black & White Tulle Wedding Dress

This dress has the ‘frothy’ element with the tiered tulle skirt and Gothic undertones with the black embroidered bodice. The lace up at the back of the dress is just another element that I think is gorgeous and makes this a great choice for an unusual wedding gown that will have people talking about it for years to come!

More Black & White Gothic Wedding Dresses

One Shoulder Tulle Lace Bridal Wedding GownAppliques One Shoulder Wedding DressStrapless Black And White Bridal Gown

Black & Red Wedding Dresses

Two Gorgeous Gothic Colors

The combination of red and black is often seen in Gothic circles and these two dresses are both different spins on a long Gothic dress that would be ideal as a wedding dress.

Women Halter Gothic Victorian Dress

This style has a Victorian Gothic feel to it which is really due to the skirt, I think the red halter top of the dress adds a little ‘je n’ais se pas’ to the dress and I think it would look great with your hair in an updo walking down the aisle. The back of the dress shows that the top incorporates a lace up corset which is very in keeping with a Gothic dress.

I would love to add a parasol to this dress for wedding photos – I’d probably go with a black one, but red could work as well.


Vintage Plaid Gothic Long Sleeve Victorian Dress

This style is also considered to be Gothic Victorian, but it does look quite different to the previous one. The long sleeves make this ideal for a winter wedding and I think it would be awesome if worn with a black Edwardian ladies riding hat.

In my mind the use of red plaid makes me think of the late 70s early 80s punk movement so I think this dress would really suit anyone who loves the Romantic or 80s Goth look as it feels to me like it belongs in that style.


Gothic White Wedding Dress

Believe it or not some Goths do still want a white wedding dress and this dress fits the brief nicely…

Spaghetti Straps Chiffon Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

This dress has quite a Medieval feel with the long Gothic sleeves favored by some of the noble women of the Middle Ages.

There are lots of other great colors that look great in a Gothic wedding dress and they include purple, green and even blue.

Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

Of course not everyone wants to wear a long dress to get married in and there are a number of great short wedding dresses available including this purple satin lace up dress.

Gothic Purple Corset Lace-up Wedding Dress

This is a beautiful purple color and is also a very affordable price when it comes to wedding dresses (you could also consider using this as a bridesmaids dress if you’d prefer to wear black yourself).


Another very reasonably priced dress that I would love as a wedding dress, but you may prefer your bridesmaids to wear it is this red and black dress –

Vermillion & Lace Cocktail Dress

Isn’t this dress gorgeous?   I love the black lace overlay on it (it’s also available in a green with the black lace as well so if you didn’t want red this might still work), the lace really appeals to the romantic Goth side of me.   The actual design of this dress is more rockabilly and retro with the sweetheart neckline on the red dress and the keyhole cut out on the black lace part of it.

With the right accessories though you can certainly ‘Goth’ this dress up really well and I also think that there’s nothing wrong with a rockerbilly overlap if it’s the dress you can see yourself wearing!

More Gothic Wedding Dresses to Choose From

I have only selected a handful of Gothic wedding dresses here, but there are lots of different ones to choose from which is why I’ve included a couple of links for you to other Gothic wedding dress pages which are full of cool dress ideas.

  • Gothic Wedding Dresses

    If you’re not a Goth you can still wear a Gothic wedding dress as they really do offer a range of unique dresses from Medieval styles to Victorian styles, burlesque styles to Lolita punk styles.

  • Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

    There certainly are some great Gothic wedding dresses around including some short ones, because let’s face it you don’t always have to go with a traditional long dress to get married in.