Wedding Supplier List

Finding Wedding Suppliers

There are lots of places where you can purchase items for your wedding, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming which is why you need to keep a list of suppliers handy that you can check out as you’re working through everything you need.

These are online wedding suppliers, choosing online suppliers often means being more budget friendly, but not always.   What it does always mean though is that you can look for supplies with them whenever it’s convenient for you and look at things for as long a time or as short a time as you like.   No setting up an appointment or being pushed to consider something that really does say ‘pick me’ to you.

I like to look online first when I’m shopping for a special occasion (and you don’t get much more special than a wedding) whether I’m planning on buying online or offline.   It’s a great way to get inspiration and ideas so that you can be a lot more efficient with your time if you are going to a local wedding supplier.

Wedding Invitations and Stationery Suppliers

I don’t think you can go past the POD site called Zazzle when it comes to buying all of your paper wedding products.   The quality is really good and the costs are a lot more economical than most offline printers seem to offer.

The range of wedding designs available are absolutely amazing.

Of course you can choose to make your own paper products or look at other suppliers such as Amazon, but I’d always recommend going with Zazzle.

Here are a few cool wedding stores on Zazzle for you to browse through (although I’ll often just go to the home page and search for color or theme and wedding and then see what pops up).

Suppliers for Wedding Favors & Other Wedding Ceremony & Reception Needs

When it comes to wedding favors and some items for the wedding ceremony and reception then I do love Beau-coup who also have lots of wedding inspiration boards to enjoy –

When my cousin got married a few years ago she found that using ebay was a great way to keep her wedding costs down and she found some amazing things on there.   I just caution to make sure you read reviews of the seller before buying and I personally only use paypal (unless it’s something that I will be collecting in person) as they can reverse the transaction if the goods aren’t as advertised.




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