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Vintage Wedding Hair Pieces

Add Some Style with these Vintage Hair Pieces

vintage wedding headbandThere are some absolutely gorgeous vintage hair pieces which are ideal for a vintage bride, but what exactly do we mean by vintage? A vintage hair piece can cover a lot of different things as you’ll see on this page so why not take a step back in time with me as we explore what we call vintage and look at some of the cool hair accessories that you can use to capture that particular period in time.

From the Victorian era to the roaring twenties and beyond we can capture some vintage fashion secrets and create the perfect bridal look.

From tiaras to headbands these are the final touches to the perfect vintage wedding style – crystals and flowers help to accessorize us as we tune into another romantic era for a special day.

What Do You Mean By Vintage?

A Vintage Wedding Can Be Many Things!

Vintage weddings really do cover a wide range of wedding ideas in people’s minds, for myself when someone says they’re after a vintage wedding dress, hair accessory etc I automatically think of the 1920s – feathers, crystals etc. Some people automatically think of Victorian or Edwardian style dresses and hairstyles whether it’s the Honiton lace inspired pieces, filligree details or even a touch of Art Nouveau.

It’s even been brought to my attention that some people consider vintage to go all the way up to the 50s which I’ve often thought of as retro! With all these eras in mind I’ve come up with quite a few ideas for vintage hair accessories which will hopefully help you if you’re planning a vintage wedding of your own.

The wedding industry really found it’s origins in the Victorian era as before that time your best dress was worn on your wedding day and continued to be worn afterwards – a dress that you just wore once was just not thought of! What made the Victorian era different was that we had a young Queen on the throne and after her wedding other people in society wanted to follow her lead – this was where the fairytale idea of a white wedding began.

Queen Victoria chose a white wedding dress and also used a floral headdress of orange blossoms. Orange blossoms were said to symbolize fertility and as she went on to have nine children I think they worked! If you’re planning a vintage wedding then a flower inspired hair accessory like these may be a great idea –

Gold Tone & Champagne Flower Accented Tiara

This gorgeous tiara may not contain orange blossoms, but it is full of floral notes from pink porcelain flowers to freshwater pearls emulating the center of golden flowers.

Add to this the addition of rhinestones and Swarovski crystals and you have a wedding tiara that will shine while also giving a nod to an era of an age long gone.


Gold Tone Tiara with Pink Flowers, Crystals & Pearls

I love the gold and pink combination of this bridal tiara. The tiara features ceramic pink roses which are ever so romantic, along with both Keshi and freshwater pearls and to add that sparkle a selection of hand cut Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.

If you’re looking for a romantic tiara fit for a vintage bride then this has to be considered.


Pearl, Crystal & Rhinestone Flower Tiara Headband

With Queen Victoria leading the way to brides wearing white it should come as no surprise that a white wedding tiara/headband should be looked at for a vintage bride.

This tiara/headband is absolutely exquisite with white flower details – as with the other bridal tiaras featured here this one also contains freshwater pearls, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.


During the Victorian and Edwardian eras big flowers and feathers were added to their hats – this was to become incorporated in hair accessories in years to come.

Some of the Victorian and Edwardian hairstyles also incorporated combs and towards the end of the Edwardian era strings of pearls were starting to be weaved into the hair.

All of these ideas have influenced the vintage hair accessories that I’ve selected here. One more thing was to happen during the Victorian era that was to effect hair styles and that was that a young man by the name of Daniel Swarskovski attended the World Trade Exhibition at Crystal Palace which was organized by Prince Albert to showcase the inventions of the Industrial Revolution. The outcome of this was of course Swarkovski Crystals and the use of the crystals in bridal hair accessories was also going to come to fruition.

Vintage Bridal Combs

When you think of some of the gorgeous updos of the Victorian and Edwardian eras you think of the use of combs which is why I think floral combs make a beautiful vintage bridal look.

Bridal Comb Swarovski Crystal & Rhinestones Silver-Tone Hair CombGiovanna Vintage Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Comb

1920s Inspired VIntage Hair Pieces

When you come to the 1920s the woman were being quite daring and cutting their hair into shorter bob styles – when you have such beautiful hair styles to show off the last thing you want to do is cover your hair as you want everyone to see your crowning glory which is where the headband came into fashion.

We also saw a lot of statement headpieces that incorporated the hugely popular crystals and pearls. Side tiaras also started to be worn especially when it came to weddings and special occasions.

Bridal veils were tighter to the head which also saw the use of lace headbands worn underneath – often with a larger floral design to one side of the head.

Vintage Bridal Headbands

Vintage Inspired Bridal Headband Silver WhiteSwarovski Crystal Bridal Headband with Ivory Ribbon

Champagne 1920’s Bridal Headband Veil with Tulle & Floral Beading

You can see the headband showing underneath this 1920s style wedding veil which is similar to the veil that Elizabeth, the Queen Mother wore when she was married.

Definitely a gorgeous and very much a vintage look that can be stunning with a vintage wedding gown.


Side Tiaras for a Vintage Bride

Vintage Side Bridal Headpiece HeadbandVintage Rhinestone Headpiece Side Headband

1940s Birdcage Veil

The next big change in bridal head pieces was as the long veils were shunned for the very sexy looking birdcage veils. For weddings these veils were incorporated with flowers and bridal combs etc.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that these veils first became fashionable during the early 1940s as with the second world war in progress there wasn’t a lot of lace and silk to be spared for wedding veils – heck a lot of ladies didn’t even have a wedding dress, but instead made do with their ‘Sunday best’ to get married in. In a way it was like going back to pre Victorian weddings.

There is something incredibly glamorous about the birdcage veil though so it’s hardly surprising to note that they are definitely becoming incorporated in more and more weddings.

Rhinestone Pearl Feather Fascinator and Bridal Birdcage VeilPearl Barrette & Crystal Bridal Birdcage Veil