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Pearls and Lace Wedding Invitations

Vintage Style Pearls & Lace Wedding Invitations

When I think of a vintage wedding lots of things spring to mind, but the first two are usually lace and pearls which is probably why lace and pearls wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular. Vintage weddings have been a rising trend of late and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

With vintage weddings being such a really hot trend in the bridal world using a pearls and lace wedding invitation is a great way for you to stamp a vintage vibe to your wedding from the beginning. There are lots of gorgeous pearls and lace wedding invitations to choose from – some feature lots of pearls with lace while others feature just a pearl and lace.

Vintage Inspired Lace & Pearl Wedding Invitations

Country Lace Wedding Invitation Pearls & Lace Personalized Announcements Rustic Wood & Lace Floral Wedding Invitation

Pearls and Lace Wedding Invitation (Formal) White Wedding Personalized Invites Shabby Pearls Personalized Invite

Colorful Pearls & Lace Wedding Invitations

These invitations show that you can add a strong color to lace and pearls and still make it work – including gorgeous raspberry, earthy moss green, bright aquamarine and more – the beauty of lace and pearls is that they really do work well with any color.

Lace and Pearls Lavender Wedding Invitation Lace and Pearls Aquamarine Wedding Invitation
Lace and Pearls Moss Green Wedding Invitation Lace and Pearls Raspberry Wedding Invitation

Of course you don’t have to stick to this design there are other colorful designs that also incorporate your pearls and lace theme such as these beautiful swan wedding invitations –

Damask Swan Elegance Blue - Wedding Invitation Damask Swan Elegance Ivory - Wedding Invitation

Okay so I popped an ivory invitation in there, but it was beautiful don’t you think? My preference has to be the bold blue though as I think it’s a strong color that works really well. As a side note swans are a great idea to add to your wedding invitation as they symbolize grace and fidelity.

Of course you don’t have to use bold colors when it comes to weddings as pastels also work well with the pearls and lace theme as you can see with these wedding invitations –

White rose and blue lace wedding Invitation Calla Lilies Wedding Invitation Peach Vintage Lace and Pearls Glamour Wedding Custom Invites

Vintage Black & White Wedding Invitations

Lace & Pearl Wedding Invites

White Roses & Camo Invitation Elegant Lace and Pearl 5x7 Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation White Silk lace pearl jewel White rose and lace wedding Invitation