Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

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Mason Jar Wedding Invites for a Simple Wedding

If you’re after a simple style wedding with a rustic, diy or shabby chic air about it then why not send out Mason Jar Wedding Invitations? There’s a range of different color combinations available and you can also use mason jars as a theme by using them for centerpieces at the reception or even serving cocktails in them.

Mason Jar wedding invitations give a simple country feel to a wedding and is great when you want a comfy, down to earth occasion to celebrate with your closest friends and family. Simple wedding ceremonies seem to be gathering more and more support from people these days especially as people try to save money which is why these invites are so cool – they remind us of a simpler time that many are trying to re-capture.

Mason Jars & Flowers

A Great Wedding Theme

You can incorporate mason jars as vases to give your wedding reception tables a rustic feel for their centerpieces. They can be standing on their own or have ivy wrapped around them. If you like this idea then you can give people a little hint as to what to expect by incorporating the idea in your wedding invitations.

This is also where you can incorporate a wedding color theme with your invitation from purple to yellow, green to pink or a different color all together.

Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invite Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Custom Invites

As you can see there are some gorgeous color combinations available in this style of wedding invitation and they really are perfect for a country style wedding. If none of these appeal to you then I’ve found some more floral mason jar invites for you here –

Bridal Shower Mason Jar and Wildflowers Invite Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitation Vintage Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Personalized Invitations

You can even use gorgeous hydrangeas in mason jars on your invitations if you like. Hydrangeas are a beautiful wedding theme in their own right so combining them with country mason jars makes your occasion extra special.

Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Invitations Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Invitations Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

More Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

Perfect Invites for a Country Wedding

There are other styles of mason jar wedding invitations available as well. These include mason jars with fireflies in them, hanging mason jars and more. I’ve compiled a few more wedding invitations for you to choose from below –

Country Wooden Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Invitation Mason Jar and Fireflies Wedding Invitations

sunflower rustic mason jar wedding invites Hydrangea & Mason Jar Wedding Reception Personalized Announcements rustic mason jar wedding invites

More Ways to Incorporate Mason Jars in Your Wedding

Romantic, Rustic & Full of Southern Charm!

There are lots of ways in which you can use mason jars for your wedding besides on your stationery and filled with flowers on your reception tables, here’s a few more ideas for you –

    • Place mason jars along the aisle with tea lights in them – light them up and you have a beautiful and romantic aisle to walk down.
    • As well as adding flowers to them for your table centerpieces you could also add flowers to them and hang them on the end of the pews to give a really cute look as you walk down the aisle.

If you’re not getting married in a church then add them to the chairs that are on the ‘aisle’ for the same effect.

  • They can also be hung from the ceiling or strung along on long pieces of rope between rafters/trees etc (depending on the venue), either filled with flowers or for a really cool look add some clear or white beads or water beads and pop an led flashing light bulb in each one.
  • You only have to look at a few Pinterest boards to realize that it’s quite a trendy move to add signature cocktails to your wedding program and serving them up in mason jars is very ‘hot’ in wedding circles right now.
  • Use mason jars as wedding favors – you can either fill them with some cool things such as a bag of cocoa and some mini marshmallows or you could add soil and succulents and use them as table decorations that double up as wedding favors.
  • Of course if you’re having a sit down meal you can also use them as part of the table settings – wrap up your cutlery in a napkin and stand it up in the mason jar. Add a little chalkboard paint or a label to the jar and you can also write names on them to act as a place card as well.
  • Candy buffets look great with a few mason jars! If you’re having a candy bar as part of your wedding then use a few mason jars along with bowls and other containers to keep all the different candy in – it just adds a little variety to the table.