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Emerald Wedding Invitations

Gorgeous Emerald Wedding Invites

If you’re looking for some emerald wedding invitations then I’ve found a lovely selection for you right here. Emerald, aside from being a gorgeous shade of green, has been touted as one of the hot for 2013-2014 weddings according to industry color experts Pantone.

If you love this gorgeous shade of green then you’ll love the selection of emerald wedding invitations that I’ve compiled for you.

Emerald Green Peacock Wedding Invitations

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

A popular way of incorporating emerald green into your wedding is by using a peacock themed wedding as their feathers have a really gorgeous shade of emerald in them. There are lots of different styles of peacock wedding invitations that you can use so you need to think about how much peacock you want to use along with what complimentary colors you want to incorporate alongside the peacock feathers.

For example you can really embrace the peacock feathers like with these next two wedding invitations or you can just use more of a block color with the peacock feathers only being part of the design.

Emerald Green Gold Royal Indian Peacock Wedding Personalized Invites Peacock Green & Gold Wedding Invitation

These two wedding invitations have used gold and gold with black respectively as contrasting colors which work really well with the peacock theme and seems to hint at a very lavish affair.

Gold has also been incorporated in these next two wedding invitations which gives the emerald green more of a look in as a color block as opposed to just in the peacock feathers.

Emerald Green Peacock Wedding Announcement Emerald Green Peacock Reception card

We’ve already seen how black and gold work well with emerald green and peacock feathers and another color that looks great is brown or chocolate. This color is already visible on a peacocks feather so you know that it will compliment it well. Chocolate has been a popular wedding color to use for a while now so it shouldn’t be too hard to find wedding accessories that incorporate it. See how well it works with these next two emerald green and chocolate peacock wedding invitations.

Monogram Emerald Green Peacock Wedding Invitations Peacock feathers with faux emerarld Wedding Personalized Invitation

There are lots more peacock options when it comes to wedding invitations, but I just want to look at two more before looking at some other emerald wedding invites. These next two are both vintage designs which are incredibly popular, I personally love the first one as it almost seems as though the peacock is in a 1920s birdcage veil!

Vintage Feather & Peacock Wedding Invitations Elegant Green Vintage Peacock Wedding Invitations

Emerald Green Gothic Wedding Invitations

Emerald Medieval Celtic Cross Wedding Invitation

Gothic is often thought of as having a color palate like Henry Ford’s cars – black or black, but there’s actually a number of colors which Goths embrace and emerald green is one of those colors.

If you’re looking at holding a Gothic wedding then emerald green could make a nice color to add to your scheme and these wedding invitations would certainly be very nice.   You can check out more Gothic invites at – Gothic Wedding Invitations.

I love the invitation to the left of us with the Celtic cross as it keeps the dark tones that are associated with the Gothic culture while adding little bursts of emerald as well.

If you just want to add a little touch of Goth to the proceedings (don’t want to upset Grandma or the future in laws for example) then you can try emerald green with a black damask pattern – the invitations below could be incorporated as a little nod to that side of you while keeping the rest of the wedding more ‘traditional.

Elegant Green Damask Goth Wedding Invitation Emerald Green Damask Gothic Wedding Invitation

Emerald Tree Wedding Invitations

A Nature Vibe to Your Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations are a beautiful nod to the color green and incorporate a getting back to nature feel to them as well as a vintage vibe. Either of these invites would be perfect for a simple or outdoor wedding.

Heart Leaf Emerald Tree Vintage Doves Weddings Custom Announcement Musical Emerald Heart Leaf Tree Wedding Invites

Emerald & White Wedding Invitations

A Simple Wedding Color Scheme

If you’ve decided that you love emerald as a wedding color, but you don’t want to go with a peacock or Gothic theme then you may be wondering what colors will combine well with emerald and I have to say that one of the simplest color combos is simply emerald green and white as you can see with these gorgeous wedding invitations.

Elegant Hearts Wedding Invitation, Green
Celtic Love Knot in Emerald Green Invitation Elegant Wedding Monogram Dotted Hearts Green Custom Invites

Elegant Wedding Summer Sparkle Emerald Green Card Emerald Green Pearls Wedding Invitation

Emerald & Black Wedding Invitations

Black is another color that looks stunning when used with emerald. I, personally think that the black and emerald color combination may become the most popular emerald wedding color combination because it looks good with just a dash of black or with a lot of black and a dash of emerald.

Then there’s the designs, from vintage to chevron and more black and emerald seems to embrace all the different styles – check out the wedding invitations I’ve compiled for you here to see what I mean –

Emerald Green Damask Wedding Menu 5x7 Announcement Vintage Damask Emerald Green Black Wedding Personalized Announcement Emerald Rose Bridal Shower Invitation
BLACK & GREEN DAMASK GEM STONE MONOGRAM white ice Personalized Invitation Emerald Stars This Day Forward Wedding Invitet Emerald Green Damask Wedding Invitations Black
Contemporary Deco Lovebird Wedding Invitations Emerald Green Damask Wedding Invitation Customisable Chevron Emerald/Green (Wedding) Announcement

Emerald & Gold Wedding Invitataions

As we saw earlier with the peacock wedding invitations gold also compliments emerald really well giving it quite a luxurious feel to the occasion.

If you add a little black into the mix as well it turns into this style of opulent wedding invitation –

More Emerald Wedding Invitations

There are lots more emerald wedding invitations available from vintage styles to grunge designs and with different color combinations such as emerald and silver or emerald and emerald with a range of different beige tones.   If you haven’t found one of these designs to be one that appealed to you then check out the rest of the range at Zazzle –

Emerald Wedding Invitations

I love the wedding invitations at Zazzle because the quality is great and the costs are very reasonable.   Most designers on there have a full range of wedding stationery in the same design and if you want something that they don’t have most of them are more than happy for you to contact them to request it.

Hemlock Green Wedding Invitations

Cool & Beautiful Green Wedding Invites

Hemlock Green is being heralded as one of the wedding colors of the year for 2014 and when you look at the color it’s not hard to see why. A cool, minty shade of green it ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to colors it will team with along with themes it will happily embrace.

Hemlock Green is beautiful with neutrals like white, cream, grey or sand, but also works well with warmer colors like another color that’s making 2014 it’s year – Cayenne.

The invitation featured in this introduction image is a very cool and sophisticated invite that shows why Hemlock Green is such a great color to use, this romantic, floral invite is a great example of how good the color looks against white with just a touch of silver to add that certain ‘je ne sais pas’ to the overall look.

Hemlock Green & White Wedding Invitations

Simple and Beautiful Wedding Invites

These two wedding invitations combine the hemlock green and white color palette with stripes which is a simple and sophisticated look that is quite timeless.

The stripes down one side is a very contemporary look while the touch of pink in the heart adds a sense of fun to the other invitation while also demonstrating how a glimpse of a stronger color can work really well with this shade of green.

Wedding Invitation Contemporary Stripes Pattern Modern Stripes Mint Wedding Striped Invitations

As you can see these invitations come in different sizes, there’s also a selection of different paper types that you can use. One of the advantages of Zazzle (as it’s always daunting buying something like this online where you can’t acutally touch it) is that you can buy just one invite and see what it looks like before ordering the number you’d like.

I also love this simple dove design as a wedding invitation, to me it’s the clean, simple design that adds an element to it that makes it both classic and modern at the same time.

Hemlock Green Dove Wedding Invitation
Hemlock Green Dove Wedding Invitation by myweddingstore

Hemlock Green Photo Wedding Invitations

Personalized Invites are Gorgeous!

I do love the trend for photo wedding invitations that has been happening in recent years. The first photo wedding invitation I received was about four years ago and I thought it was a lovely way of personalizing the wedding. The photo used in that invite was a black and white one and I think I would stick to black and white photos for these Hemlock Green invitations as well – it’s sophisticated and romantic and just makes you look really good, or that’s what I think anyway!

Modern Wedding Rehearsal Dinner- Hemlock Green Custom Announcements Hemlock Green Multi-Photo Wedding Announcement

I think the first invite disproves the old saying about blue and green should never be seen. If you get the right shades the result can be stunning and if you want to incorporate a touch of blue into a Hemlock Green themed wedding then talk to your florist as I have seen a photograph of some blue buds in a wedding bouquet that were the perfect blue for you to incorporate. Unfortunately there was no mention of what they were called and I couldn’t find a way to contact the person posting the image.

More Amazing Hemlock Green Wedding Invites

Designs to Suit Everyone!

This color can be incorporated nicely into modern designs or vintage designs, fun or sophisticated and I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to see it coming into itself. Here’s a few different designs and color combinations that I think you’ll enjoy. All of these see the combining of a warmer color with the green and it works really well.

Fleur de Lis Casual Wedding Custom Announcements
Fleur de Lis Casual Wedding Custom Announcements by EnchantedBayou

Here you can see a classic symbol used in weddings which is the fleur de lis, this adds elegance to a design as it symbolizes French royalty. What I love about this invitation is that it also combines gold with the Hemlock Green and this is a color combination that is really great. Gold, Hemlock Green, white and pale pink can all be combined in a vintage palette to great effect

Mint Green and Peach Pink Wedding Invitation
Mint Green and Peach Pink Wedding Invitation by TheBrideShop

In this next invitation you can see how Hemlock Green (a shade of mint green) works so well with peach, the damask design is a wedding classic and I think this invitation is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. I think a signature cocktail that combines peaches and mint would add something very special to this wedding theme.

Modern Hemlock Green Wedding Invitations

Both of these wedding invitations are very modern designs and I like both of them for different reasons. The first includes the very bold chevron design which is making waves both in the wedding industry and interior design and I love, love, love it! It also combines Hemlock Green with another color tipped to be a top wedding color for 2014 – Celosia Orange. The calming and cooling combination of the green perfectly compliments the bright and bold shade of orange.

PixDezines watercolor chevron/hemlock green Announcements Coral and Mint XOX Wedding RSVP Personalized Announcements

The second invitation goes for the softer coral to combine with the green and when I look at it it’s all about fun. It’s the type of invitation that I could see a young couple using when they get married with the hugs and kisses signs featured prominently.

Hemlock Green & Radiant Orchid Wedding Invitations

Two Hot Wedding Colors for 2014 Brought Together

Hemlock Green may be one color that has been touted as an ‘in’ wedding color this year, but Radiant Orchid is another, not only that it’s taken the mantle of Pantone’s color of the year! The two colors – the bright purple tones of radiant orchid and the cooling mint tomes of hemlock green actually go together extremely well as you can see with these wedding invitations.

Radiant Orchid & Hemlock Green Wedding Invitation Radiant Orchid & Hemlock Green Wedding Invitation

Ideas for a Hemlock Green Wedding

Hemlock Green Wedding Inspiration