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Spring Wedding Ideas

Planning a Spring Wedding? Here’s Some Spring Wedding Inspiration for You

Spring is a lovely season to get married in as there’s a feeling of renewal in nature, lots of bright colors and a great time to start on any new adventure – and marriage can be a wonderful adventure!

There are lots of themes that spring to mind when we think of a spring wedding and they include butterflies, daffodils, tulips, cherry blossom, tea parties and more. I’m hoping to give you some great spring wedding ideas on this page to help you plan your special day.

A Spring Inspiration Board

There’s something special about inspiration boards that help to give you lots of ideas for your wedding and help you to imagine how to pull things together so I’ll be using a few of them on this page for you. Let’s look at our first spring wedding inspiration board –

Spring Wedding Inspiration Board

Image Credits

Top left, moving clockwise – Spring Wedding Cake by equevedov, on Flickr | Vintage style wedding cake with bird cage stand by www.victoriamade.com, on Flickr | First blooms of spring-woodland blue blossom bobby pin set by Bellafaye, on Flickr | Wedding Centerpieces / Wedding Table Centerpieces / Centerpieces by Grand Velas Riviera Maya, on Flickr | Wedding Flowers by Lori Photography, on Flickr | After The Wedding by Loco Steve, on Flickr | Wedding Cake by virtualphotographystudio, on Flickr | Wedding Cake by Out.of.Focus, on Flickr

Butterfly Wedding Theme

A Classic Spring Wedding Theme

Butterflies are in abundance during spring time which is why the idea of a butterfly themed wedding has become interwoven into the idea of a spring wedding. There are lots of ways you can incorporate butterflies in a wedding from releasing live butterflies to using butterfly accents on your wedding stationary, wedding cake and other wedding d├ęcor as you can see on this next inspiration board.

butterfly wedding inspiration ideas

Supplier List & Image Credits

From the top left, moving clockwise – Butterfly Wedding Cake by hindsightbride, on Flickr Butterfly Hair Clip by Bellafaye, on Flickr Butterfly Wedding Invitation Butterfly Hair Pin Butterfly Bookmark – Wedding Favor Butterfly Wedding Collection Butterfly Candle and Place Holder

Check out more ideas for a butterfly themed wedding by seeing a range of different colored and styled butterfly wedding invitations –

Vintage Spring Wedding Theme

A Vintage themed wedding is very in vogue for 2013 and looks to stay in fashion for a few more years and it’s easy to incorporate vintage styling with a spring occasion. The use of birdcages is one popular way of introducing a flourish of vintage charm into your spring wedding.

Vintage style glass bowls or vases brimming over with spring flowers are another way of incorporating the style into your special day. Adding pearls and lace to the wedding reception decor is also a great way of incorporating a little 1920s style.

Daisy Wedding Theme

A Simple Spring Wedding Theme

There’s just something simple about daisies that makes them touch a special chord in all of us which could be why they’re so appealing to some brides when planning their wedding. To me daisies are almost like a touch of innocence – I always think of making daisy chains as a child and it’s a lovely idea to capture the feeling you had when you managed to make your first daisy chain and incorporate that emotion into your special day.

Daisies are lovely incorporated into wedding fashions, but they can also dominate in other parts of the wedding. Check out these wedding invitations to see how well daisies go with a range of different colors and styles –

Grey and Orange Wedding Invitations

Planning an Orange and Grey Wedding? You’ll Need Some Orange & Grey Wedding Invitations

Grey and orange is a great combination for a wedding and as you can see from these wedding invitations there are lots of different shades of both grey and orange to choose from.

Moroccan Wedding InvitationCheck Price

You could choose to have a primarily grey wedding with orange highlights or a bright orange wedding with some grey highlights and both work really well, but first what shade of orange and grey to choose?

From a very light grey, almost silver color to a dark charcoal grey there are some wedding invitations which would be perfect for your wedding, The orange you choose really depends on your personality as it can be a pale, yet fresh orange right through to a bright tangerine shade of orange that’s full of it’s own sunny personality.

I love the look of the Grey and Orange Morrocan style Wedding Invitation in this picture, but there’s lots of other styles to choose from as well, so let’s start looking at them.

Orange and Grey Wedding Invitations

Love Birds Wedding Invitation (coral) Wedding Invitation Elegant Gray Orange Aged Floral Orange and Gray Wild Flowers Wedding Invitation

Moroccan Wedding Invitation PixDezines Arianna Damask, diy color, Orange Spice Custom Invite Square Orange Damask Monogram Wedding Invitation

If you like any of these invitations simply click on them for more information. One of the reasons I like these wedding invitations is that most of them come in matching sets along with Save the Date Cards, Table Cards even Wedding Postage and much more. If you like the design, but can’t see it on the particular product you’d like simply contact the designer and most of them are happy to put the design on the product you’re after for you.

Grey and Orange Wedding Inspiration Board

Orange & Grey Theme 8

Credit – Missady_2007


More Grey and Orange Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Crysanthemums Grunge Tangerine Tango & Nero Grey Damask Wedding Invites Vintage Orange and Grey Daisy Wedding Invitation

Orange and Gray Beaded Wedding Invitation Coral & Grey Vintage Love birds Wedding Invitation Orange Damask Monogram Wedding Invitation

Orange Love Birds Wedding Invitation Orange Damask Monogram Wedding Invitation Orange and Gray Wedding Invitation

Another reason I recommend using Zazzle for wedding invitations is that it saves you money while giving you great quality and to ensure that’s the case Zazzle offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of their products even customized wedding invites!

Orange and Grey Wedding Inspiration Board

Supplier List
Orange Bridesmaids Dress
White Wedding Shoe
Orange Flower Girls Dress
Orange Tie Set
Grey Clutch
Bridal Bouquet – image credit only

Even More Orange & Grey Wedding Invites!

Vintage Love Birds Coral & Gray Wedding Invite "Grey Garden (orange)" Damask Wedding Invitation Orange and Grey Floral Wedding Invitation

Vintage Coral & Grey Damask Wedding Invitation Coral Flower Wedding with Monogram Announcements Tangerine Orange & Grey Damask Wedding Invitations