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Aqua and Silver Wedding Invitations

Aqua and Silver Wedding Invitations are Stylish and Sophisticated!

Thinking of having an Aqua and Silver themed wedding? If so you’ll want to get some gorgeous aqua and silver wedding invitations and I just so happen to have a great selection right here for you to choose from.
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Aqua and silver work really in a lot of different styles of wedding. As a formal and sophisticated wedding aqua and silver absolutely sparkles and yet the same colors also work incredibly well in a casual beach wedding setting as well.

When I first thought of combining aqua and silver as a wedding theme my mind automatically went to thoughts of a summer wedding, however the colors also work really well for a winter wedding as the aqua and silver combine well with the winter wonderland theme as you’ll see if you scroll down the page more.


Aqua and Silver Damask Wedding Invitations

Damask Wedding Invitations are a traditional pattern for wedding invitations probably because the damask design is an elegant one and if you’re planning an aqua and silver color themed wedding there are plenty of different damask designs to choose from.

PixDezines Flora Damask Wedding Invitations Aqua Damask Jewelry Box Wedding Invitations

Aqua Blue and Silver Damask Wedding Template Personalized Announcements Aqua Damask/faux silver wedding invitations

Silver Aqua Grunge Damask Wedding Invitation PixDezines Flora Damask Wedding Invitations Silver Aqua Navy Blue Damask Wedding Invitation


Monogrammed Aqua & Silver Wedding Invitations

Monogrammed Wedding Invitations are another sophisticated design for wedding invites and it can often be combined with the damask invitation design as well. Luckily there are also some that will match your preferred aqua and silver wedding color scheme.

Aqua & Silver Elegant Wedding Invite - 2 Aqua-marine and Silver Monogrammed Invitation Baroque faux foil lace/aqua blue Invitations


Winter Wonderland Aqua and Silver Wedding Invitations

Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations are very popular as a winter wedding theme and aqua and blue as a color scheme works wonderfully to create a snow and ice filled magical world – just look at how gorgeous these wedding invitations look if you have any doubts –

Customizable Snowflake Invitation Silver/Aqua wedding invitation with bells Aqua and Silver Snowflake Graphic on White Invitation

If you’re thinking of a Winter Wonderland themed wedding then you’ll want to check out – How to Create the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding.

Aqua and Silver Peacock Wedding Invitations

Peacock Wedding Invitations become very popular during 2012 and look to continue in popularity throughout the next few years as well. There are a number of different colors that can be used in conjunction with a peacock theme including aqua and silver. Although not the first color scheme that comes to mind when I think of peacocks (that would be teal and purple), it does look very effective and is a little different to other people’s Peacock Themed Weddings which I think is always a good thing.

I’ve only been able to find a couple of wedding invites that embrace this combination, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they are both gorgeous –

Silver Moroccan Tile Aqua & Coral Peacock Wedding Personalized Announcement Perfect Pair Aqua Silver Peacock Metallic Elegance Personalized Invitation


Silver and Aqua Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations are always popular and I love the silver with aqua touches that are incorporated on these vintage inspired wedding inviitations –

Moroccan Tile Heart Leaf Aqua Tree Vintage Bird Custom Invites Silver glitter swirls + aqua jewels wedding invite


More Aqua & Silver Wedding Invitations

Elegant Aquamarine and Silver Party Invitations Aqua silver wedding anniversary engagement personalized invitations Aqua silver floral wedding engagement custom announcements

Silver and Aqua Blue Dragonfly Wedding Invitation Silver Damask Printed Aqua Blue Bow Wedding No 005 Personalized Announcement Silver and Aqua Blue Metallic Wedding Invitation

Let’s not forget how hearts and weddings go hand in hand! I think this swirling heart design is an absolutely gorgeous invitation and if I was throwing an aqua and silver wedding anytime soon this would be the front runner for my wedding invitation.

aqua silver hearts romantic wedding invitation

This design also comes in a Save the Date Card and Thank You Card as well.

If you really like the design I would be contacting the designer – Blessed Wedding and see if they could make matching Postage Stamps, Table Cards and whatever other wedding stationery I decided I needed 🙂

Aqua, Silver & Black Wedding Invitations

Aqua and silver also go well with other colors such as red and yellow, but when it’s paired with black it takes the color scheme to a whole new level of sophistication, if you’re unsure then check out these black, aqua and silver wedding invitations –

Silver, Aqua, and Black Floral Wedding Invitation Black Damask with Aqua Trim Wedding Invitation damask aqua silver wedding invitation