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Cool & Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique Wedding Cakes with Personality!

Cool and unique wedding cakeMore and more people are choosing to have unique and cool wedding cakes that showcase some of their own personalities. The wedding cake featured here is of a couple rowing between the two places they are from which makes the cake very personal.

If you don’t have a personal ‘journey’ to incorporate into your wedding cake then what about hobbies that you share. Some couples love Super Mario brothers, photography, Star Wars, travel and more so why not add some of these elements to your wedding cake and have a really unique wedding cake for you.

I’ve tracked down some of the coolest wedding cake images I could find that I hope will give you some inspiration when it comes time to choose your own wedding cake. Of course if you really don’t think you want to use your whole wedding cake to showcase your personality you can always go with a traditional cake and some cool wedding cake toppers instead!

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes

topsy turvy wedding cakeTopsy Turvy Wedding Cakes aren’t as unusual these days as they were when my parents were getting married, but they’re still a lot of fun. I think the topsy turvy wedding cake featured is even better because of the wedding cake topper that’s been used.

I think this cake is traditional enough in the colors and decorative icing to keep grandma happy while still showing a lot of personality with the combination of the funny wedding cake topper (which you can purchase below) and the tilt of the topsy turvy styled cake.

Of course some of the best topsy turvy cakes are decorated in a much more over the top fashion than this one as you can see if you keep scrolling down the page….

Photo Credit – Shelley Panzarella


Wilton Oh No You Don’t Humorous Cake TopperCheck Price


More Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes
Photo Credits – Top right, clockwise –

Green & White Daisy Wedding Cake
Red, White & Blue Wedding Cake
Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake with Mosaics
Whimsical Wedding Cake with Bows

Super Mario Wedding Cakes

super mario wedding cakes
Photo Credits
Super Mario Wedding Cake on left
Super Mario Wedding Cake on right

If you both love Super Mario then one of these cakes really is ideal as a wedding cake, don’t you think?

Here’s another Nintendo wedding cake, because you can never have too much Super Mario!

Nintendo Wedding Cake Pictures, Images and Photos
Photo Credit – luvluvsyou


Super Mario Wedding Cake Toppers

If you don’t want to get a whole cake decorated in Super Mario style then you could simply add a Super Mario wedding cake topper to a more classically styled white wedding cake….

Nintendo Super MARIO Princess Peach HEART WEDDING CAKE TOPPERCheck PriceNintendo Super MARIO Princess Peach RING TOSS WEDDING CAKE TOPPERCheck PriceNintendo Super MARIO Princess Peach WEDDING CAKE TOPPER CASTLECheck Price


Pixel Wedding Cake

pixel cake Pictures, Images and Photos
Photo Credit – cazba212

If you’re into vintage video games then this pixel case is a perfect way to show off your love for each other on your wedding day!

Halloween Wedding Cakes

You just know that if you’ve been invited to a Halloween wedding you should be in for a few surprises including the wedding cake. I love this next wedding cake as it incorporates lots of Halloween elements and is definitely a cake people will be talking about for some time so come.
The Cake Pictures, Images and Photos
Photo Credit – sassy_mex3

Here’s a few more Halloween inspired wedding cakes for you –
halloween wedding cakes
Photo Credits
The Corpse Bride Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake
Bride of Chucky Wedding Cake
Halloween Wedding Cake
RIP Wedding Cake

There’s also a great range of Gothic Wedding Cakes available for you to look at here –

Gothic Wedding Cakes


Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

Love Never Dies Married Couple FigurineCheck PriceLove Never Dies Collectible Skeleton SculptureCheck PriceLove Never Dies Wedding Couple FigurineCheck Price


Pumpkin Wedding Cake

ham wedding cakeThis wedding cake was made for a Halloween wedding where the couple didn’t want the usual black and orange or horror inspired or Gothic looking cake. Instead they went with a Fall inspired wedding cake in the shape of a pumpkin.

Photo Credit

The idea of making a wedding cake based on a favorite food has actually been done a few times – I saw one on a television show once that was based on a hamburger, fries and milkshake because the couple had their first date at a burger bar which I thought was pretty cool.

Another great idea for a food inspired wedding cake is if your name happens to be the same as an item of food which leads me to the next cake I have for you……..

the ham wedding cake

Photo Credit – Sweet Flamingo Cake Co.

When the groom’s name is Ham there’s not a better way to have a truly personal wedding cake than one that looks like …. well a ham!

Fun Wedding Cakes

fun wedding cakes
Photo Credits
Purple Ombre Cake Ball Cake
Bright Wedding Cake with Calla Lilies
Artistic Pastel Wedding Cake
Pixie/Fairy Wedding Cake

Star Wars Wedding Cakes

star wars wedding cakes
Photo CreditTop Star Wars Wedding Cake | Star Destroyer Star Wars Wedding Cake

Either of these wedding cakes would be ideal for any of the plethora of Star Wars fans out there and you can even get some cool Star Wars wedding cake toppers to add to your cake as well…..

Star Wars Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re not sure about having an actual Star Wars wedding cake then you can still have a touch of the theme added to your cake in the shape of one of these cool Star Wars wedding cake toppers ……. they’re out of the world! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that really bad pun 🙂



Camping Wedding Cakes

camping wedding cakes
Photo Credits

Cute Three Tiered Camping Inspired Wedding Cake
Couple in a Tent Camping Inspired Wedding Cake
Camper Van Wedding Cake

No matter how you like to camp – in a tent or in a camper van – if this is a hobby that you both love then why not celebrate that with your wedding cake.

Here’s a few more hobby inspired wedding cakes for you….

Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

unique wedding cake ideas
Photo Credits
Divers Wedding Cake
Computers Wedding Cake
Drum Wedding Cake
Camera Wedding Cake
Minis Wedding Cake
Fishing Wedding Cake