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Sport Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s Game, Set & Match with these Sporty Wedding Cake Toppers!

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If you and your partner are both into your sports then why not add some of your love of sport into your wedding cake.

I know some people have wedding cakes made to pay homage to their favorite sports, but if you still want a traditional white wedding cake what do you do? Let me introduce you to some sport inspired wedding cake toppers.

These wedding cake toppers not only add a touch of fun to your wedding, but are something you can keep for years to come to remind you of your wedding day.

Let’s see if we can find a wedding cake topper for your favorite sport.


Baseball Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re both baseball fans then you will love this fun baseball wedding cake topper.


Car Racing Wedding Cake Topper

You’re at the finish line! This is a great wedding cake topper for anyone who loves their motor sports, of course you could also look at getting a car cake topper as well if you like, there are even some bride and groom car wedding cake toppers available if you wanted to add one of those too – personally I would get a model (like the matchstick car series) of your favorite kind of car and add that to your cake alongside the topper above.

Fishing Wedding Cake Toppers

Both of these fishing wedding cake toppers are fun, it’s just a case of agreeing on who’s caught who really isn’t it?!

Football Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s a touchdown with this fun football wedding cake topper and what a great cake topper it is for any footy fan.


Golf Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper would indicate that although the groom loves his golf his bride finds it a little exasperating! This wedding cake topper is available in a mix and match which means that you can change out the bride to one who doesn’t look to exasperated if you want, you can also choose caucasian or non-caucasian for the bride and groom.

Rugby Wedding Cake Topper

I must admit that as I’m married to a Rugby player this wedding cake topper has to be my favorite – I just wish I’d known that sporting wedding cake toppers existed when I was married as my hubby would’ve been blown away if I’d popped this topper on our cake.

Skiing Wedding Cake Topper

 I hope you’ve found a wedding cake topper for your favorite sport, I will add more as I come across them so if I don’t have one yet, I may soon.

I also think checking ebay is a great idea as is etsy, I’ve found some really unique sports inspired toppers on both sites.