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Winter Wedding Fashion Accessories

Bridal Accessories to Keep You Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Full Length Hooded Bridal Cloak with Faux Angora TrimCheck Price

Whether the bride needs to stay warm during her wedding or she wants to insure that her bridesmaids are feeling cosy there’s some really stylish ways of incorporating some fun winter fashion accessories into the wedding fashion stakes.

Cute snow boots will keep your feet warm during all of the wedding photos whereas a warm cloak adds a real Ice Queen look to your dress and a faux fur stole can add glamor.

Let’s have a look at some of the cool winter fashion accessories you can add into your winter wedding.


Faux Fur Helps Keep Brides Warm!

Faux Fur Wedding Fashion Accessories

winter wedding pictureAs you can see in the image opposite faux fur is a great way to keep a bride warm while she’s having her wedding photos taken when there’s snow outside!

I love the use of faux fur and there are lots of ways of incorporating it into your bridal fashion for both the Bride and her Bridesmaids.

Depending on your fashion style you can go with a bolero jacket (as pictured), a faux fur wrap or even a faux fur lined cloak.

You can even add faux fur with the use of hand muffs as well which are a lot of fun and make me think of Snow Queens or Tzarinas from a bygone era.

Winter Wedding by The Ridge Resorts


Faux Fur Wraps & Stoles

Gorgeous Looking Winter Wedding Fashion Accessories

These Faux Fur wraps wouldn’t look out of place in a vintage Hollywood themed wedding, they just ooze glamour. These bridal wraps don’t come with the brooch you see featured on the first two, but I do think using a brooch is a great idea.

Depending on your style of wedding you can really change the look with what type of brooch you use on the wrap. A classic snowflake design could tie in nicely with a winter wedding theme or you could incorporate a fun design that has meaning to you as a couple like a pin based on your pet animal for example. If you’re a traditionalist you could even use this as an opportunity to wear something borrowed, I know when I was married I was given my husband’s late grandmother’s brooch to wear which would’ve looking stunning on one of these wraps.

If you’re after more of a vintage 1920s wedding theme then a pleated faux fur wrap might be more in keeping.

Again this wrap does not include the brooch that is pictured with it, but I do think a brooch adds a nice touch, especially if you are going for a twenties themed wedding.

This particular wrap is available in not just the white that’s pictured but also ivory, brown and black and it is imitating mink because a mink stole was a must have fashion accessory for any lady of stature in the 1920s!

Now a diamond look brooch does look very nice with this wrap, but during the 20s there was a lot of other jewelry designs coming through, so if you’re after something a little more fun then you can still capture a very authentic twenties look with art deco designs, fun and vintage bird designs etc like some of the options below –

Art Deco Vintage CZ Wedding Brooch PinART DECO Bridal Hair clip – Rhinestone VintageArt Deco Round Blue Austrian Crystal BroochDesigner, Vintage Brooch Tie Clip JewelrySilver-Tone Peacock bird Austrian Crystal BroochSilver-Tone Flying Phoenix Brooch in Austrian Crystal

Longer, luxurious faux fur wraps are the epitome of glamour to me, I imagine ladies in evening dresses attending the opera when I see these types of wraps – don’t you?

This evening stole does have the look of luxurious angora and certainly makes me want to snuggle up in it (I do feel the cold!). If you don’t want a white wrap then you can also get this in ivory, black or grey.

I actually think that grey can be a nice color for bridesmaids dresses especially for a winter wedding and if you have gone for this wedding color palette then I would get white wraps for them and a grey one for yourself – the grey angora look wrap looks even more seductive (in my opinion) than the white one anyway.

Of course getting married in winter gives you the ultimate excuse to wear a cloak whether it’s a medieval style of cloak or a Snow Queen style of fur trimmed white cloak like I’ve featured below –

Faux Fur Trimmed Wedding Cloaks

Regal Looking Winter Wonderland Wedding Style Accessories

I think these fur trimmed cloaks are absolutely gorgeous, don’t you? It’s just a case of deciding which length and in a lot of cases that will depend on your style of wedding dress. I do love the full length cloak myself, but as I’m on the shorter side myself I would probably go for the medium length over a beautiful A-Line or Mermaid style of wedding dress.

Faux Fur Hand Muffs

Start a Wedding Trend with Hand Muffs!

I haven’t had a hand muff since I was a child and seeing how many are available on the market now I have to wonder why more brides don’t wear them when they’re having a winter wedding – they’re gorgeous and practical!!

Faux Fur Hand Muffs in IvorySuevas Mink Faux Fur Hand Muff WhiteSuevas Husky Faux Fur Hand Muff


More Wedding Cloaks

The first winter wedding I remember going to was when my youngest uncle got married and I have to say I fell in love with his brides choice of wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. They were a medieval design and had hoods, just like these cloaks here.

She wore white and her bridesmaids wore a deep burgandy color, now this was a long, long time ago, but I think the color combination would still work well today for a winter wedding as it’s a very warming color scheme.

I like the idea of a wedding cloak for a winter wedding not just because they look great, but you can also wear your dress in the church (or wherever you have your ceremony) and put on your cloak when you leave for your wedding photos and back at the reception giving two different looks for people to capture of you on the day.

Renaissance Lined Velvet Cloak Ivory or Off WhiteDeluxe Velvet and Purple Satin Long Cape (Standard)Ivory Wool Short Cloak for Spring Weddings

Wedding Wraps

As you can see from these wedding wraps there are a lot of different styles of wrap to wear with your wedding dress or to use for your bridesmaid dresses. You have a vintage inspired wrap that is featured first and this would look fabulous with a twenties inspired wedding and then you have a metallic weaved wrap as the last one listed – metallics can be gorgeous at winter weddings. In the middle you have the contemporay pashmina style of wrap so there really is a wrap for every wedding!

Bolero Jackets for Winter Weddings

Wearing a Bolero is a good fashion statement for winter weddings whether it’s a white chiffon bolero or a black faux fur bolero. This first one is made of white chiffon and has full length bell sleeves which I think are gorgeous.

This style is also available in black and where there is a braided trim you can also get this design without the braids.

This style is also available in both satin and lace which both create very different looks so the style of your dress would really dictate which of these jackets would be the right one for you.

I’ve selected a number of other bolero jackets and shrugs for you to look at below so that you can find the perfect one for your wedding nuptials.


Women’s Ivory Plush Faux Fur Bridal BoleroWomen’s White Sleeve Length Lace Bridal JacketIvory Plush Faux Fur Wedding ShrugWhite Long Sleeve Lace Bolero JacketWomens Beaded Short Sleeve ShrugFaux Fur Wedding Shawl with long sleeve


Winter Wedding Boots – Keeping Your Toes Warm During Winter!

winter bride and bridesmaidIf you’re getting married in the snow then forget some of the gorgeous looking bridal shoes that are available you’ll want some warm boots and if your winter is more like ‘a good chance of rain’ then rain boots might be a fun choice for your footwear!

Winter Wedding Photo – Untitled by laura dye

As you can see opposite the bride and bridesmaid may be numb on their arms and shoulders from the icy winter weather, but with they’re putting their best feet forward with the help of some Ugg Boots! I have also seen wedding parties with fun looking rain boots on as well, the wedding photos look pretty cool with frog designs or bright colored rain boots being shown off under formal wedding gowns!

I think a great idea for a winter wedding is to have some gorgeous bridal shoes to wear inside and also have some boots to change into when you’re venturing outside. Have a look at the selection I’ve found for you below – we have fur lined boots, rain boots, leather boots and more, hopefully there’s one that will suit your personality as well as keeping your feet dry and warm on your special day.

Women’s Stone Grey Polish Wedge Knee High BootsWomens Black Faux Suede Fashion Ankle BootsWomen’s Faux Fur Wedge Boots in Chocolate BrownWomen’s Knee High Lace-Up Combat Boot – TaupeWomen’s Winter Boots in Boulder/Varsity GreyWomen’s Bordeaux Boot in Black

Let’s not forget to buy the dress to wear these accessories with! Check out winter wedding dresses.