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Creating a Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

A Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding Awaits

winter brideWhen it comes to winter weddings one of the most popular themes is Winter Wonderland. Exactly what is a Winter Wonderland Wedding though? In essence it’s a celebration of all of the things we find magical about winter.

IMG_9666-3 by sarah elvin photography, on Flickr

When you think of winter landscapes you tend to think of snow and ice and the amazing beauty that can be created with them. Trying to capture nature’s beauty is what has led to the Winter Wonderland Wedding theme.

Think of silver, white and icy blue, imagine lots of crystal as well and you’re on the right track for a magical winter wedding……

Winter Wonderland Wedding Palette

Wedding Colors for Your Magical Winter Wedding

White & Silver are the cornerstone colors for a Winter Wonderland theme as they represent the snow and ice.

You can just use these two colors by themselves if you want to, but it can leave the overall feel a bit, well cold for want of a better word!

Pale ice blue is often added as a third color because it adds a little more depth to the wedding palette. It also makes you think of the clear skies that really enhance the look of snow when you look at winter landscapes.

Darker blue can also be used with white and silver while still keeping a Winter Wonderland feel to the occasion. It’s a much more dramatic wedding palette which is great if you want a really striking winter wedding.

A unique twist to the Winter Wonderland theme is by adding very pale or dusky pink to your basic white and silver colors. Pink helps to bring a little warmth into the theme in a very subtle manner.

Another color which can work well with white and ilver for the Winter Wonderland theme is green. Pale green works beautifully to add some freshness to the whole color scheme, whereas a darker green evokes the thought of the holidays and Christmas trees.

Crystal Elements Are Important

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorating

The use of crystals in your wedding decor is one of the important keys to creating the perfect winter wonderland. Crystal reflects light like ice of if it’s used effectively it can really help set the perfect winter scene.

When it comes to lights I think fairy lights are awesome to use, but there are also lots of other ways to incorporate lighting. Crystal chandeliers, tea lights, candles, paper lanterns…….there are so many cool ideas to turn your reception area into a magical kingdom

Winter Wonderland Wedding Planning

Let’s Plan Your Special Day

Now as you can see there are obviously a lot of things to decide on before your special day arrives so let’s start planning. There are lots of ways for you to keep track of your wedding plans, but I still think that getting a wedding binder is a good start.

I’ve found some beautiful Winter Wonderland Wedding binders for sale here for you.

Snowflakes white silver blue Winter Wedding Binder Snowflake green white winter wedding binder Silver, White Stars & Snowflakes Wedding Vinyl Binders

Now another idea is to use a box file or a concertina style of file. It is nice to have a pretty bine (like above) though as you can keep it afterwards as a momento.

Free Printable Wedding Checklists

Have a look at some of these free checklists and either make up your own or print these off and pop into your binder and you%u2019ll be ready to start planning your day.


Writing A Guest List

Don’t Forget to Check it Twice!

You’ll need to have an idea on numbers very early on. I don’t mean actual numbers, but you need to have an idea on whether you’ll be having about 10 guests, 50 guests, 200 guests or over 1,000 guests as this determines venues and wedding decorations just for starters.

The preliminary guest list will contain all of the guests that ‘have’ to be there (immediate family etc) and people that you’d like to be there and people that your partner would like to be there along with any people that your parents and future in-laws would like. Once all possible names are there the culling of names can begin if need be.

Do be sure that you, your partner and all four parents check the guest list before you start sending out invitations though. I know of a few feuds that have been caused because of mistakes that have come about when people have been overlooked when writing out guest lists.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Stationery

Save The Date Cards | Wedding Invites | Thank You Cards & More

It used to be that you sent out wedding invitations and then after the occasion thank you notes, these days it seems to start with Save the Date cards! Decide on what wedding stationery you want to use and work it into your budget.
An affordable way of getting good quality wedding stationery is by using what’s known as a POD company. POD simply means print on demand and there are a number of great online companies that will print your wedding stationary to order and my favourite one is called Zazzle.

Because Zazzle is an online company it means they can keep costs down which is great for your budget. There are designers from around the world who submit their designs to Zazzle so you can find some really unique designs for your wedding. The quality of their products is so good that the company offer a 100% customer satisfaction – what could be better?

The great thing is that you can get all of your wedding stationery to match at a very competitive price and you can even getting matching postage stamps – how cool is that?

Here’s a few designs that I like for a Winter Wonderland Wedding –

Winter Wonderland Wedding Announcements Winter Wonderland Wedding Custom Invitation Wedding Invitations winter snowflakes Imprint

Winter Wedding Invitation Snowy Winter Save the Date ice blue Personalized Invites Frosted Tree with Moon Wedding Invitations

Winter Wedding Fashions

Dressing For a Winter Wonderland

There are some beautiful long sleeved winter wedding dresses, but you can still go for a strapless or short sleeved number if you like and just add a shawl or a luxurious faux fur wrap or cape. Another alternative is a gorgeous cloak to wear over your dress like a Snow Queen.

Winter Wedding Dresses

Check out all of the winter fashion accessories available for your wedding here –

Winter Wedding Fashion Accessories
Whether the bride needs to stay warm during her wedding or she wants to insure that her bridesmaids are feeling cosy there’s some really stylish ways of inco..

Lighted Trees Add Ambience

Decorating For Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

At my cousin’s wedding last year she had her reception at a hall that had two trees outside and she wove fairy lights around them for people to walk past – the effect during the evening was beautiful.

With a Winter Wonderland Wedding theme I thought how nice it might be to add some trees to the reception decor and so I found a selection of lighted trees that would be perfect –

40 Solar Snowflake Tree40″ Solar Snowflake TreeCHECK PRICE

Philips 7 Feet Lighted Blossom Tree7 Feet Lighted Blossom TreeCHECK PRICE

48-Inch high LED Indoor/ outdoor Lighted Tree48-In LED Lighted TreeCHECK PRICE


Winter Wonderland Wedding Accessories

Gorgeous Winter Wedding Sets for Your Special Day

Winter Wonderland Wedding Collection - Out Of Stock Until 5/15/2011
Winter Wonderland Wedding Collection

Winter Finery Wedding Collection

Winter Wonderland Reception Decorating

Creating Your Magical Kingdom of Romance

Snow and Ice can be so romantic, albeit cold, so you want to capture that with your décor, but one of the best things (and most romantic) about winter is an open fire. There%u2019s nothing better than snuggling up next to the person you love when there%u2019s a beautiful snowscape out the window and a cosy fire right in front of you. Now it%u2019s not always possible to have your reception where there is an actual big fireplace, but you can create the feeling of warmth with the use of candle light.

winter wonderland wedding lighting ideas

Winter Wonderland Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas – Supplier List

Frosted Snowflake Tea Light Holders
7.5″ LED Lighted Frosted White Shimmering Candle Christmas Table Top Glitterdome
Pack of 2 LED Lighted Snowflakes Rotating Shimmer Candle Table Top Decorations
Paper Luminary Bags
Battery Operated Voltive Candles

Winter Wonderland Wedding Reception Decorations

Snowflakes & Christmas Ornaments Make Great Decorations

winter wonderland reception

These images were all taken at one Winter Wonderland Wedding and are displayed thanks to Flickr –

Table at Wedding Reception taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Close up of Favor Box taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Close up of Vases on Table taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Unity Candles & Wedding Guestbook taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr

As you can see from these images taken from a real life wedding as opposed to a photo shoot snowflakes are used a lot in Winter Wonderland wedding decorations, from the place mats to the favor boxes and even the candles.

I love how they’ve incorporated Christmas tree baubles in their wedding decorations as well and I’ve often advocated placing baubles in your wedding colors in vases as centerpieces – this bride has taken the use even further however. Adding water to some of the vases and floating candles on top of them really adds to the sense of wonder for me and would’ve been very atmospheric as the evening wore on.

I have also never seen a wedding cake where Christmas baubles were used as cake toppers and I think it was very well done.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Food Centerpieces & Signature Cocktails

Food & Drink for Your Winter Wedding

Martini PrintCheck Price

When it comes to a great food statement (besides your wedding cake of course), I think a chocolate fountain is always gorgeous, but to keep in line with your wedding colors why not use white chocolate instead – it looks good and tastes great too!

Signature cocktails are all the rage at weddings so why not make your own Winter Wonderland inspired one? When I was thinking of this wedding theme I had an idea for a wedding cocktail that I thought I would share with you.

I basically was thinking of how you could get an ice blue colored cocktail that would taste really yummy and (mainly because of the color) would be very memorable. I decided that the best thing would be to take a white chocolate martini recipe and tweak it a little bit.

Start off with 1 part vodka, 1 part white crème de cacao & 1 part cream (or half and half if you find this too rich).

You’ll have to experiment with the next part, but simply add some Blue Curacao to the drink, try a tsp first and increase until you get the color you’re after. Blue Curacao has an orange flavour so will taste delicious with the chocolate and will look stunning.

If you’re going for the unique twist of adding a pale pink to your color palette then you could use Chambord in the same way (this has a raspberry flavour so will taste delicious). Experiment in the lead up to the wedding and then just hand the recipe to your bartender – perfect!


Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors

winter wonderland favors

Wedding Favor Suppliers List
Snowflake Bookmark
Mini Holiday Brownie Pop
Snowflake Rice Krispy Treats
Snowflake Coasters
Mini Wedding Snowglobe
Personalized Chocolate Lollipops