Beach Themed Wedding Postage Stamps

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Custom Wedding Postal Stamps for a Beach Themed Wedding

Are you planning a beach themed wedding? Then you need to think about your custom wedding postage stamps and I have a great collection available for you right here! Forget about using every day postage stamps this is your special day so it’s time to get yourself some customized postal stamps to celebrate.

I love the fact that you can buy postage stamps that are custom made for any occasion and a wedding has to be one of the best occasions to buy these stamps for. I’ve selected a gorgeous range of wedding postal stamps and have even included matching wedding stationery that is affordable and can be purchased online at a time that’s convenient for you.

Make yourself comfortable and let your fingers stroll through these beach themed postage stamps until you find the one you absolutely must have….

Beach Themed Wedding Postage Stamps

Perfect for Beach Themed Save the Date Cards, Wedding Invitations and Thank You Notes

Here’s a selection of what I think are the best beach themed postage stamps that you can get for your wedding needs. These stamps are available through a company called Zazzle who offer not just a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with all of their products, but also a range of stationery products that you can match with these gorgeous custom stamps.

If you like any of these 6 gorgeous custom postage stamps then you can look further down the page to see what other products such as Save The Date cards, Wedding Invitations and more look like with the design. If it’s still something you’d like you can click on them and order them, along with other matching products.

A Beach Wedding Postage StampA Beach Wedding Postage Stamp

Sepia Sand Dollar, Love StampSepia Sand Dollar, Love Stamp

Monogram Hearts on the Beach Postage StampMonogram Hearts on the Beach Postage Stamp

White Orchid , Aqua Beach PostageWhite Orchid , Aqua Beach Postage

Shell Treasures Wedding Postage StampShell Treasures Wedding Postage Stamp

Wind Swept Postage StampWind Swept Postage Stamp

Matching Beach Themed Wedding Stationery

These gorgeous beach themed wedding postage stamps are all part of wedding sets found online so if you’ve found a wedding postal stamp that you really like you can get the beach themed wedding set to match.

When it comes to picking your wedding stationery it can be a little daunting to choose a design you like online and order it without seeing what the quality is like. I can assure you it’s great, you can see the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on the site, but sometimes that’s not enough. Luckily Zazzle have come up with an answer in the shape of the The Wedding Sample Kit.

The wedding sample kit is made up of a variety of paper and print samples available through the site – the designs used are generic, but they give you a great idea as to the quality of print etc. At a mere $9.95 (price current at time of writing) it’s an affordable way to get peace of mind and comparing the prices online with our local wedding invitation printer you’ll easily save that money back later on!

Teal Colored Beach Wedding Save the Date Card | Wedding Sticker | Beach Reception Invitations

Match Your Custon Wedding Postage with All Your Wedding Stationery

If you love the first teal colored postage stamp that I featured above then you might like to look at some of the matching wedding stationery that’s available as well. As with the stamps all of these products are also covered by Zazzle’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which means that you really should consider using them for your wedding requirements.

As well as being a beautiful, fresh and simple design the color is not only perfect for a beach theme but is also very hot in wedding circles right now.

Save the Date PostcardSave the Date Postcard

A Beach Wedding InvitationA Beach Wedding Invitation

Wedding Reception PostcardWedding Reception Postcard

Sand Dollar Wedding Stationery

Custom Beach Wedding Stationery

The Sand Dollar design is simply gorgeous and absolutely perfect for a casual and natural beach themed wedding. Here are just a few items to match the postage stamp featured at the top of the page.

The sepia tones of the design is also good if you can’t decide between a beach theme or a vintage theme – you could try to incorporate both, after all it is your day!

Save the Date Sepia Sand Dollar Post CardSave the Date Sepia Sand Dollar Post Card

Sand Dollar Table Number CardsSand Dollar Table Number Cards

Sepia Seashell Save the Date MagnetSepia Seashell Save the Date Magnet

Monogrammed Hearts on the Beach Wedding Stationery

Match Your Wedding Postage Stamps with Your Stationery

This design, although on a beach theme, is a very ornate looking design with gorgeous colors and I can see it being used for a very opulent wedding. The rich colors and the almost filigree looking design on the ‘sand’ part of the image makes me think of champagne fountains in a beautiful building overlooking a gorgeous beach.

Of course the use of love hearts in the design and monogrammed ones at that just make the whole thing extremely romantic as well! I hope you enjoy the other wedding goodies I’ve selected for you here that compliment the custom postage stamp so well –

Monogram Hearts on the Beach Wedding InvitationMonogram Hearts on the Beach Wedding Invitation

Monogram Hearts on the Beach Wedding EnvelopeMonogram Hearts on the Beach Wedding Envelope

Monogram Hearts on the Beach Wedding RSVP CardMonogram Hearts on the Beach Wedding RSVP Card

White Orchid Beach Wedding Stationery

Tropical Beach Themed Wedding Stationery

White orchids seem to lend a gorgeous tropical theme to any beach wedding as you can see with the wedding postal stamp featured above and the matching wedding stationery here. I especially like the design on the wedding binder – gorgeous!

Aqua/White Orchid Beach Wedding InvitationAqua/White Orchid Beach Wedding Invitation

Aqua Beach Orchid BinderAqua Beach Orchid Binder

Save the Date MagnetSave the Date Magnet

Seashell Beach Themed Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery to Match the Custom Seashell Postage Stamps

The use of seashells in the decor is an absolutely classic way of carrying through a beach theme and yet this design is still fresh which is why it remains a very popular wedding postage and stationery design for people after a beach inspired wedding.

Seashell Treasures Reply Enclosure CardSeashell Treasures Reply Enclosure Card

Sea Shells Photo Save the Date PostcardSea Shells Photo Save the Date Postcard

Seashell Treasures Table Number CardSeashell Treasures Table Number Card

Wind Swept Beach Wedding Stationery

Match Your Wind Swept Wedding Postal Stamp!

I love the wind swept look of a beach although I’ll admit it’s not a theme I usually think of for a wedding! If you love this look and want to incorporate it into your wedding accessories then (as before) I’ve found a few other products with the image for you –

Wind Swept Wedding InvitationWind Swept Wedding Invitation

Wind Swept Cork Coaster FavorsWind Swept Cork Coaster Favors

Wind Swept Thank You Notes CardWind Swept Thank You Notes Card

Beach Inspiration Board

Inspiration for Your Special Day

Beach Wedding Inspiration Board
Image Credits

Shells And Corals On Beach by Petr Kratochvil | Beach Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers | Outside Tabletop Torch | Paper Parasols | Coral Place Card Holders | Silk Fans

More Beach Themed Wedding Stamps

If you didn’t like my original selection of beach themed wedding postage stamps then maybe you’d prefer these ones instead! From starfish to seahorses and even a vintage style ‘loved up’ couple there’s plenty of different designs to choose from.

Kiss the Bride PostageKiss the Bride Postage

Sea Stars Postage StampSea Stars Postage Stamp

Beach Wedding Postage StampBeach Wedding Postage Stamp

Vintage Sea Horse Postage StampVintage Sea Horse Postage Stamp

Beach Dreams Postage StampBeach Dreams Postage Stamp

Beach Wedding Postal StampBeach Wedding Postal Stamp

More on Purchasing Custom Wedding Stamps

Postage Stamps Available Through Zazzle

As I’ve already said all of these custom postage stamps are available through Zazzle and they come in sheets of 20. Depending on how many of these stamps you require you can get the price discounted – simply click on the postage stamp you like and then when you’re on the order page you’ll see a drop down menu for however many sheets you want – this will show you the prices depending on the quantity brought.

What about denominations? Depending on how far away you need to send your wedding invitations you may need a variety of different stamp denominations. Zazzle offer 13 different denominations from 33c (the amount required to send a postcard) up to $5.60 (not really sure I’ve ever needed that denomination!!).

I must admit I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re able to buy custom postage stamps for a variety of different occasions – I grew up in the UK and it’s certainly not available there. I think your wedding is the ideal opportunity to get your very own postage stamps printed, after all they do it for royal weddings so why not yours?

For more cool custom postage stamps I do know of a very cool site – Custom Postage Stamps.