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An Aqua Wedding

Thinking of Throwing a Gorgeous Aqua Wedding?

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If you’re thinking of having an aqua wedding then you’re in great company as they are proving very popular over the last few years.

There are so many different color combinations that you can have with an aqua wedding that it’s hard to know where to start. Put your feet up, make yourself a drink and let’s look at how we can incorporate the color aqua into a wedding of your dreams.

Aqua and white, aqua and black, aqua and chocolate, aqua and red, aqua and pink, aqua and orange – the combinations just keep flowing. If you love the color aqua then let’s have a look at ideas for creating the perfect aqua wedding.


Beach and Tropical Aqua Wedding Ideas

Gorgeous Summer Wedding Ideas

One of the themes which suits the color aqua is a beach wedding, another is a tropical wedding or Hawaiian wedding so let’s have a look at other colors/themes that you can pull in with your aqua. I love looking at inspiration boards, but sometimes they can be a little overwhelming when you see things like dresses, cakes, decorations, flowers and wedding favors so start by looking at a few invitations and see the styles you like and the color combos that seem good to you.

You don’t have to choose any just yet this is about narrowing down what you want before you start to do the ‘official planning’ whether that’s with family or a wedding planner.

Here are some beach/tropical inspired aqua invitations to enjoy –

Blue and Brown Save the Date photo cards invitationBeach Destination Wedding 5x7, Sand Hearts invitationStarfish Wedding Invite invitation

Beach Destination Wedding Invitation, Aqua Surf invitationCoral Hibiscus and Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationBlack Damask on Aqua Wedding Save the Date invitation

Seaside in Sand and Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationMoonlight Palms Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationTropical Beach Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation invitation

As you can see from these invitations, whether you want a beach/tropical wedding or not it does show off how different colors look with aqua and we can use these in other themes too.

If you’ve seen an invite you like then simply note the style and the colors in it and we can use these things for when we start planning properly or at the very least to start an inspiration board.

An Aqua and Red Themed Wedding

Now when I first heard of an aqua and red color theme I was a little taken aback, but they can work extremely well and are a really cool wedding combination theme.

Look at these invitations to see how you think the colors go –

Ruby Red & Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationAqua and Red Floral Wedding Invitation invitationred aqua floral wedding invitation invitation

Red Poppy aqua Wedding Invitation invitationRed and Aqua Damask Wedding Invitation invitationAqua and White Damask with Red Faux Ribbon invitation

As you can see there are a number of different ways of mixing aqua and red as well, I particularly like the charcoal with aqua and red. Charcoal always adds a touch of sophistication while aqua can add a playful quality to your wedding theme.

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Aqua and Browns – Some Great Wedding Color Themes

Chocolate, Mocha, Coffee, Beige – All Shades Love Aqua!

Aqua and chocolate is a very popular wedding color choice and I must admit I love it, but there are lots of different shades of brown which really compliment aqua. As with the other aqua theme ideas I’ve compiled a number of aqua and brown wedding invitations to give you an idea of which shades look good together and the different styles that can be achieved.

Brown Damask on Deep Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationModern Wedding Invitation :: Aqua Flowers invitationBrown Tree Aqua Blue Font Wedding Invitation invitation

Aqua Blue Chocolate Brown Damask Party invitationAqua & Chocolate Wedding Invitation invitationmocha and teal aqua RSVP standard 3.5 x 5 invitation

An Aqua Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacock weddings are very popular right now which is hardly surprising as the colors are fantastic. I’ve seen a number of people combine aqua with the peacock theme and it can work really well – here’s some invitations so that you can see the color combinations in action together.

3 Peacock Feathers Art Deco Wedidng Invite invitationPeacock Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationAncient Peacock Bridal Shower Invite - Aqua Blue invitation

Peacock Feathers Wedding Invitation invitationModern Taupe Aqua Peacock Wedding Invitation invitationPeacock Feathers Wedding Invitation invitation

An Aqua and Black Wedding Color Theme

A Sophisticated & Fresh Wedding Theme

Combining aqua and black together can be in a word – stunning. The same can happen when you combine the colors for your wedding as you’ll see in this selection of aqua and black wedding invitations I’ve selected for you.

Some of these selections also have white on them and the three colors go well together. Aqua and black also work well with a few other colors which I’ll look at further down the page.

Aqua Wedding Invitations with a Monogram Initial invitationdamask aqua wedding monogram invitation invitationaqua black and white rsvp cards invitation

Aqua Blue and Black Monogram Damask Invitation invitationaqua damask wedding Invitation cards invitationAqua Wedding Invitations with a Monogram Initial invitation

chic bride, aqua wedding invitation invitationaqua rose wedding rsvp cards invitation


Aqua, Black & More Color Themes for Your Wedding

As I’ve said above aqua and black work well together as well as working well with white, but there are other wedding combinations involving aqua and black that are also great.

The colors that go well with these two include lemon, pink and with a combination of lime green and beige. Lime green, aqua and black also works as a three color combination as you can see from these wedding invitations below –

Aqua Blue Lemon Yellow Calla Lily Flower- invitationFuchsia Flower Pink & Aqua Wedding Invitations invitationivory and aqua floral rsvp invitation

More Aqua and Black Wedding Invitations

If you want more aqua and black wedding invites then be sure to check this page out –

Aqua & Black Wedding Invitations

Aqua and White or Aqua and Silver Wedding Theme

Aqua and white give a lovely crisp effect to a wedding theme which is elegant in it’s simplicity, it’s also a very summery color scheme so is great for summer weddings. Aqua and silver is another great combination that is extremely stylish. I have found a few wedding invitations to give you an idea on just using a two color aqua and white/silver combination (we already know that the two can be added very nicely to with black, browns, reds and more).

Traditional Aqua Wedding Invitations Monogram invitationAqua Reverse Swirl Wedding Invitations invitationAqua and Silver Sweet 16 RSVP Card invitation

Aqua and Silver Wedding Invitations
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Aqua and Blues for Your Aqua Wedding

As aqua is on the blue color spectrum it’s easy to add other blues to it for a number of effects. You could add aqua with a dark blue for a contrast or similar shades such as teal or turquoise or even a darker and lighter shade of aqua for more of a monochromic effect, see what I mean with these blue wedding invitations –

Teal and Aqua Floral Monogrammed Invitation invitationAqua and Royal Blue Roses Wedding Invitation invitationElectric Aqua Paisley Wedding Invitation invitation

Twilight Aqua Reception Invitation invitationCustomizable Aqua Blue Wedding Invitation invitationDamask Aqua Wedding invitation

Aqua and Tangerine Wedding Theme

A very hot aqua wedding color theme is aqua and tangerine which gave me pause when I first heard of it, but after looking at how well the colors went together on a few invitations my mind has been working overboard on ways in which to pull together a simply magical aqua and tangerine wedding.

Vintage Aqua and Tangerine Wedding Invitation invitationTangerine and Aqua Floral Wedding Invitation invitation Teal & Tangerine Floral Stripe Monogram Invitation invitation

Do you see what I mean? The colors really do go well together don’t they?

Aqua and Yellow Wedding Theme

Now be aware that yellow really doesn’t suit everyone so if you’re using a lot of it in your wedding make sure that it suits the members of your wedding party, otherwise just use it in little touches like flowers and in the table settings.

Roses on aqua lemon lime wedding invitations invitationYellow Gerbera Daisy Polka Dot Wedding Invitation invitationTeal and Yellow Indian Lotus Floral invitation

Aqua and Grey Wedding Theme

Grey is another color that goes well with aqua from the palest grey (almost silver) to charcoal grey. See how well aqua and grey work on these aqua wedding invitations –

Aqua gray wedding floral damask invitationAqua Blue Grey Damask Wedding Invitation invitationfatfatin Floral Paisley Aqua Wedding Invitation invitation

Island Floral (aqua) Elegant Wedding Invitation invitationAqua Blue Grey Bevel Damask Wedding Invitation invitationLove Birds Wedding Invitation (aqua) invitation

More Ideas for an Aqua Wedding

Aqua really does go very well with a number of different colors from peaches to greens to pinks and eggplant and more. Here’s a selection of different aqua wedding invitations to give you an idea on more aqua color combinations for your perfect aqua wedding.

Ravishing Roses Elegant Wedding Response Card invitationAqua Blue Flowers and Bees Wedding Invitation invitationaqua gold rsvp cards invitation

Coral Gerbera Turquoise Ribbon Wedding Invitation invitationaqua yellow leaves ,wedding RSVP invitationAqua Vintage Floral Swirl Wedding Invitation invitation
Deep Grape & Aqua Flower Wedding Invitation invitationMagnolias n Bird of Paradise - Save the Date invitationElectric Green & Aqua Paisley Wedding Invitation invitation

Inspirational Boards

Planning an Aqua Wedding

Now that you’ve seen different ideas of color combinations for an aqua wedding and you’ve decided that it’s what you want you can start your inspiration boards. There’s a lot of different ways of doing this, but basically you want to start looking for all the things you think you’ll need for your wedding, print off pictures from the internet, cut out pictures from magazines and compile everything into a wedding binder, onto a big canvas or into a scrapbook – whichever way suits you best.

Now you’re ready to call a wedding planner or arrange to meet with your mother, mother-in-law to be, maid of honor etc to plan your wedding. Now I’ve decided to pull together a few inspiration boards to give you an idea so keep scrolling down. Remember this is supposed to be the fun bit before the ‘planning proper’ begins in earnest!

An Aqua Peacock Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua peacock wedding inspiration board

This is a great selection of ideas for a peacock and aqua wedding and here’s the suppliers for you –

Peacock bouquet | aqua rose petals | the peacock plume wedding collection | aqua sash | heart shaped sparklers | aqua Champagne glasses | peacock cuff links | aqua bottle stoppers | aqua and blue gown.

Personally I would be tempted to wear this gown as a wedding dress, but it would also be good for a bridesmaid dress if you really want to be married in the more traditional white, cream or ivory.

Aqua Beach Themed Wedding Inspiration Board

Aqua Beach Wedding Inspiration Board_edited-1

I love this inspiration board, it combines aqua with the beach and a little bit of tropics is incorporated with the gorgeous orchids, makes me want to get married all over again!!

Everything listed here can be sourced online with the following links –
Cocktail image credit
Starfish ring bearer pillow
Starfish bottle stoppers
“Just Married” Beach Wedding Figurine/ Cake Topper
Langley Orchid 16 ounce Gel Candle
Aqua Bridesmaid Dress
Package of 3- Petite White and Fuchsia Imitation Silk Orchid Bouquets, 18 Total Blooms (6 Blooms Per Bunch) for Weddings, Centerpieces and More
Beach chair place card holders
Flip flop bottle opener
Seashell tea light holder

Aqua, Lavender and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua lavender and green wedding inspiration board

I must admit I absolutely fell in love with the flowergirl dress which is gorgeous – don’t you think? All of the products can be brought online and I’ve compiled links for you to make things easier –

Lucky Bamboo Pots
Aqua Blue Recycled Glass Vases
Lavender Silk Roses Wedding Bouquet
Personalized mini cheesecakes
Lavender in Round Pot
Custom message cake topper
Aqua Mesh Ribbon
Cocktail infusions
Aqua Colored Dotted Flower Girl Dress

An Aqua and Black Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua and black wedding inspiration board

I love, love, love the idea of an aqua and black wedding as well………sometimes I think we should all have several ceremonies so that we can try different color combinations, but then the day probably wouldn’t feel so special then would it?

Here’s the supplier details if you’ve seen something you like –

Aqua Bridesmaid Dress
Black Calla Lily
Aqua and Black Wedding Invitation
Black Diamond Table Confetti
Aqua Champagne Glasses
Black Antique Acrylic Place Card Frame

An Aqua and Gold Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua gold wedding board

This aqua and gold wedding inspiration board shows what a great color combination these two colors make for a sophisticated wedding – this inspiration board was created by My Personal Artist.

All of the aqua wedding inspiration boards are my own creation unless stated otherwise so please do not reproduce them without written permission.