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Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

A Fun Wedding Invite That Hints At A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become very popular, but what if you know that there’s no way some of the special people in your life could make it to a special location? Well you can always make the destination come to you and the first hint of this you can give to your family and friends is with a boarding pass wedding invitation.

You can get wedding invitations that are designed to look like airplane tickets or ones that look like cruise tickets and either one could set the stage for a fantastic wedding day. Of course you could also use these if you are having an actual destination wedding and you can get ones specially designed for a number of romantic destinations.

All Aboard the Love Boat!

Cruise Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

If you have decided to use a cruise boarding pass style of invite for your wedding then you can go with a tropical wedding theme, a nautical wedding theme or a beach wedding theme. Whichever you decide on it’s bound to be a lovely day.

Of course, you could always be using these invitations because you’re getting married on a cruise ship – that would certainly be a story to tell!

ship boarding pass wedding tickets-invites & rsvp Boarding Pass Cruise Wedding Invitations old boarding pass cruise wedding invites with RSVP
Cruise Ship Starfish Boarding Pass Wedding Custom Announcements wedding boarding pass-vintage tickets with RSVP Personalized Invitations Cruise Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

The invitations on this page are all available in a range of sizes and different paper types to suit whatever style or budget you want.

Get Your Wedding Day off to a Flying Start!

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning on a plane version of a boarding pass invite then here are some simply gorgeous invitations for you to choose from –

sky boarding pass wedding ticket-invite with rsvp boarding pass tickets -vintage wedding invitations boarding pass beach waves wedding invites & RSVP

Now you could go with a Paris themed wedding, a New York themed wedding, Las Vegas themed wedding, Venice themed wedding, London themed wedding etc and any one of these themes would be fantastic, but my favourite idea is a global theme. I should mention that if you do want to pick a specific destination then you can personalize the wedding invitations to suit – there are already a great selection available for romantic destinations such as Paris, Hawaii and New York.

You can create tables for different cities around the world and vignettes (little displays) to celebrate places. Choose your favourite places in the world or places that you’ve both travelled to or even places that you plan to travel to once you’re married.

Of course if you’re going to have an actual destination wedding you won’t need little themed displays on the table, you’ll be right where you want to be instead!