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Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

A Fun Wedding Invite That Hints At A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become very popular, but what if you know that there’s no way some of the special people in your life could make it to a special location? Well you can always make the destination come to you and the first hint of this you can give to your family and friends is with a boarding pass wedding invitation.

You can get wedding invitations that are designed to look like airplane tickets or ones that look like cruise tickets and either one could set the stage for a fantastic wedding day. Of course you could also use these if you are having an actual destination wedding and you can get ones specially designed for a number of romantic destinations.

All Aboard the Love Boat!

Cruise Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

If you have decided to use a cruise boarding pass style of invite for your wedding then you can go with a tropical wedding theme, a nautical wedding theme or a beach wedding theme. Whichever you decide on it’s bound to be a lovely day.

Of course, you could always be using these invitations because you’re getting married on a cruise ship – that would certainly be a story to tell!

ship boarding pass wedding tickets-invites & rsvp Boarding Pass Cruise Wedding Invitations old boarding pass cruise wedding invites with RSVP
Cruise Ship Starfish Boarding Pass Wedding Custom Announcements wedding boarding pass-vintage tickets with RSVP Personalized Invitations Cruise Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

The invitations on this page are all available in a range of sizes and different paper types to suit whatever style or budget you want.

Get Your Wedding Day off to a Flying Start!

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning on a plane version of a boarding pass invite then here are some simply gorgeous invitations for you to choose from –

sky boarding pass wedding ticket-invite with rsvp boarding pass tickets -vintage wedding invitations boarding pass beach waves wedding invites & RSVP

Now you could go with a Paris themed wedding, a New York themed wedding, Las Vegas themed wedding, Venice themed wedding, London themed wedding etc and any one of these themes would be fantastic, but my favourite idea is a global theme. I should mention that if you do want to pick a specific destination then you can personalize the wedding invitations to suit – there are already a great selection available for romantic destinations such as Paris, Hawaii and New York.

You can create tables for different cities around the world and vignettes (little displays) to celebrate places. Choose your favourite places in the world or places that you’ve both travelled to or even places that you plan to travel to once you’re married.

Of course if you’re going to have an actual destination wedding you won’t need little themed displays on the table, you’ll be right where you want to be instead!

Blue and White Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning a classic blue and white wedding then you’ll need some gorgeous blue and white wedding invitations to send out first! There are lots of different shades of blue that compliment white really well from navy to the palest of pastel blues so choose your favorite shade and you have your wedding colors ready to go!

Let’s have a look at some of the gorgeous blue and white wedding invitations I’ve found for you –

Red and White Wedding Invitations

Looking for Gorgeous Red & White Wedding Invitations?

If the answer to that question is yes then you’re in the right place as I’ve compiled a gorgeous selection of red and white wedding invitations in a range of different styles for you to browse through.
Red White Snowflakes Wedding InviteCheck Price

These red and white wedding invitations are available online through a company called Zazzle. Zazzle products are made to a great quality, and printed on demand for you.

I find that when it comes to wedding stationery they are a really good company to deal with because not only are these products available as wedding invitations, many of the designs are also available in a range of wedding stationery from save the date cards to place cards. They are also sometimes available in matching postage stamps.

Red & White Floral Wedding Invitations

There are always a lot of floral designed wedding invitations available and that’s even so when it comes to a red and white themed wedding with gorgeous poppies, gerberas and other floral designs.

 Red Floral Square Monogrammed Wedding Invitation invitationWhite and Red Wild Flowers Wedding Invitation invitationRed Peony on White Linen Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Floral Accent Wedding Invitation invitationRed white wedding elegant floral invitationRed Gerbera Daisy Wedding Invitation invitation

Rusty Red and White Wildflowers Wedding Invitation invitationRed Poppy on White Wedding Invitation invitation

In Chinese culture Cherry Blossoms are seen to represent women and love which is probably why they’ve been so embraced in Western weddings in recent years. I also think there’s something unmistakably beautiful about them and I think they are perfect for spring weddings.

Red and White Cherry Blossoms invitationCherry Blossom Wedding Invitations invitation

 “O my Luve’s like a red, red rose”

Robert Burns

Red Rose Wedding Invitations

More Red & White Floral Wedding Invites

Red roses and romance go hand in hand which is why when I first think of a red and white wedding my mind goes straight to a red rose bouquet and a white wedding dress! There are some gorgeous red rose & white wedding invitations which you can use if you’ve decided on a red rose themed wedding.


Wedding Invitation invitationRed Rose wedding invitation invitationRed Rose Petals in Snow, Winter Wedding invitation

Red Roses Wedding Invitation invitationRomantic Roses Wedding Invitation invitationBeautiful Red Rose Bouquet Wedding Invitations invitation


Red & White Winter Wedding Invitations

A red and white wedding theme is very popular for winter weddings because the white represents snow and red is a traditionally festive holiday color. Here are some great wedding invitations if you’ve decided on a winter wedding –

Red and White Snowflakes Wedding Invitation invitationWinter Berries Invitation Sq. White invitationRed Candy Striped Candle Wedding Invitation invitation

Snowflake red white winter wedding invitation invitationSnowflake red winter wedding invitation invitationRed Winter Wedding Invitation invitation

Red is associated with good luck and fortune so having red as one of your wedding colors is said to bring luck and good fortune to the marriage.

Red & White Heart Inspired Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations Full of Love

Heart Love Red White Wedding Invitation invitationSparkle Heart with Red Satin Ribbon Invitation invitationRed and White Heart Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Hearts Wedding Invitation invitationClaret Red & White Minimalist Wedding Invitation invitationRed Bleeding Heart Wedding Invitation invitation

Red & White

When the colors red and white are combined they are said to symbolize unity, togetherness and long-lasting love.

What better colors for a wedding could there be?

More Red & White Wedding Invitaions

There are so many different styles of red and white wedding invitations from the floral and hearts above to vintage, lighthouses, cranes, butterflies and more. Let’s look at a range of different red and white wedding invitations for you to choose.

Red and White Willow Tree Wedding Invitation invitationOrnamental border red white wedding invitation invitationCustomizable Claret Red & White Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Damask Square Wedding Template invitationRed and White Butterfly Wedding Invitation invitationRed Starfish Square Wedding Invitation invitation

Red Floral Lace on White invitation1000 Red Paper Origami Cranes Wedding Invitations invitationLighthouse Wedding Invitation invitation

red wedding invitation invitationfatfatin Bamboo Leaves Red White Wedding Invite invitation Red and White Victorian Style Wedding Invitation

Elegant Wedding Party Invitation invitationwhite chandelier baroque on red raspberry invitationRed and White Chic Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Cake Wedding Invitation invitationDamask & Ribbon Wedding Invitation invitationRed Polka Dot Wedding Invitation invitation

Charcoal Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning a charcoal wedding then why not purchase your wedding invitations online? Buying your charcoal wedding invitations online saves you time and money while still being a quality product………at least that’s the case when you purchase any of the invitations on this webpage as the company who makes these invitations (Zazzle) offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Silver Divine Charcoal Gray Custom Wedding InvitationCheck Price

Charcoal weddings were one of the hottest colors in 2013 weddings and that trend seems to be continuing into 2014. When you see the range of colors that charcoal grey actually goes well with it’s no wonder that more and more brides are saying, “I want a charcoal wedding.”

Whether you want all charcoal for your invitations or some fun color combinations like charcoal and aqua or charcoal and orange or even if you want an elegant charcoal and silver or charcoal and cream combination you’re bound to find the perfect invitation on this page so what are you waiting for – let’s go shopping for charcoal wedding invitations!

 Gorgeous Charcoal Wedding Invitaions


Vintage Inspired Wedding Invite // Charcoal invitationCharcoal Damask Save the Date invitationCharcoal Wedding Invitation with Monogram Initial invitation

Elegant Modern Charcoal Wedding Invitation invitationDamask Wedding Invitations in Charcoal Lace invitationGC | Charcoal Gray Vintage Glam invitation

Calligraphy Chalkboard Wedding Invitation invitationCharcoal Wedding Invitations Traditional Frame invitationSimple wreath initial monogram charcoal wedding invitation

Charcoal’s a great foundation color for weddings creating a very chic and elegant look.

Charcoal and Black Wedding Invitations

An Elegant Combination

When you combine black with charcoal you get a very modern style of wedding, a New York themed wedding or even a vintage Hollywood style of wedding.

This combination always seems very elegant and almost timeless which is always great for wedding themes as the photos will (hopefully) be around for years and years to come.


charcoal damask wedding invitation invitationModern Wedding Invitations Black and Charcoal invitationGlittery Wedding Invitations in Charcoal and Black invitation

Charcoal and Cream Wedding Invitations

A Modern Classic Wedding Color Combination


Customizable Charcoal & Cream Monogram Invitation invitationCharcoal and Cream Damask Wedding Invitations invitation

Cream and Charcoal Formal Wedding Invitations invitationCream and Charcoal Monogram Wedding Invitations invitationCream and Charcoal Floral Wedding Invitations invitation


Charcoal and Yellow Wedding Invitations

Charcoal really compliments yellow as you can see here with these gorgeous wedding invitations (I particularly love the Mason Jar invite).

Charcoal Gray and Yellow Wedding Invitations invitationCharcoal Gray and Yellow Wedding Invitations invitation311 Dazzling Damask Yellow | Charcoal Gray Band invitation

Charcoal Gray and Yellow Wedding Invitations invitationCharcoal Gray and Yellow Wedding Invitations invitationMason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations invitation

Charcoal Damask Yellow Bow Wedding Invitation invitationCharcoal Gray and Yellow Damask Wedding Invitation invitationCharcoal Gray Swirls Bight Yellow Wedding RSVP invitation

Aqua and Charcoal

These two colors go together very well resulting in a cool, yet elegant wedding ambiance.

Love Birds Photo Wedding Invitation Charcoal Gray and Aqua Damask Wedding Invitation invitationScalloped Damask Wedding Invitation invitation


Pint and Charcoal Wedding Invitations

Charcoal looks great with the palest of pinks through to the brightest of pinks as you can see from this collection of pink and charcoal wedding invitations – aren’t they gorgeous?

Charcoal Fuchsia Monograms Wedding Invitations invitationPink and Grey Floral Damask Wedding Invitation invitationCharcoal Pink Monogram Wedding Invitation Front invitation

Gray and Pink Damask RSVP Card invitationBlush Scalloped Damask Wedding Invitation invitation311-Dashing Damask Pink Charcoal invitation

Charcoal Gray & Hot Pink Damask Wedding Invitation invitationMason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations invitationPink Floral Wedding Invitation invitation


Charcoal and Purple Wedding Invitations

From deep purple to pale lavender all hues of purple go really well with charcoal grey as you can see by these wedding invitations.

Purple and Charcoal Flower Wedding Invitation invitationModern Decorative Two Wedding Invitation invitationCharcoal Gray and Purple Damask Wedding Invitation invitation


Charcoal and Orange Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Crysanthemums Grunge invitationCheck Price

Orange is a very happy color and compliments charcoal grey really well by adding life to the color. This is an awesome, yet little used, wedding color combination that I think could be really memorable if you chose to go with these two colors.

Whether you try a paler orange or a deeper shade the combination is really good all year around, although it seems to be the most popular for a fall wedding.

Personally I wouldn’t limit yourself to only thinking of this combination for one season of the year.


Charcoal Gray and Orange Damask Wedding Invitation invitationOrange Rust and Charcoal Flower Wedding Invitation invitationMason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations invitation


Charcoal and Silver Wedding Invitations

311-Silver Divine Charcoal Gray invitationTwo Tone Silver and Gray Swans Wedding Invitation invitation311-Dashing Damask | Faux Silver Charcoal invitation


Charcoal and Green Wedding Invitations

Charcoal Gray and Green Damask Wedding Invitation invitationGreen and Charcoal Flower Wedding Invitation invitation

Chartreuse is a shade of green that is making an appearance more and more in weddings and I must say I love it with charcoal – don’t you? Sage is also one of the hot fashion color trends for weddings at the moment and I do think it looks divine with charcoal as well.

Vintage Rose Bridal Shower Invitation Chartreuse invitationModern Decorative Wedding Invitation invitation

I have also started to see some gorgeous charcoal and mint wedding invitations which I am falling in love with at the moment, you can check some of them out here – Charcoal and Mint Wedding Invitations.


Charcoal and Blue Wedding Invitations

Something charcoal, something blue….

Vintage Rose Bridal Shower Invitation Blue invitationBlue Scalloped Damask Wedding Invitation invitationMason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations invitation


Charcoal and Gold Wedding Invitations

Fall Wedding Invitation Leaves and Vines invitationAutumn Wheat Wedding Invitation invitation

Hemlock Green Wedding Invitations

Hemlock Green is another variation on a mint green that is absolutely gorgeous.   As a wedding color it’s great because it can stand on it’s own in style or blend beautifully with a range of other colors from purple to orange.

Check out the Hemlock Green Wedding Inspiration Board here –


Hemlock Green Wedding Inspiration


You can purchase the wedding invitations featured here through Zazzle and here are the links –

Hemlock Green Daisy Wedding Invitation

Hemlock Green & White Stripes Wedding Invitation

Hemlock Green Dove Wedding Invitation

Hemlock Green & Orange Chevron Wedding Invitation

You can find a whole range of these wedding invitations nicely compiled on a page aptly called Hemlock Green Wedding Invitations which I think you’ll enjoy.