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Red and White Wedding Invitations

Looking for Gorgeous Red & White Wedding Invitations?

If the answer to that question is yes then you’re in the right place as I’ve compiled a gorgeous selection of red and white wedding invitations in a range of different styles for you to browse through.
Red White Snowflakes Wedding InviteCheck Price

These red and white wedding invitations are available online through a company called Zazzle. Zazzle products are made to a great quality, and printed on demand for you.

I find that when it comes to wedding stationery they are a really good company to deal with because not only are these products available as wedding invitations, many of the designs are also available in a range of wedding stationery from save the date cards to place cards. They are also sometimes available in matching postage stamps.

Red & White Floral Wedding Invitations

There are always a lot of floral designed wedding invitations available and that’s even so when it comes to a red and white themed wedding with gorgeous poppies, gerberas and other floral designs.

 Red Floral Square Monogrammed Wedding Invitation invitationWhite and Red Wild Flowers Wedding Invitation invitationRed Peony on White Linen Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Floral Accent Wedding Invitation invitationRed white wedding elegant floral invitationRed Gerbera Daisy Wedding Invitation invitation

Rusty Red and White Wildflowers Wedding Invitation invitationRed Poppy on White Wedding Invitation invitation

In Chinese culture Cherry Blossoms are seen to represent women and love which is probably why they’ve been so embraced in Western weddings in recent years. I also think there’s something unmistakably beautiful about them and I think they are perfect for spring weddings.

Red and White Cherry Blossoms invitationCherry Blossom Wedding Invitations invitation

 “O my Luve’s like a red, red rose”

Robert Burns

Red Rose Wedding Invitations

More Red & White Floral Wedding Invites

Red roses and romance go hand in hand which is why when I first think of a red and white wedding my mind goes straight to a red rose bouquet and a white wedding dress! There are some gorgeous red rose & white wedding invitations which you can use if you’ve decided on a red rose themed wedding.


Wedding Invitation invitationRed Rose wedding invitation invitationRed Rose Petals in Snow, Winter Wedding invitation

Red Roses Wedding Invitation invitationRomantic Roses Wedding Invitation invitationBeautiful Red Rose Bouquet Wedding Invitations invitation


Red & White Winter Wedding Invitations

A red and white wedding theme is very popular for winter weddings because the white represents snow and red is a traditionally festive holiday color. Here are some great wedding invitations if you’ve decided on a winter wedding –

Red and White Snowflakes Wedding Invitation invitationWinter Berries Invitation Sq. White invitationRed Candy Striped Candle Wedding Invitation invitation

Snowflake red white winter wedding invitation invitationSnowflake red winter wedding invitation invitationRed Winter Wedding Invitation invitation

Red is associated with good luck and fortune so having red as one of your wedding colors is said to bring luck and good fortune to the marriage.

Red & White Heart Inspired Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations Full of Love

Heart Love Red White Wedding Invitation invitationSparkle Heart with Red Satin Ribbon Invitation invitationRed and White Heart Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Hearts Wedding Invitation invitationClaret Red & White Minimalist Wedding Invitation invitationRed Bleeding Heart Wedding Invitation invitation

Red & White

When the colors red and white are combined they are said to symbolize unity, togetherness and long-lasting love.

What better colors for a wedding could there be?

More Red & White Wedding Invitaions

There are so many different styles of red and white wedding invitations from the floral and hearts above to vintage, lighthouses, cranes, butterflies and more. Let’s look at a range of different red and white wedding invitations for you to choose.

Red and White Willow Tree Wedding Invitation invitationOrnamental border red white wedding invitation invitationCustomizable Claret Red & White Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Damask Square Wedding Template invitationRed and White Butterfly Wedding Invitation invitationRed Starfish Square Wedding Invitation invitation

Red Floral Lace on White invitation1000 Red Paper Origami Cranes Wedding Invitations invitationLighthouse Wedding Invitation invitation

red wedding invitation invitationfatfatin Bamboo Leaves Red White Wedding Invite invitation Red and White Victorian Style Wedding Invitation

Elegant Wedding Party Invitation invitationwhite chandelier baroque on red raspberry invitationRed and White Chic Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Cake Wedding Invitation invitationDamask & Ribbon Wedding Invitation invitationRed Polka Dot Wedding Invitation invitation