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Spring Wedding Invitations & Spring Wedding Ideas

Invitations for a Spring Time Wedding

I have compiled a gorgeous collection of spring wedding invitations which will also help you get some spring wedding ideas for your special day. Incorporating colors and themes which are currently popular with classic spring themes such as butterflies and spring flowers I think you’ll love this page.

If you’re planning on a spring wedding then this page will help you get ideas for possible color schemes as well as themes. Some of the Spring Wedding ideas have been expanded on with more in detail pages that I’ve linked to.

This page really is the first stop in planning a spring wedding so let’s get started ……..

Country Style Spring Wedding Invitation

A Rustic Themed Wedding Invite

This chic invitation design really says simple country chic to me and the use of daisies as one of the wildflowers says spring time as well.   I really love this invitation and you can carry through the theme with your wedding reception by using mason jars as centrepieces – filling some with flowers and others with tea light candles – this will look stunning.

Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations
Mason Jar and Wildflowers Wedding Invitations by labellarue

The use of grey as a background color for this invitation is a very contemporary look which really brings an extra touch to your country style wedding.   Grey and yellow is definitely a great color combination for a wedding, although it’s not one that you generally see at spring weddings which means your wedding will really stand out if you take your inspiration from this mason jar and wildflowers invitation design.

A Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitaion

A Classic Spring Wedding Theme with a Vintage Twist

Cherry Blossom weddings are a very popular theme for spring weddings and they are certainly gorgeous to look at.   There are quite a few different cherry blossom invites to choose from, but I like this one as it also has a vintage theme to it which is also very popular at the moment.

The vintage theme comes from the bird cage that is hanging from the cherry blossom tree which means that it’s up to you whether you want to play on that theme with your wedding or just stick to the cherry blossom theme alone.

Love Birds Vintage Cage Cherry Blossom Wedding Personalized Announcements
Love Birds Vintage Cage Cherry Blossom Wedding Personalized Announcements by InvitationBlvd

There’s lots of different things you can do to create a perfect Cherry Blossom wedding with or without the added love birds or vintage twist and you can check out a few more ideas at – Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding.

Spring Wedding Invitation with Daisies

Daisies are a classic spring wedding theme and I think it’s one filled with innocence and beauty – daisies always make me think of my childhood and trying to make daisy chains.   If you’re after a wedding full of rustic country charm then a daisy theme could be just the thing.


Daisy & Barnwood Wedding Invitation Country Wedding Invitation Daisies in a Jar White Daisy Rustic Barn Wood Bridal Shower Invites

As you can see there’s lots of different styles when it comes to a daisy wedding and these are just the rustic style ones, you can also enjoy much more chic daisy wedding invitations incorporating a lot of different wedding colors at Daisy Wedding Invitations.

Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitation

A Floral Spring Wedding Invite

Lily of the valley is a beautiful flower that is perfect in a bridal bouquet and the white flowers combined with the green leaves provide a gorgeous spring wedding color scheme as you can see with this invitation.

Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitation (ivory)
Lily of the Valley Wedding Invitation (ivory) by prettyfancyinvites

A Daffodil Wedding Invitation

A Bright Floral Spring Wedding Invite

Daffodils make a lovely spring statement and can be gorgeous when incorporated into a wedding, but as you can see here it doesn’t always have to be a bright daffodil yellow that you draw on –

Spring Wedding Invitation Daffodil / Narcissus
Spring Wedding Invitation Daffodil / Narcissus by ArtformTheHeart

This is quite a dramatic daffodil wedding invitation with the black background really making a grab for attention, but daffodils can also be used in a mainly white and yellow or cream and yellow wedding theme as well. With yellow being the color you usually associate with daffodils you can use sky blue, grey and either dark or light green as a great contrasting color as well.

A Springtime in Paris Themed Wedding Invite

As Paris is considered a city of love and romance it’s hardly surprising that so many people like to enjoy a Paris themed wedding. This wedding invite includes a Paris theme with the iconic Eiffel Tower along with butterflies symbolizing spring time in Paris.

Paris Effiel Tower Butterfly Wedding Invitation
Paris Effiel Tower Butterfly Wedding Invitation by ThemeWeddingBoutique

This really is quite a romantic style of wedding invitation with even a touch of a vintage theme should you want to incorporate that throughout your wedding theme as well!

Butterfly Theme Wedding Invitation

A Classic Spring Wedding Theme

A butterfly theme is quite a common theme with spring weddings, sometimes other themes are also intertwined with the butterflies and sometimes they stand alone.   The color scheme is almost open ended if you decide to use butterflies, this particular wedding invite uses bright ‘springtime’ colors which I’m sure you’ll enjoy –

Butterfly Kisses Sweet Wedding Invite Square
Butterfly Kisses Sweet Wedding Invite Square by BridesRequest

There are so many different styles of butterfly wedding invitations that they actually have their own home on the page below.

More Spring Wedding Invitations

Here’s a few more spring wedding invites to give you some ideas for your wedding.   Spring time really is a great time to start on a new path in your life, it’s just up to you to decide what theme you want to start the new path with.

Orange and Pink Gerbera Daisy Wedding Invitation Blue Hyacinth on Lilac Invitation Woodgrain Rustic Country cowboyWedding Custom Invites

Vibrant Pink Green White Floral Wedding Invitation Best Wishes! Wedding Invitation (turquoise) Love Birds Falling Hearts Oak Tree Bridal Shower Announcement

If none of these wedding invitations appeal to you then you might want to check out the selections I’ve compiled on the pages below.

Red and White Wedding Invitations

Looking for Gorgeous Red & White Wedding Invitations?

If the answer to that question is yes then you’re in the right place as I’ve compiled a gorgeous selection of red and white wedding invitations in a range of different styles for you to browse through.
Red White Snowflakes Wedding InviteCheck Price

These red and white wedding invitations are available online through a company called Zazzle. Zazzle products are made to a great quality, and printed on demand for you.

I find that when it comes to wedding stationery they are a really good company to deal with because not only are these products available as wedding invitations, many of the designs are also available in a range of wedding stationery from save the date cards to place cards. They are also sometimes available in matching postage stamps.

Red & White Floral Wedding Invitations

There are always a lot of floral designed wedding invitations available and that’s even so when it comes to a red and white themed wedding with gorgeous poppies, gerberas and other floral designs.

 Red Floral Square Monogrammed Wedding Invitation invitationWhite and Red Wild Flowers Wedding Invitation invitationRed Peony on White Linen Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Floral Accent Wedding Invitation invitationRed white wedding elegant floral invitationRed Gerbera Daisy Wedding Invitation invitation

Rusty Red and White Wildflowers Wedding Invitation invitationRed Poppy on White Wedding Invitation invitation

In Chinese culture Cherry Blossoms are seen to represent women and love which is probably why they’ve been so embraced in Western weddings in recent years. I also think there’s something unmistakably beautiful about them and I think they are perfect for spring weddings.

Red and White Cherry Blossoms invitationCherry Blossom Wedding Invitations invitation

 “O my Luve’s like a red, red rose”

Robert Burns

Red Rose Wedding Invitations

More Red & White Floral Wedding Invites

Red roses and romance go hand in hand which is why when I first think of a red and white wedding my mind goes straight to a red rose bouquet and a white wedding dress! There are some gorgeous red rose & white wedding invitations which you can use if you’ve decided on a red rose themed wedding.


Wedding Invitation invitationRed Rose wedding invitation invitationRed Rose Petals in Snow, Winter Wedding invitation

Red Roses Wedding Invitation invitationRomantic Roses Wedding Invitation invitationBeautiful Red Rose Bouquet Wedding Invitations invitation


Red & White Winter Wedding Invitations

A red and white wedding theme is very popular for winter weddings because the white represents snow and red is a traditionally festive holiday color. Here are some great wedding invitations if you’ve decided on a winter wedding –

Red and White Snowflakes Wedding Invitation invitationWinter Berries Invitation Sq. White invitationRed Candy Striped Candle Wedding Invitation invitation

Snowflake red white winter wedding invitation invitationSnowflake red winter wedding invitation invitationRed Winter Wedding Invitation invitation

Red is associated with good luck and fortune so having red as one of your wedding colors is said to bring luck and good fortune to the marriage.

Red & White Heart Inspired Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations Full of Love

Heart Love Red White Wedding Invitation invitationSparkle Heart with Red Satin Ribbon Invitation invitationRed and White Heart Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Hearts Wedding Invitation invitationClaret Red & White Minimalist Wedding Invitation invitationRed Bleeding Heart Wedding Invitation invitation

Red & White

When the colors red and white are combined they are said to symbolize unity, togetherness and long-lasting love.

What better colors for a wedding could there be?

More Red & White Wedding Invitaions

There are so many different styles of red and white wedding invitations from the floral and hearts above to vintage, lighthouses, cranes, butterflies and more. Let’s look at a range of different red and white wedding invitations for you to choose.

Red and White Willow Tree Wedding Invitation invitationOrnamental border red white wedding invitation invitationCustomizable Claret Red & White Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Damask Square Wedding Template invitationRed and White Butterfly Wedding Invitation invitationRed Starfish Square Wedding Invitation invitation

Red Floral Lace on White invitation1000 Red Paper Origami Cranes Wedding Invitations invitationLighthouse Wedding Invitation invitation

red wedding invitation invitationfatfatin Bamboo Leaves Red White Wedding Invite invitation Red and White Victorian Style Wedding Invitation

Elegant Wedding Party Invitation invitationwhite chandelier baroque on red raspberry invitationRed and White Chic Wedding Invitation invitation

Red and White Cake Wedding Invitation invitationDamask & Ribbon Wedding Invitation invitationRed Polka Dot Wedding Invitation invitation