Chalkboard Wedding Theme

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Eat Drink & Get Married Chalkboard Style SignThe chalkboard wedding theme is quickly gaining popularity because it’s such a fun, simple theme. There’s almost something nostalgic about it – old school days for example, forget the interactive white boards of today’s schools there’s just something special about blackboards and chalk!

I love this pictured Chalkboard Wedding sign because it says it all really – Eat, Drink and be Married – I wish I’d thought of using a sign like this myself!

There are also wedding invitations that have a similar feel to them which you might enjoy sending out.

Eat Drink be Married Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Eat, Drink And Be Married (Chalkboard Wedding) Custom Announcements Eat, Drink & Be Married Chalkboard Style Wedding Announcements


There are lots of ways to incorporate this theme into your wedding from using a chalkboard at the entrance to your reception showing your seating plan to adding smaller chalkboard table easels and place cards.   You can even get a chalkboard runner for the table!

If you’re having a candy buffet as part of your reception you can chalkboard labels on the containers holding the candy and also give all of your guests some chalkboard glass favor jars to fill with said candy.

You can also get tin pails with chalkboards on them which you could use as a centerpiece on tables with the table number/name written on the chalkboard and flowers brimming out of the top.

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