Gothic Wedding Dresses

A Gothic Wedding Dress is a Unique Dress for Your Special Day

Black and White Gothic Wedding DressGothic wedding dresses aren’t just for Goths anymore, they’re being used more and more by people who want to wear a unique dress and stand out on their special day. Gone are the traditional white wedding dresses for many people as they embrace the ideas of using a silver wedding dress, red wedding dress or even one of these gorgeous Gothic wedding dresses.

Now not all Gothic wedding dresses have to be black and some of them are really romantic – like the one in the picture here – it’s floaty and very romantic looking and yet it would also be a perfect wedding dress for the Romantic/Traditional Goth. If this one isn’t the sort you’re looking for then that’s fine I have plenty more for you to choose from further down the page, so let’s go wedding dress shopping!

Black Wedding Dress

Now I wouldn’t really call this wedding dress Gothic in the true sense of the word, but a lot of people consider any black wedding dress to be Goth!

Black Strapless Chiffon Wedding Dress

This is a classic design which means that you could wear it with any type of ceremony – a traditional one or if you added the right accessories and hair style you could totally ‘Goth’ this up!

Made of chiffon it’s the rhinestone waist which really stands out on this strapless gown.

The A-line design is also a very flattering one which makes this a dress that will suit a number of different brides.


Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

For more of a Gothic inspired black wedding dress you may prefer this selection –

Gothic Medieval Wedding DressGothic Inspired Wedding Dress with SleevesBlack Gothic wedding dress with bateau neck

Black & White Wedding Dress

Romantic Gothic Wedding Dress

This dress is a lovely mixture of ‘frothy’ wedding gown and romantic Gothic influences and I must admit I absolutely love it!

Black & White Tulle Wedding Dress

This dress has the ‘frothy’ element with the tiered tulle skirt and Gothic undertones with the black embroidered bodice. The lace up at the back of the dress is just another element that I think is gorgeous and makes this a great choice for an unusual wedding gown that will have people talking about it for years to come!

More Black & White Gothic Wedding Dresses

One Shoulder Tulle Lace Bridal Wedding GownAppliques One Shoulder Wedding DressStrapless Black And White Bridal Gown

Black & Red Wedding Dresses

Two Gorgeous Gothic Colors

The combination of red and black is often seen in Gothic circles and these two dresses are both different spins on a long Gothic dress that would be ideal as a wedding dress.

Women Halter Gothic Victorian Dress

This style has a Victorian Gothic feel to it which is really due to the skirt, I think the red halter top of the dress adds a little ‘je n’ais se pas’ to the dress and I think it would look great with your hair in an updo walking down the aisle. The back of the dress shows that the top incorporates a lace up corset which is very in keeping with a Gothic dress.

I would love to add a parasol to this dress for wedding photos – I’d probably go with a black one, but red could work as well.


Vintage Plaid Gothic Long Sleeve Victorian Dress

This style is also considered to be Gothic Victorian, but it does look quite different to the previous one. The long sleeves make this ideal for a winter wedding and I think it would be awesome if worn with a black Edwardian ladies riding hat.

In my mind the use of red plaid makes me think of the late 70s early 80s punk movement so I think this dress would really suit anyone who loves the Romantic or 80s Goth look as it feels to me like it belongs in that style.


Gothic White Wedding Dress

Believe it or not some Goths do still want a white wedding dress and this dress fits the brief nicely…

Spaghetti Straps Chiffon Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

This dress has quite a Medieval feel with the long Gothic sleeves favored by some of the noble women of the Middle Ages.

There are lots of other great colors that look great in a Gothic wedding dress and they include purple, green and even blue.

Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

Of course not everyone wants to wear a long dress to get married in and there are a number of great short wedding dresses available including this purple satin lace up dress.

Gothic Purple Corset Lace-up Wedding Dress

This is a beautiful purple color and is also a very affordable price when it comes to wedding dresses (you could also consider using this as a bridesmaids dress if you’d prefer to wear black yourself).


Another very reasonably priced dress that I would love as a wedding dress, but you may prefer your bridesmaids to wear it is this red and black dress –

Vermillion & Lace Cocktail Dress

Isn’t this dress gorgeous?   I love the black lace overlay on it (it’s also available in a green with the black lace as well so if you didn’t want red this might still work), the lace really appeals to the romantic Goth side of me.   The actual design of this dress is more rockabilly and retro with the sweetheart neckline on the red dress and the keyhole cut out on the black lace part of it.

With the right accessories though you can certainly ‘Goth’ this dress up really well and I also think that there’s nothing wrong with a rockerbilly overlap if it’s the dress you can see yourself wearing!

More Gothic Wedding Dresses to Choose From

I have only selected a handful of Gothic wedding dresses here, but there are lots of different ones to choose from which is why I’ve included a couple of links for you to other Gothic wedding dress pages which are full of cool dress ideas.

  • Gothic Wedding Dresses

    If you’re not a Goth you can still wear a Gothic wedding dress as they really do offer a range of unique dresses from Medieval styles to Victorian styles, burlesque styles to Lolita punk styles.

  • Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

    There certainly are some great Gothic wedding dresses around including some short ones, because let’s face it you don’t always have to go with a traditional long dress to get married in.

Daisy Wedding Invitations

Gorgeous Daisy Themed Wedding Invitations

Looking for some great daisy wedding invitations? I have found a lovely selection of daisy invitations for you that will accentuate your special day really well.

There’s something really beautiful and simple about the daisy – it’s white petals (that we’ve all plucked off as young girls wondering if ‘he’ loves us or not) and it’s sunny yellow centers are just the epitome of innocence that is captured in the romantic white wedding fairy tale that we dream our wedding day is going to be.

Who wouldn’t want to incorporate daisies into their wedding theme? Daisies look great with a wide number of colors which is another reason why they are a great theme idea for any wedding, so let’s have a look at some of the great daisy wedding invites that I’ve compiled here for you.

Country Style Wedding Invitations with Daisies

Daisies add a lovely simplicity to a country themed wedding and are the perfect flower to use. Think of meadows sprinkled with daisies growing free and you’ve really captured a carefree, country childhood moment. I actually love to see the bridal party wearing daisies in their hair as there’s just something really gorgeous about the look.

Western Horseshoes and Daisies Wedding Invitation Daisies and Boots Country Wedding Invitation Old West Boot Daisy Bouquet Vintage Invitation

Daisy and Barn Wood Country Wedding Invitation Daisy Bouquet & Hay - Country Wedding Invitation Rustic Country Daisy Wedding Invitation

Black, White & Yellow Wedding Invitations

Sophisticated Daisy Wedding Invites

There’s something about the color black which can often add an aura of sophistication to something and when you combine the simplicity of the daisy with the sophistication of the color black you end up with a very elegant choice of wedding invitations.

The yellow helps to add brightness to the black giving it a more festive feel and white …… well white always looks good at weddings! The way you combine the colors create a totally different ‘look’ which is really well illustrated with the first two of these invites – the first would look great at a sophisticated affair while the second would be gorgeous in a more relaxed or garden style wedding.

White Black Gold Daisy Wedding Invitation Shasta Daisy Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation
Shasta Daisy with Yellow Ribbon Invitation Daisy Wedding Invitations

Add Some Grey…

When you add some grey into the mix you get another style of daisy wedding invitation and I must admit this is far from my favorite type of daisy invite, but we’re all different and I know there are a lot of people who would love to add grey into their daisy wedding color scheme especially as it’s a very hot bridal color this season.

Gray & White Daisy Wedding Invitation Announcement White Daisy Wedding Invitation

Cream Anyone?

Cream is another color that combines well with black and daisies and adds a whole new dimension in sophistication as you can see from this last daisy invitation.

Daisy Black Yellow, Ivory Wedding Invitation

the daisy's for simplicity and unaffected air.   Robert Burns

Simple Daisy Wedding Invitations

The ultimate in a simple daisy wedding invitation is simply to use the daisy and nothing else which is where these invitations are complete stand outs. Using just the white and yellow of the daisy makes this wedding invitation really shine, don’t you think?

If that invitation doesn’t quite do it for you then what about this next one which is simply a close up image of a daisy and simple black lettering on the invitation. An awesome daisy invitation that would be perfect for any spring or summer wedding.

Green Daisy Invitations

Perfect Spring Wedding Invitations

The freshness of green goes so well with daisies that it’s a good color combination to go with and the best thing about it is any shade of green seems to go well with the white and yellow of the daisy as you can see with these three daisy wedding invitations – they all use a different shade of green and pull of a gorgeous look really well.

White Daisy Wedding Invitation Announcement Emerald Shasta Daisy Wedding Invitation
Daisy Wedding Invitation Flower White lime green Hemlock Green Daisy Wedding Invitation


Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.   Drew Barrymore

Blue Daisy Invitations

Perfect Summertime Wedding Invites

Blue is a beautiful color to add to a daisy theme – in some cases it can evoke thoughts of a summer sky and remind you of summers making daisy chains and relaxing in meadows without any cares in the world. Daisies also look good with darker blues like navy for a more sophisticated look.

Whatever blue is your favorite if you want to incorporate daisies with it you just know it’s going to look sensational – here’s a few wedding invitations to illustrate my point.

Shasta Daisy with Blue Ribbon Wedding Invitation Garden Party Mason Jar & White Daisies Custom Invites Fresh Daisies Wedding Invitation

Dazzling Blue Daisy Wedding Invitation Cute Royal Blue and White Daisy Floral Square Custom Announcement Blue and Yellow Daisy Wedding Invitation

Vintage, Retro & Contemporary Daisy Wedding Invites

Daisy wedding themes are one of the themes that can cross over and be used in vintage weddings, retro weddings or even contemporary weddings which is no mean feat! Daisies have been written about and sung about for years and are still loved by many so it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Vintage Daisy Wedding Invitations

There are a number of different vintage designed daisy invites available, but here’s just three that I’ve selected to show you (personally I like the lace one best).

Daisy and Lace Country Burlap Wedding Invite Rustic Watercolor Daisies on Parchment Invitation Vintage Daisy Wedding Invitation

Retro Daisy Wedding Invitations

Daisies are such simply flowers that they are often given the ‘retro’ treatment in art and the same goes with wedding invitations so if you’re going for a retro feel wedding, a flower power ceremony or just want to have a little fun you’ll love these retro style invites.

Retro Daisies Wedding Invitations ~ mud Circular Retro Daisy Wedding Invitation Retro Daisies Wedding Invitations/diy color/cocoa

Contemporary Daisy Wedding Invitaions

Contemporary Daisy Wedding Invitation Modern Two Daisies Wedding Invitations Willowy Flowers Invitation

More Gorgeous Daisy Wedding Invites For You

Lots of Colors Look Good With Daisies!

Choose your favorite wedding color combination and you’ll find that the humble little daisy will be a great compliment to it as you can see with these gorgeous daisy wedding invitations. Whether you want a pink wedding, an orange wedding or any wedding inbetween you can be sure that the daisy can be incorporated into your wedding in some way.

Daisy Orange, Yellow, Ivory Wedding Invitation Pink and Yellow Daisy Wedding Invitation
Daisy Black and Ivory Polka Dot Wedding Invitation White Daisy Pink Black Damask Wedding Invitation

Pale Purple and White Daisy Floral Square Personalized Invitation Pink Polka Dot Daisy Wedding Invitation Mint Gingham Daisy Wedding Invitation

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

A Fun Wedding Invite That Hints At A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become very popular, but what if you know that there’s no way some of the special people in your life could make it to a special location? Well you can always make the destination come to you and the first hint of this you can give to your family and friends is with a boarding pass wedding invitation.

You can get wedding invitations that are designed to look like airplane tickets or ones that look like cruise tickets and either one could set the stage for a fantastic wedding day. Of course you could also use these if you are having an actual destination wedding and you can get ones specially designed for a number of romantic destinations.

All Aboard the Love Boat!

Cruise Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

If you have decided to use a cruise boarding pass style of invite for your wedding then you can go with a tropical wedding theme, a nautical wedding theme or a beach wedding theme. Whichever you decide on it’s bound to be a lovely day.

Of course, you could always be using these invitations because you’re getting married on a cruise ship – that would certainly be a story to tell!

ship boarding pass wedding tickets-invites & rsvp Boarding Pass Cruise Wedding Invitations old boarding pass cruise wedding invites with RSVP
Cruise Ship Starfish Boarding Pass Wedding Custom Announcements wedding boarding pass-vintage tickets with RSVP Personalized Invitations Cruise Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

The invitations on this page are all available in a range of sizes and different paper types to suit whatever style or budget you want.

Get Your Wedding Day off to a Flying Start!

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning on a plane version of a boarding pass invite then here are some simply gorgeous invitations for you to choose from –

sky boarding pass wedding ticket-invite with rsvp boarding pass tickets -vintage wedding invitations boarding pass beach waves wedding invites & RSVP

Now you could go with a Paris themed wedding, a New York themed wedding, Las Vegas themed wedding, Venice themed wedding, London themed wedding etc and any one of these themes would be fantastic, but my favourite idea is a global theme. I should mention that if you do want to pick a specific destination then you can personalize the wedding invitations to suit – there are already a great selection available for romantic destinations such as Paris, Hawaii and New York.

You can create tables for different cities around the world and vignettes (little displays) to celebrate places. Choose your favourite places in the world or places that you’ve both travelled to or even places that you plan to travel to once you’re married.

Of course if you’re going to have an actual destination wedding you won’t need little themed displays on the table, you’ll be right where you want to be instead!

Pink Wedding Dresses

Want to Look Pretty in Pink on Your Wedding Day?

There’s never been a better time to wear a different color wedding dress to the so-called traditional white wedding dress and pink seems to be a popular choice. Stars such as Jessica Biel & Kaley Cuoco Sweeting both choose the color pink on their wedding day so why can’t you? Even Reese Witherspoon who’s known for her classical style choose a pale pink wedding gown for her second wedding.

If you want something a bit more fashion forward then you’ll be pleased to know that Gwen Stefani also incorporated pink on her wedding gown. She took a white wedding gown and dip dyed it with hot pink and the result was amazing.

If you want to check out some pink wedding dresses then there’s an always changing selection on ebay right here –

[ebayfeedsforwordpress feed=”” items=”3″]

[ebayfeedsforwordpress feed=”” items=”3″]

I’ve also found some gorgeous pink wedding gowns for you on Amazon –


Pink Off Shoulder Chiffon Bridal DressSweetheart Rhinestone Wedding DressPink Lace Beaded Wedding DressLace One Shoulder Pink Wedding GownSweet Pink Mermaid Organza Wedding GownPink Lace Bodice Wedding Gown

Blue and White Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning a classic blue and white wedding then you’ll need some gorgeous blue and white wedding invitations to send out first! There are lots of different shades of blue that compliment white really well from navy to the palest of pastel blues so choose your favorite shade and you have your wedding colors ready to go!

Let’s have a look at some of the gorgeous blue and white wedding invitations I’ve found for you –

Blue and Silver Wedding Invitations

As you can see lots of different styles of wedding invitations from vintage to ‘dragons’ and beyond look great in blue and silver.   From the darker navy blue to the green hues of a teal blue, along with pale blue silver is just a natural ‘color partner’.

Let’s have a look at a few of the cool invitations I’ve compiled for you.


Silver &Blue Vintage Flowers Wedding InvitationSilver &Blue Vintage Flowers Wedding InviteVintage Blue Silver Floral Swirls Wedding InvitationsVintage Blue Silver Floral Swirls Post WeddingSilver Blue Vintage Wedding InviteSilver Blue Vintage Wedding InvitesJeweled Silver Blue Paisley Hindu Wedding InviteJeweled Silver Blue Paisley Hindu Wedding DetailsBlue & Silver Wedding InvitationBlue & Silver Wedding InvitationDamask and Peacock Feather Wedding InvitationDamask and Peacock Feather Wedding InvitationBlue Floral Ribbon Silver Damask Wedding InviteBlue Floral Ribbon Silver Damask Wedding InviteBlue Silver Dragon Wedding InvitationBlue Silver Dragon Wedding InviteBlue Faux Diamond Heart Swirl Wedding InvitationBlue Faux Diamond Heart Swirl Wedding InvitationSilver and Teal Damask Monogram Wedding InviteSilver and Teal Damask Monogram Wedding InviteSilver and Teal Damask Monogram Wedding InviteBlue with Silver Butterflies Wedding InviteBlue with Silver Butterflies Wedding InviteWedding Invitations | Art Deco StyleNavy Blue White Silver Formal InvitationNavy Blue White Silver Formal InvitationStarfish Monogram Wedding InvitationNavy &Silver Damask Wedding Invitation

Of course the most popular use of the blue and silver combination seems to be in the winter wonderland style of wedding. I’m not sure what it is about the combination, but silver snowflakes just seem to sparkle more when paired with blue! Here are some great blue and silver wedding invitations for a winter wedding….

Silver Snow Damask Ribbon Blue Wedding InviteSnowflake Teal Blue Silver Winter Wedding InvitesWinter Wedding Invite | Royal Navy Blue SnowflakeBlue Silver Star Snowflake Winter Wedding InvitationBlue Silver Snowflakes Winter wedding invitationsElegant Blue Silver Winter Wedding InvitationWinter Wonderland Buckle Wedding InviteRoyal Blue Silver Glitter Winter Wedding InviteBlue Jeweled Snowflake Wedding Invitation

Winter Wedding Dresses

Here’s a great selection of white winter wedding dresses for you to enjoy –

White Winter Wedding Dresses


Simply Gorgeous A-Line/Princess Chapel Train Satin Wedding DressTrumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Floor-Length Satin Lace Wedding DressTrumpet/Mermaid Scoop Neck Floor-Length Lace Wedding DressSheath/Column Sweetheart Court Train Satin Wedding Dress With RuffleA-Line/Princess Off-the-Shoulder Watteau Train Satin Wedding DressA-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Chapel Train Satin Tulle Dress With BeadingBall-Gown V-neck Chapel Train Satin Wedding Dress With Ruffle Lace Bow(s)A-Line/Princess V-neck Chapel Train Taffeta Gown With Ruffle Lace BeadingTrumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Watteau Train Lace Gown With Beading

I hope you enjoy this selection, be sure to check out our selection of winter wedding fashion accessories to help compliment these gorgeous dresses.

Of course by wearing jackets, boleros etc you don’t have to have sleeves on your winter wedding dress, you could go with a strapless design or a short sleeved gown.

Some of the different colored wedding gowns that are popular at the moment include champagne and silver and when it comes to winter warmer colors such as red and burgundy are often worn.


A-Line/Princess V-neck Sweep Train Organza Wedding Dress With Lace Beading Flower(s)Ball-Gown Sweetheart Cathedral Train Satin Tulle Wedding Dress With Ruffle Lace BeadingA-Line/Princess Strapless Court Train Satin Wedding Dress With Ruffle Sash Beading Bow(s)Ball-Gown Sweetheart neckline Watteau Train Satin Wedding Dress With Ruffle LaceA-Line/Princess Sweetheart Court Train Satin Wedding Dress With Ruffle Lace BeadingA-Line/Princess Strapless Court Train Charmeuse Wedding Dress With Ruffle Beading Flower(s)Ball-Gown Sweetheart Cathedral Train Taffeta Wedding Dress With Ruffle Flower(s)Ball-Gown Strapless Chapel Train Taffeta Dark Red Wedding Dress With Ruffle Flower(s)Ball-Gown Sweetheart Royal Train Taffeta Gown With Embroidered Ruffle Beading

An Aqua Wedding

Thinking of Throwing a Gorgeous Aqua Wedding?

aqua wedding invitationchic bride, aqua wedding invitationCheck Price

If you’re thinking of having an aqua wedding then you’re in great company as they are proving very popular over the last few years.

There are so many different color combinations that you can have with an aqua wedding that it’s hard to know where to start. Put your feet up, make yourself a drink and let’s look at how we can incorporate the color aqua into a wedding of your dreams.

Aqua and white, aqua and black, aqua and chocolate, aqua and red, aqua and pink, aqua and orange – the combinations just keep flowing. If you love the color aqua then let’s have a look at ideas for creating the perfect aqua wedding.


Beach and Tropical Aqua Wedding Ideas

Gorgeous Summer Wedding Ideas

One of the themes which suits the color aqua is a beach wedding, another is a tropical wedding or Hawaiian wedding so let’s have a look at other colors/themes that you can pull in with your aqua. I love looking at inspiration boards, but sometimes they can be a little overwhelming when you see things like dresses, cakes, decorations, flowers and wedding favors so start by looking at a few invitations and see the styles you like and the color combos that seem good to you.

You don’t have to choose any just yet this is about narrowing down what you want before you start to do the ‘official planning’ whether that’s with family or a wedding planner.

Here are some beach/tropical inspired aqua invitations to enjoy –

Blue and Brown Save the Date photo cards invitationBeach Destination Wedding 5x7, Sand Hearts invitationStarfish Wedding Invite invitation

Beach Destination Wedding Invitation, Aqua Surf invitationCoral Hibiscus and Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationBlack Damask on Aqua Wedding Save the Date invitation

Seaside in Sand and Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationMoonlight Palms Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationTropical Beach Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation invitation

As you can see from these invitations, whether you want a beach/tropical wedding or not it does show off how different colors look with aqua and we can use these in other themes too.

If you’ve seen an invite you like then simply note the style and the colors in it and we can use these things for when we start planning properly or at the very least to start an inspiration board.

An Aqua and Red Themed Wedding

Now when I first heard of an aqua and red color theme I was a little taken aback, but they can work extremely well and are a really cool wedding combination theme.

Look at these invitations to see how you think the colors go –

Ruby Red & Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationAqua and Red Floral Wedding Invitation invitationred aqua floral wedding invitation invitation

Red Poppy aqua Wedding Invitation invitationRed and Aqua Damask Wedding Invitation invitationAqua and White Damask with Red Faux Ribbon invitation

As you can see there are a number of different ways of mixing aqua and red as well, I particularly like the charcoal with aqua and red. Charcoal always adds a touch of sophistication while aqua can add a playful quality to your wedding theme.

More Aqua and Red Wedding Pages

Tie This Wedding Color Combination Together in Style!

Aqua and Red Wedding Invitations
If you’re planning an aqua and red wedding then you’ll need to start off with finding some aqua and red wedding invitations to send to people. There are some…

Aqua and Red Wedding
If you’ve decided that you want your wedding colors to be aqua and red then you’re in for a gorgeous looking wedding. On this webpage I’ve compiled as many …

Aqua and Browns – Some Great Wedding Color Themes

Chocolate, Mocha, Coffee, Beige – All Shades Love Aqua!

Aqua and chocolate is a very popular wedding color choice and I must admit I love it, but there are lots of different shades of brown which really compliment aqua. As with the other aqua theme ideas I’ve compiled a number of aqua and brown wedding invitations to give you an idea of which shades look good together and the different styles that can be achieved.

Brown Damask on Deep Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationModern Wedding Invitation :: Aqua Flowers invitationBrown Tree Aqua Blue Font Wedding Invitation invitation

Aqua Blue Chocolate Brown Damask Party invitationAqua & Chocolate Wedding Invitation invitationmocha and teal aqua RSVP standard 3.5 x 5 invitation

An Aqua Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacock weddings are very popular right now which is hardly surprising as the colors are fantastic. I’ve seen a number of people combine aqua with the peacock theme and it can work really well – here’s some invitations so that you can see the color combinations in action together.

3 Peacock Feathers Art Deco Wedidng Invite invitationPeacock Aqua Wedding Invitation invitationAncient Peacock Bridal Shower Invite - Aqua Blue invitation

Peacock Feathers Wedding Invitation invitationModern Taupe Aqua Peacock Wedding Invitation invitationPeacock Feathers Wedding Invitation invitation

An Aqua and Black Wedding Color Theme

A Sophisticated & Fresh Wedding Theme

Combining aqua and black together can be in a word – stunning. The same can happen when you combine the colors for your wedding as you’ll see in this selection of aqua and black wedding invitations I’ve selected for you.

Some of these selections also have white on them and the three colors go well together. Aqua and black also work well with a few other colors which I’ll look at further down the page.

Aqua Wedding Invitations with a Monogram Initial invitationdamask aqua wedding monogram invitation invitationaqua black and white rsvp cards invitation

Aqua Blue and Black Monogram Damask Invitation invitationaqua damask wedding Invitation cards invitationAqua Wedding Invitations with a Monogram Initial invitation

chic bride, aqua wedding invitation invitationaqua rose wedding rsvp cards invitation


Aqua, Black & More Color Themes for Your Wedding

As I’ve said above aqua and black work well together as well as working well with white, but there are other wedding combinations involving aqua and black that are also great.

The colors that go well with these two include lemon, pink and with a combination of lime green and beige. Lime green, aqua and black also works as a three color combination as you can see from these wedding invitations below –

Aqua Blue Lemon Yellow Calla Lily Flower- invitationFuchsia Flower Pink & Aqua Wedding Invitations invitationivory and aqua floral rsvp invitation

More Aqua and Black Wedding Invitations

If you want more aqua and black wedding invites then be sure to check this page out –

Aqua & Black Wedding Invitations

Aqua and White or Aqua and Silver Wedding Theme

Aqua and white give a lovely crisp effect to a wedding theme which is elegant in it’s simplicity, it’s also a very summery color scheme so is great for summer weddings. Aqua and silver is another great combination that is extremely stylish. I have found a few wedding invitations to give you an idea on just using a two color aqua and white/silver combination (we already know that the two can be added very nicely to with black, browns, reds and more).

Traditional Aqua Wedding Invitations Monogram invitationAqua Reverse Swirl Wedding Invitations invitationAqua and Silver Sweet 16 RSVP Card invitation

Aqua and Silver Wedding Invitations
Thinking of having an Aqua and Silver themed wedding? If so you’ll want to get some gorgeous aqua and silver wedding invitations and I just so happen to have..

Aqua and Blues for Your Aqua Wedding

As aqua is on the blue color spectrum it’s easy to add other blues to it for a number of effects. You could add aqua with a dark blue for a contrast or similar shades such as teal or turquoise or even a darker and lighter shade of aqua for more of a monochromic effect, see what I mean with these blue wedding invitations –

Teal and Aqua Floral Monogrammed Invitation invitationAqua and Royal Blue Roses Wedding Invitation invitationElectric Aqua Paisley Wedding Invitation invitation

Twilight Aqua Reception Invitation invitationCustomizable Aqua Blue Wedding Invitation invitationDamask Aqua Wedding invitation

Aqua and Tangerine Wedding Theme

A very hot aqua wedding color theme is aqua and tangerine which gave me pause when I first heard of it, but after looking at how well the colors went together on a few invitations my mind has been working overboard on ways in which to pull together a simply magical aqua and tangerine wedding.

Vintage Aqua and Tangerine Wedding Invitation invitationTangerine and Aqua Floral Wedding Invitation invitation Teal & Tangerine Floral Stripe Monogram Invitation invitation

Do you see what I mean? The colors really do go well together don’t they?

Aqua and Yellow Wedding Theme

Now be aware that yellow really doesn’t suit everyone so if you’re using a lot of it in your wedding make sure that it suits the members of your wedding party, otherwise just use it in little touches like flowers and in the table settings.

Roses on aqua lemon lime wedding invitations invitationYellow Gerbera Daisy Polka Dot Wedding Invitation invitationTeal and Yellow Indian Lotus Floral invitation

Aqua and Grey Wedding Theme

Grey is another color that goes well with aqua from the palest grey (almost silver) to charcoal grey. See how well aqua and grey work on these aqua wedding invitations –

Aqua gray wedding floral damask invitationAqua Blue Grey Damask Wedding Invitation invitationfatfatin Floral Paisley Aqua Wedding Invitation invitation

Island Floral (aqua) Elegant Wedding Invitation invitationAqua Blue Grey Bevel Damask Wedding Invitation invitationLove Birds Wedding Invitation (aqua) invitation

More Ideas for an Aqua Wedding

Aqua really does go very well with a number of different colors from peaches to greens to pinks and eggplant and more. Here’s a selection of different aqua wedding invitations to give you an idea on more aqua color combinations for your perfect aqua wedding.

Ravishing Roses Elegant Wedding Response Card invitationAqua Blue Flowers and Bees Wedding Invitation invitationaqua gold rsvp cards invitation

Coral Gerbera Turquoise Ribbon Wedding Invitation invitationaqua yellow leaves ,wedding RSVP invitationAqua Vintage Floral Swirl Wedding Invitation invitation
Deep Grape & Aqua Flower Wedding Invitation invitationMagnolias n Bird of Paradise - Save the Date invitationElectric Green & Aqua Paisley Wedding Invitation invitation

Inspirational Boards

Planning an Aqua Wedding

Now that you’ve seen different ideas of color combinations for an aqua wedding and you’ve decided that it’s what you want you can start your inspiration boards. There’s a lot of different ways of doing this, but basically you want to start looking for all the things you think you’ll need for your wedding, print off pictures from the internet, cut out pictures from magazines and compile everything into a wedding binder, onto a big canvas or into a scrapbook – whichever way suits you best.

Now you’re ready to call a wedding planner or arrange to meet with your mother, mother-in-law to be, maid of honor etc to plan your wedding. Now I’ve decided to pull together a few inspiration boards to give you an idea so keep scrolling down. Remember this is supposed to be the fun bit before the ‘planning proper’ begins in earnest!

An Aqua Peacock Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua peacock wedding inspiration board

This is a great selection of ideas for a peacock and aqua wedding and here’s the suppliers for you –

Peacock bouquet | aqua rose petals | the peacock plume wedding collection | aqua sash | heart shaped sparklers | aqua Champagne glasses | peacock cuff links | aqua bottle stoppers | aqua and blue gown.

Personally I would be tempted to wear this gown as a wedding dress, but it would also be good for a bridesmaid dress if you really want to be married in the more traditional white, cream or ivory.

Aqua Beach Themed Wedding Inspiration Board

Aqua Beach Wedding Inspiration Board_edited-1

I love this inspiration board, it combines aqua with the beach and a little bit of tropics is incorporated with the gorgeous orchids, makes me want to get married all over again!!

Everything listed here can be sourced online with the following links –
Cocktail image credit
Starfish ring bearer pillow
Starfish bottle stoppers
“Just Married” Beach Wedding Figurine/ Cake Topper
Langley Orchid 16 ounce Gel Candle
Aqua Bridesmaid Dress
Package of 3- Petite White and Fuchsia Imitation Silk Orchid Bouquets, 18 Total Blooms (6 Blooms Per Bunch) for Weddings, Centerpieces and More
Beach chair place card holders
Flip flop bottle opener
Seashell tea light holder

Aqua, Lavender and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua lavender and green wedding inspiration board

I must admit I absolutely fell in love with the flowergirl dress which is gorgeous – don’t you think? All of the products can be brought online and I’ve compiled links for you to make things easier –

Lucky Bamboo Pots
Aqua Blue Recycled Glass Vases
Lavender Silk Roses Wedding Bouquet
Personalized mini cheesecakes
Lavender in Round Pot
Custom message cake topper
Aqua Mesh Ribbon
Cocktail infusions
Aqua Colored Dotted Flower Girl Dress

An Aqua and Black Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua and black wedding inspiration board

I love, love, love the idea of an aqua and black wedding as well………sometimes I think we should all have several ceremonies so that we can try different color combinations, but then the day probably wouldn’t feel so special then would it?

Here’s the supplier details if you’ve seen something you like –

Aqua Bridesmaid Dress
Black Calla Lily
Aqua and Black Wedding Invitation
Black Diamond Table Confetti
Aqua Champagne Glasses
Black Antique Acrylic Place Card Frame

An Aqua and Gold Wedding Inspiration Board

aqua gold wedding board

This aqua and gold wedding inspiration board shows what a great color combination these two colors make for a sophisticated wedding – this inspiration board was created by My Personal Artist.

All of the aqua wedding inspiration boards are my own creation unless stated otherwise so please do not reproduce them without written permission.

Creating a Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

A Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding Awaits

winter brideWhen it comes to winter weddings one of the most popular themes is Winter Wonderland. Exactly what is a Winter Wonderland Wedding though? In essence it’s a celebration of all of the things we find magical about winter.

IMG_9666-3 by sarah elvin photography, on Flickr

When you think of winter landscapes you tend to think of snow and ice and the amazing beauty that can be created with them. Trying to capture nature’s beauty is what has led to the Winter Wonderland Wedding theme.

Think of silver, white and icy blue, imagine lots of crystal as well and you’re on the right track for a magical winter wedding……

Winter Wonderland Wedding Palette

Wedding Colors for Your Magical Winter Wedding

White & Silver are the cornerstone colors for a Winter Wonderland theme as they represent the snow and ice.

You can just use these two colors by themselves if you want to, but it can leave the overall feel a bit, well cold for want of a better word!

Pale ice blue is often added as a third color because it adds a little more depth to the wedding palette. It also makes you think of the clear skies that really enhance the look of snow when you look at winter landscapes.

Darker blue can also be used with white and silver while still keeping a Winter Wonderland feel to the occasion. It’s a much more dramatic wedding palette which is great if you want a really striking winter wedding.

A unique twist to the Winter Wonderland theme is by adding very pale or dusky pink to your basic white and silver colors. Pink helps to bring a little warmth into the theme in a very subtle manner.

Another color which can work well with white and ilver for the Winter Wonderland theme is green. Pale green works beautifully to add some freshness to the whole color scheme, whereas a darker green evokes the thought of the holidays and Christmas trees.

Crystal Elements Are Important

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorating

The use of crystals in your wedding decor is one of the important keys to creating the perfect winter wonderland. Crystal reflects light like ice of if it’s used effectively it can really help set the perfect winter scene.

When it comes to lights I think fairy lights are awesome to use, but there are also lots of other ways to incorporate lighting. Crystal chandeliers, tea lights, candles, paper lanterns…….there are so many cool ideas to turn your reception area into a magical kingdom

Winter Wonderland Wedding Planning

Let’s Plan Your Special Day

Now as you can see there are obviously a lot of things to decide on before your special day arrives so let’s start planning. There are lots of ways for you to keep track of your wedding plans, but I still think that getting a wedding binder is a good start.

I’ve found some beautiful Winter Wonderland Wedding binders for sale here for you.

Snowflakes white silver blue Winter Wedding Binder Snowflake green white winter wedding binder Silver, White Stars & Snowflakes Wedding Vinyl Binders

Now another idea is to use a box file or a concertina style of file. It is nice to have a pretty bine (like above) though as you can keep it afterwards as a momento.

Free Printable Wedding Checklists

Have a look at some of these free checklists and either make up your own or print these off and pop into your binder and you%u2019ll be ready to start planning your day.


Writing A Guest List

Don’t Forget to Check it Twice!

You’ll need to have an idea on numbers very early on. I don’t mean actual numbers, but you need to have an idea on whether you’ll be having about 10 guests, 50 guests, 200 guests or over 1,000 guests as this determines venues and wedding decorations just for starters.

The preliminary guest list will contain all of the guests that ‘have’ to be there (immediate family etc) and people that you’d like to be there and people that your partner would like to be there along with any people that your parents and future in-laws would like. Once all possible names are there the culling of names can begin if need be.

Do be sure that you, your partner and all four parents check the guest list before you start sending out invitations though. I know of a few feuds that have been caused because of mistakes that have come about when people have been overlooked when writing out guest lists.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Stationery

Save The Date Cards | Wedding Invites | Thank You Cards & More

It used to be that you sent out wedding invitations and then after the occasion thank you notes, these days it seems to start with Save the Date cards! Decide on what wedding stationery you want to use and work it into your budget.
An affordable way of getting good quality wedding stationery is by using what’s known as a POD company. POD simply means print on demand and there are a number of great online companies that will print your wedding stationary to order and my favourite one is called Zazzle.

Because Zazzle is an online company it means they can keep costs down which is great for your budget. There are designers from around the world who submit their designs to Zazzle so you can find some really unique designs for your wedding. The quality of their products is so good that the company offer a 100% customer satisfaction – what could be better?

The great thing is that you can get all of your wedding stationery to match at a very competitive price and you can even getting matching postage stamps – how cool is that?

Here’s a few designs that I like for a Winter Wonderland Wedding –

Winter Wonderland Wedding Announcements Winter Wonderland Wedding Custom Invitation Wedding Invitations winter snowflakes Imprint

Winter Wedding Invitation Snowy Winter Save the Date ice blue Personalized Invites Frosted Tree with Moon Wedding Invitations

Winter Wedding Fashions

Dressing For a Winter Wonderland

There are some beautiful long sleeved winter wedding dresses, but you can still go for a strapless or short sleeved number if you like and just add a shawl or a luxurious faux fur wrap or cape. Another alternative is a gorgeous cloak to wear over your dress like a Snow Queen.

Winter Wedding Dresses

Check out all of the winter fashion accessories available for your wedding here –

Winter Wedding Fashion Accessories
Whether the bride needs to stay warm during her wedding or she wants to insure that her bridesmaids are feeling cosy there’s some really stylish ways of inco..

Lighted Trees Add Ambience

Decorating For Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

At my cousin’s wedding last year she had her reception at a hall that had two trees outside and she wove fairy lights around them for people to walk past – the effect during the evening was beautiful.

With a Winter Wonderland Wedding theme I thought how nice it might be to add some trees to the reception decor and so I found a selection of lighted trees that would be perfect –

40 Solar Snowflake Tree40″ Solar Snowflake TreeCHECK PRICE

Philips 7 Feet Lighted Blossom Tree7 Feet Lighted Blossom TreeCHECK PRICE

48-Inch high LED Indoor/ outdoor Lighted Tree48-In LED Lighted TreeCHECK PRICE


Winter Wonderland Wedding Accessories

Gorgeous Winter Wedding Sets for Your Special Day

Winter Wonderland Wedding Collection - Out Of Stock Until 5/15/2011
Winter Wonderland Wedding Collection

Winter Finery Wedding Collection

Winter Wonderland Reception Decorating

Creating Your Magical Kingdom of Romance

Snow and Ice can be so romantic, albeit cold, so you want to capture that with your décor, but one of the best things (and most romantic) about winter is an open fire. There%u2019s nothing better than snuggling up next to the person you love when there%u2019s a beautiful snowscape out the window and a cosy fire right in front of you. Now it%u2019s not always possible to have your reception where there is an actual big fireplace, but you can create the feeling of warmth with the use of candle light.

winter wonderland wedding lighting ideas

Winter Wonderland Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas – Supplier List

Frosted Snowflake Tea Light Holders
7.5″ LED Lighted Frosted White Shimmering Candle Christmas Table Top Glitterdome
Pack of 2 LED Lighted Snowflakes Rotating Shimmer Candle Table Top Decorations
Paper Luminary Bags
Battery Operated Voltive Candles

Winter Wonderland Wedding Reception Decorations

Snowflakes & Christmas Ornaments Make Great Decorations

winter wonderland reception

These images were all taken at one Winter Wonderland Wedding and are displayed thanks to Flickr –

Table at Wedding Reception taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Close up of Favor Box taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Close up of Vases on Table taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr
Unity Candles & Wedding Guestbook taken by LaMenta3, on Flickr

As you can see from these images taken from a real life wedding as opposed to a photo shoot snowflakes are used a lot in Winter Wonderland wedding decorations, from the place mats to the favor boxes and even the candles.

I love how they’ve incorporated Christmas tree baubles in their wedding decorations as well and I’ve often advocated placing baubles in your wedding colors in vases as centerpieces – this bride has taken the use even further however. Adding water to some of the vases and floating candles on top of them really adds to the sense of wonder for me and would’ve been very atmospheric as the evening wore on.

I have also never seen a wedding cake where Christmas baubles were used as cake toppers and I think it was very well done.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Food Centerpieces & Signature Cocktails

Food & Drink for Your Winter Wedding

Martini PrintCheck Price

When it comes to a great food statement (besides your wedding cake of course), I think a chocolate fountain is always gorgeous, but to keep in line with your wedding colors why not use white chocolate instead – it looks good and tastes great too!

Signature cocktails are all the rage at weddings so why not make your own Winter Wonderland inspired one? When I was thinking of this wedding theme I had an idea for a wedding cocktail that I thought I would share with you.

I basically was thinking of how you could get an ice blue colored cocktail that would taste really yummy and (mainly because of the color) would be very memorable. I decided that the best thing would be to take a white chocolate martini recipe and tweak it a little bit.

Start off with 1 part vodka, 1 part white crème de cacao & 1 part cream (or half and half if you find this too rich).

You’ll have to experiment with the next part, but simply add some Blue Curacao to the drink, try a tsp first and increase until you get the color you’re after. Blue Curacao has an orange flavour so will taste delicious with the chocolate and will look stunning.

If you’re going for the unique twist of adding a pale pink to your color palette then you could use Chambord in the same way (this has a raspberry flavour so will taste delicious). Experiment in the lead up to the wedding and then just hand the recipe to your bartender – perfect!


Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors

winter wonderland favors

Wedding Favor Suppliers List
Snowflake Bookmark
Mini Holiday Brownie Pop
Snowflake Rice Krispy Treats
Snowflake Coasters
Mini Wedding Snowglobe
Personalized Chocolate Lollipops

Winter Wedding Fashion Accessories

Bridal Accessories to Keep You Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Full Length Hooded Bridal Cloak with Faux Angora TrimCheck Price

Whether the bride needs to stay warm during her wedding or she wants to insure that her bridesmaids are feeling cosy there’s some really stylish ways of incorporating some fun winter fashion accessories into the wedding fashion stakes.

Cute snow boots will keep your feet warm during all of the wedding photos whereas a warm cloak adds a real Ice Queen look to your dress and a faux fur stole can add glamor.

Let’s have a look at some of the cool winter fashion accessories you can add into your winter wedding.


Faux Fur Helps Keep Brides Warm!

Faux Fur Wedding Fashion Accessories

winter wedding pictureAs you can see in the image opposite faux fur is a great way to keep a bride warm while she’s having her wedding photos taken when there’s snow outside!

I love the use of faux fur and there are lots of ways of incorporating it into your bridal fashion for both the Bride and her Bridesmaids.

Depending on your fashion style you can go with a bolero jacket (as pictured), a faux fur wrap or even a faux fur lined cloak.

You can even add faux fur with the use of hand muffs as well which are a lot of fun and make me think of Snow Queens or Tzarinas from a bygone era.

Winter Wedding by The Ridge Resorts


Faux Fur Wraps & Stoles

Gorgeous Looking Winter Wedding Fashion Accessories

These Faux Fur wraps wouldn’t look out of place in a vintage Hollywood themed wedding, they just ooze glamour. These bridal wraps don’t come with the brooch you see featured on the first two, but I do think using a brooch is a great idea.

Depending on your style of wedding you can really change the look with what type of brooch you use on the wrap. A classic snowflake design could tie in nicely with a winter wedding theme or you could incorporate a fun design that has meaning to you as a couple like a pin based on your pet animal for example. If you’re a traditionalist you could even use this as an opportunity to wear something borrowed, I know when I was married I was given my husband’s late grandmother’s brooch to wear which would’ve looking stunning on one of these wraps.

If you’re after more of a vintage 1920s wedding theme then a pleated faux fur wrap might be more in keeping.

Again this wrap does not include the brooch that is pictured with it, but I do think a brooch adds a nice touch, especially if you are going for a twenties themed wedding.

This particular wrap is available in not just the white that’s pictured but also ivory, brown and black and it is imitating mink because a mink stole was a must have fashion accessory for any lady of stature in the 1920s!

Now a diamond look brooch does look very nice with this wrap, but during the 20s there was a lot of other jewelry designs coming through, so if you’re after something a little more fun then you can still capture a very authentic twenties look with art deco designs, fun and vintage bird designs etc like some of the options below –

Art Deco Vintage CZ Wedding Brooch PinART DECO Bridal Hair clip – Rhinestone VintageArt Deco Round Blue Austrian Crystal BroochDesigner, Vintage Brooch Tie Clip JewelrySilver-Tone Peacock bird Austrian Crystal BroochSilver-Tone Flying Phoenix Brooch in Austrian Crystal

Longer, luxurious faux fur wraps are the epitome of glamour to me, I imagine ladies in evening dresses attending the opera when I see these types of wraps – don’t you?

This evening stole does have the look of luxurious angora and certainly makes me want to snuggle up in it (I do feel the cold!). If you don’t want a white wrap then you can also get this in ivory, black or grey.

I actually think that grey can be a nice color for bridesmaids dresses especially for a winter wedding and if you have gone for this wedding color palette then I would get white wraps for them and a grey one for yourself – the grey angora look wrap looks even more seductive (in my opinion) than the white one anyway.

Of course getting married in winter gives you the ultimate excuse to wear a cloak whether it’s a medieval style of cloak or a Snow Queen style of fur trimmed white cloak like I’ve featured below –

Faux Fur Trimmed Wedding Cloaks

Regal Looking Winter Wonderland Wedding Style Accessories

I think these fur trimmed cloaks are absolutely gorgeous, don’t you? It’s just a case of deciding which length and in a lot of cases that will depend on your style of wedding dress. I do love the full length cloak myself, but as I’m on the shorter side myself I would probably go for the medium length over a beautiful A-Line or Mermaid style of wedding dress.

Faux Fur Hand Muffs

Start a Wedding Trend with Hand Muffs!

I haven’t had a hand muff since I was a child and seeing how many are available on the market now I have to wonder why more brides don’t wear them when they’re having a winter wedding – they’re gorgeous and practical!!

Faux Fur Hand Muffs in IvorySuevas Mink Faux Fur Hand Muff WhiteSuevas Husky Faux Fur Hand Muff


More Wedding Cloaks

The first winter wedding I remember going to was when my youngest uncle got married and I have to say I fell in love with his brides choice of wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. They were a medieval design and had hoods, just like these cloaks here.

She wore white and her bridesmaids wore a deep burgandy color, now this was a long, long time ago, but I think the color combination would still work well today for a winter wedding as it’s a very warming color scheme.

I like the idea of a wedding cloak for a winter wedding not just because they look great, but you can also wear your dress in the church (or wherever you have your ceremony) and put on your cloak when you leave for your wedding photos and back at the reception giving two different looks for people to capture of you on the day.

Renaissance Lined Velvet Cloak Ivory or Off WhiteDeluxe Velvet and Purple Satin Long Cape (Standard)Ivory Wool Short Cloak for Spring Weddings

Wedding Wraps

As you can see from these wedding wraps there are a lot of different styles of wrap to wear with your wedding dress or to use for your bridesmaid dresses. You have a vintage inspired wrap that is featured first and this would look fabulous with a twenties inspired wedding and then you have a metallic weaved wrap as the last one listed – metallics can be gorgeous at winter weddings. In the middle you have the contemporay pashmina style of wrap so there really is a wrap for every wedding!

Bolero Jackets for Winter Weddings

Wearing a Bolero is a good fashion statement for winter weddings whether it’s a white chiffon bolero or a black faux fur bolero. This first one is made of white chiffon and has full length bell sleeves which I think are gorgeous.

This style is also available in black and where there is a braided trim you can also get this design without the braids.

This style is also available in both satin and lace which both create very different looks so the style of your dress would really dictate which of these jackets would be the right one for you.

I’ve selected a number of other bolero jackets and shrugs for you to look at below so that you can find the perfect one for your wedding nuptials.


Women’s Ivory Plush Faux Fur Bridal BoleroWomen’s White Sleeve Length Lace Bridal JacketIvory Plush Faux Fur Wedding ShrugWhite Long Sleeve Lace Bolero JacketWomens Beaded Short Sleeve ShrugFaux Fur Wedding Shawl with long sleeve


Winter Wedding Boots – Keeping Your Toes Warm During Winter!

winter bride and bridesmaidIf you’re getting married in the snow then forget some of the gorgeous looking bridal shoes that are available you’ll want some warm boots and if your winter is more like ‘a good chance of rain’ then rain boots might be a fun choice for your footwear!

Winter Wedding Photo – Untitled by laura dye

As you can see opposite the bride and bridesmaid may be numb on their arms and shoulders from the icy winter weather, but with they’re putting their best feet forward with the help of some Ugg Boots! I have also seen wedding parties with fun looking rain boots on as well, the wedding photos look pretty cool with frog designs or bright colored rain boots being shown off under formal wedding gowns!

I think a great idea for a winter wedding is to have some gorgeous bridal shoes to wear inside and also have some boots to change into when you’re venturing outside. Have a look at the selection I’ve found for you below – we have fur lined boots, rain boots, leather boots and more, hopefully there’s one that will suit your personality as well as keeping your feet dry and warm on your special day.

Women’s Stone Grey Polish Wedge Knee High BootsWomens Black Faux Suede Fashion Ankle BootsWomen’s Faux Fur Wedge Boots in Chocolate BrownWomen’s Knee High Lace-Up Combat Boot – TaupeWomen’s Winter Boots in Boulder/Varsity GreyWomen’s Bordeaux Boot in Black

Let’s not forget to buy the dress to wear these accessories with! Check out winter wedding dresses.